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Amanda Knox's Mother

One Happy Momma

10/8/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Edda Mellas, mother of Amanda Knox, was all smiles yesterday when she was spotted outside her home in Seattle, WA.

That smile is probably permanent now.


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Just like her daughter's victim will be permanently dead.

1114 days ago


Clearwater, Florida welcomes Amanda home to her family and loved ones!!! We always knew you were innocent. You have tremendous courage and faith for a young woman!

1114 days ago


Some of these comments are dumb, so she is a little chunky she is a regular American Mom. It is so tiring the constantly hear women put down because they are glamourous and don't do botox and have implants. She is smiling because she is probably a friendly person, I don't see smugness quit trying to create non-existant crap like they did during the trial.

1114 days ago


Yeah but I bet she sleeps with one eye open now that Amanda is free! Just Saying...!

1114 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

@Tom Jones... You better go for the telescopic lens. They're more expensive and you might as well go for the other pappers cause they're gonna be snapping a grip of shots of your face. Never leave the memory card. Just sayin. That's money in there.

1114 days ago


This lady makes me sick. Yea, be glad your kid is home as any parent would be, but not everyone thinks she is innocent. Your daughter is no hero.

1114 days ago


Kinda sad to know that ******** ticklin' piece o' tail is gonna wind up lookin' like that cow in 20 years.

1114 days ago


Mama's thinking about the cash coming her way once they hit the talk show circuit.

There are so many things that disgust me about this case.

It has made the US look like a nationalistic country to the europeans and reinforces the stereotype they have of us - that we're entitled, ill mannered aholes who don't know how to conduct ourselves in other countries. The italians know all of the details of this case and also know that most people in the US don't, but still think she's innocent anyway.

If this ruling is overturned and Italy wants to extradite her, she will get all of the bleeding hearts in her corner which will evolve into a big mess. It could even cause strained relations between the 2 countries. All over this filthy, lying whore. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the jury room. They were probably saying 'let the americans have the lying b*tch back, they'll see.'

Knox has gotten away with what most guilty white people do to divert blame and attention from themselves in murder investigations - point the finger at a black man! 2 black men in this case. The one in jail will never get a fair hearing or an appeal for his case. People want this wrapped up with a bow on top now.

She is already on the cover of people magazine with that vacant stare acting like Little Bow Peep when the reality is she's nothing like how she's being portrayed in the press. Just because she dresses in J Crew doesn't mean she's not a cold blodded killer! There's no reason for people to want anything this b*tch has to offer now. If she's smart she'll disappear into the backwoods of Washington state and learn how to live off the grid.

1114 days ago


She deserves to smile after the horrific 4 year nightmare she has endured.

1114 days ago


It's not as though the Mum is guilty,is it? She is believing what she is told from the daughter. So she is probably innocently grateful that this expensive ordeal is behind them now. She probably didn't even know the victim so isn't really mourning about it. Just glad her kid is home.Only Amanda knows what really happened.But truly all of this shouldn't be earning book deals and big interviews. What is there really to talk about.

1114 days ago


Seattle's own Queen & King of monsters - Ted Bundy & Amanda Knox . . . hopefully Knox will go the same way as Bundy for slaughtering that sweet, innocent girl. The whole world knows what you are Knox!!

1113 days ago


That's Amanda in 20 years, a big fat ugly woman.

1113 days ago


Don't let Amanda out of the house, Ma'ma.

1113 days ago


She's one happy mama and one well fed one too

1113 days ago


And by "spotted," we mean stalked.

1113 days ago
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