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Dr. Conrad Murray

Explosive Interview with Police

The Blow-by-Blow

10/7/2011 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

“I have to sleep, Dr. Conrad, I have these rehearsals to perform.” That’s what Dr. Conrad Murray told investigators Michael Jackson said to him in the early morning hours of June 25th, 2009. Hours later, Jackson was dead.
In what's been the most anticipated evidence in the trial, the prosecution played the jury Dr. Murray's 2-hour interview with LAPD detectives, recorded 2 days after MJ died.
Murray told detectives he arrived at Jackson’s rented mansion at 12:50 AM on June 25, and headed straight to Michael’s room to wait for him to come home after rehearsals.  According to Murray, Jackson arrived at 1:05 am saying he was tired and fatigued.  Murray rubbed a cream on Michael’s body to treat his Vitiligo ... then gave Michael a 10 mg Valium pill.  Michael couldn’t sleep, so Murray says he then gave him 2 mg of the anti-anxiety drug, Lorazepam.

Jackson complained he still couldn’t fall asleep, so Murray gave him 2 mg of the sedative Midazolam around 2am.   MJ remained awake.  Dr. Murray said he suggested turning down the music in the room ... and meditation.   Murray said Michael “reluctantly" closed his eyes, finally dozing off around 3:15 am, only to reawaken at 4:00 am.
At 4:30 am Murray said Michael said, “I have to sleep, Dr. Conrad, I have to sleep."   Murray gave MJ another 2 mg of Lorazepam.   Again, according to Dr. Murray, Michael couldn’t sleep.  Jackson was still wide awake at 7:30 am, so Dr. Murray administered another 2 mg of Midazolam, yet Michael remained awake and complaining that he was going to have to cancel the “This is It” tour.
Murray said Michael began to beg for his “milk,” the slang for Propofol.   Murray agreed to give him 25 mg of the powerful sedative around 10:50 am, slowly infused over 3 to 4 minutes.  Murray said Michael finally fell asleep around 11 am.
Dr. Murray said he monitored Michael  long enough until he felt comfortable to leave the room, that’s when Murray told the detectives that he went to the bathroom and was gone for about two minutes.
Murray said when he came back, he found Michael not breathing with an accelerated pulse.   Murray said he began mouth to mouth on Michael, and then chest compressions with one hand.    Murray said he couldn’t take Michael off the bed to a harder surface, so he improvised by placing his left hand under the body.  Murray said while he was giving compressions, he called MJ’s assistant on his cell.   He said didn’t ask the assistant to call 911 because he was busy giving CPR.  Murray also told detectives he didn’t call 9-1-1 himself because he didn’t know the zip code for Michael’s house.
Dr. Murray said he lifted Michael’s legs in the air to get more blood flowing to his heart.  Murray told detectives that he then went downstairs to ask Michael’s chef to get security, who called 9-1-1.  Murray continued CPR until the paramedics arrived and hooked Jackson up to a pulse oximeter and got him intubated.
Murray told detectives paramedics were talking to UCLA medical center and ready to give up, but he begged them to transfer care to him because Michael was his friend.   Murray rode with Michael in the ambulance to UCLA, where Murray said they worked on Michael for about an hour.
After Michael was gone, the ER doctor asked Murray what happened, and he told her that maybe it was a massive pulmonary embolism.  Murray told detectives he didn’t sign the death certificate because he didn’t understand the cause of death.
As far as Michael’s use of drugs, Murray told detectives he was surprised at Michael’s knowledge about all the different pills and medications he took.   Murray said he first learned that Michael used Propofol when he asked Dr. Murray to help him get the drug.   Murray said that Michael gave him the number of another doctor who would be able to provide it to him.   In the interview, Murray said he called the other doctor, who said, “Michael loves that drug.”
Murray said he gave Michael Propofol every night for 30 days, except for three when he was trying to “wean him off.”  Murray insisted that in the three days before Michael’s death he was trying to wean him off “milk,” giving MJ more Lorazepam and Diazepam to bring down the Propofol.    Murray said two nights before MJ’s death, he had given him no Propofol and thought he was “onto  something.”
The next night, that wasn’t the case.

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The police found a new video tape that shows what Murray was doing on June 25th 2009 around noon

1055 days ago


`Every time I see Dr. Murray I see a retard that really shouldn't have a license and a baby mama that looks just as stupid as he does.

1055 days ago

wendy mortis    

Murray did more than a layperson would do at the scene to save his patient and it was done in time. Had he done nothing and waited for the emt it still would be to late as nothing would have been done for at least 10min. That above average rescusitation being done while pulse still going means something bigger was going on that likely has to do with his dehydration and lung underinflation from sleeping so zonked for the last month before his death. People that take drugs for years are not healthy and Jackson was sooo skinney suggests this Murray is a comptent doctor and knows more than this forum realizes. Hes an internal medicine doctor first then became a cardiologist so hesway up there. Hes not guilty of anything...

1055 days ago


Dr. Murray deserves a medal for ridding the earth of that drug addled pedophile. It is so disgusting to hear Jermaine defending him for having young boys in his bed. Makes me gag.

1055 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray told the police that Michael Jackson begged him for propofol everynight and I have not heard Michael's voice on tape begging for "milk". On the contrary I heard Michael's voice on tape saying he cares about children and wants to help them and that he wants to give a great concert performance for his fans. Murray was drugging Michael and he had complete control over him. Murray is a liar and a murderer.

1055 days ago


I read all of the the interview that is available here.
Lies and omissions....Murray claims that he ordered the autopsy. LIE. When someone who is not elderly or chronically ill,if they die soon after admittance to the hospital,an autopsy is performed by law.Then Murrray's explanations of how he was helping the family also don't add up.LaToya is the one who took the children in to see Michael...Murray didn't even know that she was at the hospital at that time. Murray claims to have helped Jermaine write the press statement given to the public,even editing the statement per Jermaine's request...Jermaine says that he was handed a piece of paper to read by the publicists which he just read. And Murray's take on how he "helped" Katherine...Katherine says he wasn't much help because he couldn't tell her anything....the lies,the lies,the lies...Murray even tried to claim that Michael was nearly blind,that he had glaucoma...all because Murray did not know the Arnold Klein prescribed Bimatoprost(latanoprost) ,commonly marketed as LATISSE a liquid used to grow longer,thicker eyelashes.Murray really did not know Michael's full medical history and he has no idea what a lot of medications are used for because he doesn't keep up.Latisse is originally latanoprost which is used for glaucoma,but a side effect is lengthier lashes so the drug company was given FDA approval to sell some latanoprost as Latisse,just to grow lashes.Murray failed to keep up with Michael's other specialists,often claiming that he was the only one to treat Michael for certain conditions.Murray claims to have single-handedly cure Michael's fungal infection of foot and toe,but couldn't explain an anti-fungal medication's use--but Klein could.Michael had an infection on his leg--shouldn't Murray have known? What this interview proves to me is that Murray failed as a doctor,period.A doctor should take a full medical history and be aware of all medications his one and only patient is taking.That Murray's lawyers were present during this interview and were chiming in also gives me pause...

1055 days ago

G. Carter    

Re: Conrad Murray Trial

If I may make a few comments about the Conrad Murray trial.

I will like to begin by stating that late Michael Jackson was unfortunately looking for quick and immediate results for his sleeping disorder. However I do believe that Dr. Murray contributed significately to his state of wakefulness by managing his care in a very, very poor sort of way.

First off, he ought to have better managed the anti- anxiety medications he'd prescribed to Michael. An abrupt discontinuance of lorazeopam for example would most certainly have led to the withdrawal symptoms which Michael was suffering from and one of these was a state of wakefullness.

Dr. Murray ought to have tapered his dosages in order to effectively wean him off this drug and I can guarantee that had he done so Michael would not have had the sleeping problem he had on June 25, 2009. However this is something which this doctor whose area of expertise is cardialogy may not have had the specialised training in sleep medications to realise. it is true this doctor's clinical negligence that led to that fateful day.

Best of regards

Glen Carter

1055 days ago


The only reasonable defense for this Quack/Dr. Feelgood is that he agreed to do this job with good intentions BUT then Michael's constant whining over the hours drove him over the edge & he couldn't think clearly anymore.

Michael OD'ed & then he panicked. Greedy & negligent & then stupid to think the truth about what he was hired to do in secret wouldn't make front page news!

1055 days ago


I hope someone finds him guilty for more than just "lying to police/911/ER/doctors" on and on- this couldn't be another Casey A. trial, right?

1055 days ago


When the ER doctor at UCLA asked Murray ( I hate to call him doctor)regarding the time when he gave MJ sedatives, Murray said he don't know because he did'nt have a watch. But during his interview with the detective, he was very sure of the time these sedatives were given. Why is did he not tell the truth a the ER? Was the narrated story told to detective a fiction story which was constructed with help of his defense lawyers? I personally believed on this theory.

1055 days ago


Remember, only Murray's fingerprints were found on any of the propofol bottles. So, Michael couldn't have injected himself. This is another Murray Fallacy. We should just rename all lies a "Murray". This guy is a notorious liar. It is sad that Michael went to someone as immoral and incompetent at this joker.

1055 days ago


After Michael was gone, the ER doctor asked Murray what happened, and he told her that maybe it was a massive pulmonary embolism. Murray told detectives he didn’t sign the death certificate because he didn’t understand the cause of death.

Some doctor! I will believe that murray is INDEED A DOCTOR the day the SUN RISES FROM THE WEST.

1054 days ago


Was the narrated story told to detective a fiction story which was constructed with help of his defense lawyers? I personally believed on this theory.
A doctor who cannot answer any questions at a hospital for his one and only client....has a clear and precise memory when talking the police???
The LAPD is most definitely involved with this cover up! Murray seemed to suffer with an acute attack of spasms, lock jaw, laryngitis, and amnesia at UCLA Med.
Murray was cool as a cu***ber with the LAPD because he was among paid-in-full charges for tampering, and removing evidence????? no charges for lying to authorities???
Murray admits to removing evidence. Everyone with the power and authority to lock his azz up only record his statements for the record.....pleaszzz

This type of reaction for crimial behavior is only the begining of sorrows.....

1054 days ago


ElJay: 1 day ago

The police found a new video tape that shows what Murray was doing on June 25th 2009 around noon
Really...more stuff after michael was killed. more footage and voice recordings unrelated to the murder? really? there's more? pleaszzzz

It's the footage from the staples center and holmby hills from 10pm 6/24/09 thru 8:00am 6/25/09 that will tell the story. you know the footage that's "lost" to the ages...yet someone at some point give a verbal on what they saw before it was "lost to the ages" eyewitness account that's not feasible nor makes any sense.

If it doesn't make sense, it did not happen that's a lie, and murray most definitely is a proven liar.

1054 days ago


MESSAGE TO ENTIRE JACKSON FAMILY: The FANS want you to IMMEDIATELY STOP using your son, brother, and uncle for MONEY-MAKING VENTURES to line your personal bank accounts. We want you to STOP partnering with Michael's worst enemies and most loathed associates who betrayed him. WE WILL NOT SUPPORT ANY of your money-making attempts,
You must work for the Presley or Lennon estate. I support the event sponsored by Michael's estate. If I like what the family produces I'll attend that too. Quit trippin! It's over!!! Only his family can carry the torch for Michael on the frontline now. JB is the most famous entertainment attorney in the world, but he's a lawyer not an entertainer. He's not going to put himself out there on the regular.
I said it before and I'll say it again.....aint nobody keepin it real no-mo!!!Everybody with some freakin sense in the industry are "keepin it profitble"!!!
Keep going jackson family. the non ticket buyer is the least of your worries. 50-100k fans showing up for a 2 or 3 day weekend of events annually will be a piece of cake.
Just ignore the TMZ hopefuls, they are not going to buy tickets in the first place. It's the tickets buyers that the Jacksons will listen too.
All that noise and protest from TMZ blabbermouths didn't hinder a thing in Wales
Not unless you count J Hudson and the
"throw-back-old-school tracks" of the BEPsssssssssssssssssssssss.
new songs my *%$#!

1054 days ago
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