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Impregnated by a Demon

10/8/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman
is breaking into Hollywood by taking on the role she was born to play -- a woman impregnated by a demon.

Octomom is starring a low-budget horror film called "Millennium." Octo plays a woman named Vanessa, who visits a haunted house with her friend Brad and his date Jessica. But turns out Jessica's a demon (yes, there's a plot hole -- Octo getting knocked up by a female demon).

According to Octo's manager, doing this film makes her eligible for SAG health benefits -- which means she'll cut her health care premiums in half.

It's called selling your soul to the devil, but it works for her.


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Yawn, first.


1077 days ago

buzz kill    

Hell, even a demon wouldn't hit that.

1077 days ago


ermmm... tired and lame remake of "rosemary's baby" anyone?

oh well, i'm sure no one cares about that. what a trite and exhausted plot line.

wait, let's through in lesbian insemination! alright!

these writers must be genius.

maybe just idiot savants...

1077 days ago


... aaaaaaaand one of the effects of reading this story is that a couple of my brain cells died, and I'll never get them back. :( Sniff.

1077 days ago


Lindsay Lohan could play the baby.

1077 days ago


She will cut her health care premiums in half.......She was just on Inside Edition saying she couldn't afford the surgery for Jonah's lip, so a surgeon (managed by Vagina also)donated the surgery and then it was taped for Octo's profit. So which lie is it this time I have, don't have insurance Insuance would have covered the surgery, they may not have let her cash in on it. What a shame to make that baby wait just for her selfish gain and some family that truely couldn't afford it was passed up for this piece of ****.

1077 days ago


Damn... what a nasty (but fitting) pic of Fugya McFraudsterson. This bitch would do any degrading thing for the almighty dollar. This "movie" will never get distributed. HAHAHA! Octo has the lovable personality of a doorknob. How embarrassing for the 14 abandoned kids to have to grow up and goog all the insane things this self-entitled pig has done to get her infamy and notoriety.

1077 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Good on her, it's a job. I'm sincrely glad for her.

1077 days ago


O'mi, jealousy is in full force on this thread. Gees, can't even be happy for the woman whose trying to break into the movie business to earn resources for her family legally. Stop acting like you don't want to see this film (low bugget or not). It definitely got your attention. UGH! BTW I actually liked that old movie "Rosamary Baby" in fact, I think I have that movie in my collection. LOL That too was a low bugget film, but it's still famously known today. Good for you Nadya, hope the next movie you are in you get to work with Danzel Washington, George Clooney or Brad Pit. That would really make haters lose their minds (what's left of it anyway) LOL

But on a serious note... Nadya's damn if she do and damn if she don't! First you complain that Nadya son Jonah lip not repair, she gets it fix and you're still complaining only this time it's about who paid for it? Well Land Sake folks, not a cent came out of your pockets and Jonah getting his minor cleft lip repaired is not taking away from other children who can get their done for free too.


1077 days ago


I don't kn ow about "demon" ... but the fertility specialist who gave an unemployed woman EIGHT MORE BABIES is certainly up there

1077 days ago


the artist formerly known as hand turkey: 20 minutes ago Good on her, it's a job. I'm sincrely glad for her.
I agree, at least she's trying to make money on her own and not taking the easy way out with a reality TV show exploiting and selling her kids for a profit while lying claiming she just want to show the world that children are a blessing from God. Nor is she getting back on food stamps and disability. Nadya has kept her promise she made of never being a burden on taxpayers again. She made a mistake in poor judgment implanting all her embryos at once something she can't erase, but she's definitely not running away from that "mistake," is she? She's not neglecting her responsibility/duty as a parent nor is she putting the burden on anybody else's shoulders. That girl is working her butt off to provide resources for her family.

Better Nadya break into the movie business rather then the porn LOL. Plus nothing Nadya can do in this film can be worse then what Linda Blair has done in the Exorcist. YIKES! A bloody mess, crucifix jammed into her private parts, peeing on the floor, lots of nasty profanity, 360... head spin and throwing up green do do.

1077 days ago


You're telling me that her working on this made for dvd movie will make her more money than if she held a regular job? That is ridiculous. This movie isn't even listed on, which means it has no backing or budget. Nadya, get a full time job, and stop with the trying to be famous. This is just sickening to me. She will do nothing to help those kids, and only thinks of herself!

1077 days ago

john johnson    


1077 days ago


TeamNasty, yes she is exploiting her children, what so you call the Inside Edition clip of Jonah getting his lip fixed? Oh I know, that was not exploiting the poor baby she was only letting us see what a piece of **** she really is waiting almost 3yrs then having it filmed for profit. If that's not exploitation at it's finest what is? She is a piece of **** and so are you!

1077 days ago


And thus Natalie Denise Doud Suleman Gutierrez bursts upon the
soft porn scene, lesbian style and right up her, um, alley.
Then after the "movie" or video is released, Ms. Nadya can
claim innocence and plausible deniability. What a loathsome
creature. JMO

1077 days ago
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