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Impregnated by a Demon

10/8/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman
is breaking into Hollywood by taking on the role she was born to play -- a woman impregnated by a demon.

Octomom is starring a low-budget horror film called "Millennium." Octo plays a woman named Vanessa, who visits a haunted house with her friend Brad and his date Jessica. But turns out Jessica's a demon (yes, there's a plot hole -- Octo getting knocked up by a female demon).

According to Octo's manager, doing this film makes her eligible for SAG health benefits -- which means she'll cut her health care premiums in half.

It's called selling your soul to the devil, but it works for her.


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OMG Octomom Must Go    

Wow - Natalie Denise Doud Suleman Gutierrez breaks into the soft porn industry, lesbian style(?) and right up her alley.
In the meantime, Ms. Nadya makes bank, er, scale, and has plausible deniability when the video bursts upon the scene.
She's a star! JMO

1113 days ago


Thus,Natalie Denise Doud Suleman Gutierrez breaks into the soft porn industry, lesbian style and right up her alley! If the video ever sees the light of day, Nadya cries innocence. What a loathsome creature! JMO

1113 days ago


I find it so funny that some people think others are jealous of Suleman. Who in their right mind would be jealous of that woman. She sinks to new lows everyday with no consideration as to what this might be doing to her own children.
Suleman can not tell the truth but seems to forget 99% of her lies have been caught on tape or in print.
Her house is a mess, the babies loo*****ended to, older kids are in exile because they just might tell the truth about what really is going on in that house.
Suleman's has used valuable money on herself for a massive over haul, yet may have no place to live in the near future.
So what is there to be jealous of????
Suleman is not concerned about the future because there is always Welfare, food stamps,free medical care, housing.. all footed by the hard working tax payers of CA. This woman knows her way around the system.

1113 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

There's a girl that's been on Max's mind
All the time, Su-Su-Suleman, oh, oh
Now she don't even know his name
But I think she likes him just the same, Su-Su-Suleman, oh, oh

Just say the word
Just say the word, ooh
Just say the word

S-Su-Su-Suleman, Su-Su-Suleman
Su-Su-Suleman, Su-Su-Suleman
Suleman, Su-Su-Suleman

1112 days ago


Team Nutjob is out in full force again . There must not be any articles about that hero, Conrad Murray, for her to rant on.

Major hole in Va-Gina's story is that in order to be eligible for SAG benefits, Octoho has to make at least 14k on this straight to DVD monstrosity and she won't be eligible until January for the coverage. At that point she has to maintain eligibility and pay premiums on time ( no grace period). With Octoho's lack of bill paying discipline, I don't see that happening.

1112 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

At least Octo is working.
Anything to pay the bills and feed the kids.
***That is one movie I know I will skip along with all the rest of her media appearances (TV, boxing, etc.).

1112 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

Personally, I do not care what Octo does (not including her kids) and it is better for the taxpayers if she makes some money.

I am not the least bit jealous or envious.
I don't like anything about her lifestyle from too many kids, to a filthy house, to seeking the spotlight.

Octo is just not somebody I want to see in a movie, on TV, or anywhere else.

1112 days ago


nice move on the health care, marry me nadia

1112 days ago


Cleft Lip Surgery for One of Octomom's Children
Airdate : 10/3/2011
Jonah Suleman is one of the eight octuplets born to Nadya Suleman, aka, Octomom. The adorable little boy has a disfiguring birth defect—a cleft lip

Amazingly, the cleft lip is the only complication stemming from Nadya's controversial pregnancy.

"The older siblings asked when I brought him back from the hospital who dropped him and cracked him," said Nadya.

But two-year-old Jonah was about to undergo a procedure that will change his life.

INSIDE EDITION exclusively went with Nadya and Jonah when they visited Newport Beach plastic surgeon Michael Nicolli.

"He doesn't have any severe dental problems and the nose is not distorted. His soft palate and hard palate are all normal. So basically it's just going to be a cleft lip," said Dr. Nicolli.

With huge expenses for her 14 children, Nadya can't afford the surgery, so Dr. Nicolli's foundation did it for free. He told us why it's important to operate on Jonah now, before he starts school.

Dr. Nicolli said, "I think it's mandatory to do these kids now so they don't have any psychological handicaps."

Our cameras went with Nadya and Jonah on the morning of the surgery.

"He's oblivious to what's going to happen," said Nadya.

After Jonah was sedated the surgeon outlined where he would make the incisions. Then he cut open the lip and actually snipped the muscles and tendons so they lay flat. After less than an hour in the operating room, Jonah was stitched up. Incredibly, he'll only have a tiny scar. The doctors gave the thumbs up to Nadya.

"Everything looks great," said Dr. Nicolli.

"That's amazing," said Nadya.

"Very little blood loss, a few drops," said Dr. Nicolli.

The recovery was quick. After just three weeks, the lip was nearly healed. It's a beautiful result for the face of a little boy.
That's God miracle right there... I still can't believe you all are barking about Jonah surgery that didn't cost you, I or any other taxpaying citizen's out there a darn cent. Makes no sense WSE!!

It's fix people! Jonah lip is offically repaired and he looks very cute in the before and afterwards pics. Now let's see what else you all are going to complain about. Oh that's right, you're complaining because she went out and did what all you jerks wanted her to do. FIND A JOB! She's working, may not be the kind of employment you necessary would take, but then again you are not Nadya Suleman. At least she's getting paid, the girl is trying to move her family and need money to do that. WORK NADYA AND SCREW THE JEALOU*****ERS that does nothing but change their board name and spread hate all day while thumbing up their own comments, thumbing down others and not getting paid for it. LOL ;) As for the Inside Addition, pulease... better be glad she let you all in on it, seeing how you all were so concern about his lip being repaired. And for all you turkey's gobbling about you're not going to see this low bugget film. Yeah right! if you don'*****ch, you can't complain on here and other sites. I know Harvey and his team will watch the movie, so will I. LOL BTW who said Nadya was going to have sex with a female in this movie? Duh she get pregnant by a man who pretending to be a female but is really the devil. Think people, how the hell can one woman inpregnate another without the right male equipment? LOL Unless she use a turky baster but then it's still a male sperm, not a woman.

1112 days ago


"Cut her health premiums in half"...what the eff is this moron blabbering about? Octo and that entire tribe of kids are on MEDI-CAL. That is welfare. That means the State of California pays for her and her and her kids health care. That means the California taxpayer picks up the tab. She pays NOTHING and she NEVER HAS.

When will this biotch face reality and stop living in a dreamworld?

1112 days ago


Got to give her credit for trying to make some sort of life for her and those kids.

1112 days ago


Hey Team Nadya:

I'm glad this doc did right thing and helped this poor child. However, Octo Pig could have paid for his surgery herself. She had plenty of money from selling pictures, etc to pay for it. Instead, she selfishly paid her HER OWN hideous, god awful plastic surgery.

Was is it really her intent to look like Bozo the Clown or is her face the result of some sick joke her plastic surgeon played on her? I'm shocked this dumbazz has not threated to sue him for making her look like a circus clown.

1112 days ago


Got to give her credit for trying. I just cant imagine that many kids or how a person would keep them all fed. Talk about a mistake you cant take back...well. The films plot sucks but at least shes feeding the kids.

1112 days ago


Cleft lips are usually repaired within the first three months after birth or when the baby weighs at least ten pounds. Cleft palates are usually repaired at nine to twelve months o****e.


"I guess what's so sad [is] she made enough money that she could have taken care of her kids for the rest of their lives," Suze (Orman) says.
Decide for yourself exactly what kind of Mother this is!

1112 days ago


Um, er, we've seen her "acting" so this is for sure gonna be a huge hit! Octomom to the bank! (insert eyeroll)

1112 days ago
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