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'Simpsons' Actor

I'll Take a MASSIVE Paycut,

But I Want ...

10/7/2011 9:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harry Shearer -- who voices Smithers, Mr. Burns and several other major characters on "The Simpsons" -- says he is willing to take an even BIGGER pay cut than FOX wants him to ... but he has a demand of his own.

Shearer and the rest of the cast have been asked to take a 45% reduction in salary in order for the show to continue. Shearer says he's willing to cut his salary a whopping 70% -- but he wants a percentage of the show's profits ... something he says the cast has been denied for years.

Shearer says his reps approached FOX with the idea ... but we're told there are "simply no circumstances under which the network would consider allowing me or any of the actors to share in the show’s success."

Ironically, Mr. Burns would probably have the same answer.

FOX has no comment.


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Cancel the show now if Fox won't share profits. THose who don't get that voices are important can watch the silent version,

1091 days ago

ed hero    

The Simpsons cartoon series has broken many records , brought laughter to a generation, and built a network.All things must end, so let it-! Besides , many of the voice actors are constantly in movies or trying to moonlight in other live sitcoms. Fox will survive.The actors will survive. The writers will go into retirement....and The Simpsons can always become a movie series...!

1091 days ago


There's always the GEICO method to consider. Fire everyone and bring in new voices, call it The Bizarro Simpsons. Given, they won't sound like the same characters...but does anybody really care...people still watch 2½ Men.

1091 days ago


Trust me, if they changed out the voices the show would tank. You would think after 23 years Harry Shearer would have more $ than Wall Street. Hard to tell the guy that does most of the voices to take a pay cut when he has such a hold on the whole show.

1091 days ago


Sorry, but it's hard for me to sympathize for a group of people who make nearly 10 million dollars for less than 6 months of work. Stop whining, take your money, and just be thankful that you aren't one of the bottom 99% of us who has to worry about paying their bills every month.

1091 days ago


In my opinion the show still is "making" money. Otherwise the network would give them a cut of the backend. I assume the cut would be of net profit and since the show is not making money whats the risk? Cut overhead/salaries by 40-70 % and the show is now more profitable.

1091 days ago

six aces    

Funny. You hear Shearer on NPR rant about corporations making too much money. Like most Liberals, it is all about me, me, me. Why not donate ALL your money to the poor there Harry?

1091 days ago


After 22 years, the Simpsons has lost its edge and a lot of what made it funny. But if it's profitable and snice it's a part of American culture, why get rid of it?

POLL: Is it time for the Simpsons to come to an end?

1091 days ago


I'm a bit taken aback over the statement that The Simpsons no longer make money. Maybe some of its target audience has grown up and moved on...but the basic premise that made the Simpsons what they are...still remains. It's like saying music is no longer profitable. Given, for me, who grew up Rock & Roll from the ' music sucks a dìck! But those that don't know the it. If they didn't...there would be no new music makers.

The same with The Simpsons. Each year there is a glut of youngsters that replace the old guard as viewers, I presume. Ergo...the viewership should remain the same. Maybe the show has moved on from its original concept and the new viewers struggle to find the 'funny'. Were that the case you'd have to blame the writers...and we know that's not going to happen. Without writers...the show goes directly into the shìtter. Then again...the show is subtle humor...maybe, and I use that word maybe with an appropriate 'eye roll', the youth of today are just too f*cking dumb to get it.

1091 days ago

fioo hoos    

BS the producers are 500 shows in 23 years the show Has to go to into reruns to make billions or it loses billions If it stays in production.The market place lives on reruns and after ten years in production you lose billions IF you stay in production.I could watch 200 shows a year in rerun and only see each one ten times in 20 years of reruns.The show is loseing money due to competing with itself in rerun

1091 days ago

Faux Housewife of Studio City    

So, if the show is unprofitable, why wouldn't FOX agree to Shearer's demand? They'd save a bundle and by now he can probably do all of the voices. And seriously, who cares about the show anymore anyway?

1091 days ago

Timmy Boy    

They should have cancelled this show back in 2000 when it stopped being funny.

1091 days ago


I think they are all greedy. Really? $8 mil for a job that requires no wardrobe, memorizing, just your voice? EZest job on the planet. And the network is just as bad for not sharing in the profits. The wages should be put in line with REALITY folks, AND then they make a % of the profits. How much more fair can it get?

1091 days ago


American Dad and Family Guy all the way! Even the Cleveland show was funny after it got going.

1091 days ago


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1091 days ago
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