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Impregnated by a Demon

10/8/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman
is breaking into Hollywood by taking on the role she was born to play -- a woman impregnated by a demon.

Octomom is starring a low-budget horror film called "Millennium." Octo plays a woman named Vanessa, who visits a haunted house with her friend Brad and his date Jessica. But turns out Jessica's a demon (yes, there's a plot hole -- Octo getting knocked up by a female demon).

According to Octo's manager, doing this film makes her eligible for SAG health benefits -- which means she'll cut her health care premiums in half.

It's called selling your soul to the devil, but it works for her.


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When someone who has insurance gets her manager to strong arm a plastic surgeon in to providing the surgery to repair a cleft lip for free it's because she's too d*mned cheap to pay for it herself. What a shame that the charity had to waste their precious resources on the Octoho instead of providing them to someone who was really in need.

But hey, it was another opportunity for her to "secure revenue" from ET at the expense of her son.

1090 days ago


Looking back, this is the second time that Octoho has referred to the children as being evil. Their first Halloween she dressed them up as devils. Now she's calling them demon spawn.

And once's not her fault. She gets knocked up through the evil machinations of someone else while she was just an innocent bystander. Sure fits well in to her victim mentality.

1090 days ago


Hey, Team Nadya! That "board" you refer to was a (free) board, and then offered to BUY their current domain name for as long as the board lives.

Get your facts straight. You can hit that board with the old address (the OR the new site address. Both work.

1090 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

Let's supporter, two or three neutral posters, and several so called haters.
And most of us know each other at least online.
I don't know about the rest of you....but if this is all the people that even bother to talk about Octo, she sure is not in demand.
People like me read about her antics, comment sometimes, and do no*****ch her.....except once in a while in a short video clip which I often can't stomach to see to the end.

I have never seen her on TV, not even once.

1090 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

I did not know dirty. {wink}

1090 days ago


Have you seen the SAG requirements for insurance @ their website? This flash in the pan flick isn't going to earn her the needed credits for those kind of benefits. Hope she has another plan besides stardumb. She's an insult to hard working actors (among other people).

1090 days ago


ilovegossip: 7 hours ago Also from Nadya: Everything is mine. I’ve never had plastic surgery except for my breasts.
So Nadya had breast augmentation for herself, but couldn't fix Johah's lip until someone donated it...
THIS is the kind of Mother Nadya is!

Um Nadya didn't have any kids when she had her breast reduction at age 18, ilovegossip. The point is; Jonah lip is now repaired, it's perfect and he looks perfect. Not a scar on him and his lip heal up excellently, it like it was never cleft. Thank God the Doctor who did the professional worked on Jonah didn't think/feel like you all. I don't see why you all are so bent out of shape for? Not like the money came from you or any taxpayers of Cali. It was done for free, Doctor did it out of the goodness of his heart, so no money was involved. Glad, no thrill that somebody in this world give a damn about little children and can overlook the fault of their parents to volunteer their services for free.

As for the movie-- Look! You all complain that Nadya need to get out there and work for a living. Well damn, she's working and you are still complaining. She just can't win with you guys... Nadya's right, it time she stop worrying about what other thinks and just do what's right for her self and her children, after all that's all that matter. At least Nadya is not stuck on TMZ and other websites tabloid board pointing fingers and spreading hateful thoughts on all of them. :)

1090 days ago



I like how you leave this part out of my post:
"I guess what's so sad [is] she made enough money that she could have taken care of her kids for the rest of their lives," Suze (Orman) says.
You nor Nadya can tell the truth, if your life depended on it! If you're going to quote me, please quote me properly.
She had enough money to take care of those kids for life, including taking care of Jonah's lip when it should have been, in the first couple months of his life. Instead she selfishly blew the money on things she shouldn't have and wouldn't fix Jonah's lip until it was donated. That is so sad... and shows what type of Mother she is and you CAN'T defend THAT (as much as you'll try)!!!

1089 days ago


Ilovegossip. Stock answer from TeamN- - it's fixed now. Love how she says it's perfect and there's no scar. It may look great, but there will always be a scar. Talk about rose colored glasses.

1089 days ago


Does anyone know the date of Jonah's surgery? From the inside edition article it looks like it was done approximately 3 weeks ago. When Nadya was on Ann Curry she stated that Jonah was having the surgery THAT Saturday. Was that another lie?

1089 days ago


This is how TeamNadya likes to distort the truth. These two statements are taken from her own posts:

TeamNadya: 17 hours ago

Incredibly, he'll only have a tiny scar.

TeamNadya: 9 hours ago

Not a scar on him
Even she can't keep her story straight! LOL!!!

1089 days ago


You guys are a trip! LOL I repeat, you wanted Nadya to get a job-- well she has a job here and there making her own money and not a cent of it is coming from taxpayers. Want people telling you how to spend your money you earned realist and ilovegossip?

You wanted Jonah clelf lip fixed, well it's done. It's a miracle how well his lip healed and it didn't cost Nadya or anybody else one bloody red cent. FYI- I seen pictures of kids who went years, well into the ages between 3 to 5 yrs old before finally getting their cleft lip repaired. Point being; Jonah's done now and your still complaining, only this time it's because Nadya didn't used her own money or insurance to get it done earlier. That's just plain silly imo UGH! Incase you haven't notice or forgotten, she has 14 kids to feed, shelter and clothes...I'm sure a big portion of her money back then went on bills anyway. Nadya just can't win with you guys. As for Suze Orman, she's a pig and a disgusting one at that, I wouldn't take anything she says on face value after the stunt she pulled on the Oprah show. Here's a fact, Suze was homeless and stole people money donated to her to buy a restaurant, she took that money and invested into a scheme she got caught up in. If she didn't sued and someone not gave her a break, she be still homeless and still owing.

Guess I'll never understand why you hate Nadya so much. It must be a personal thing with you all... I could never hate anybody like that for so long. Show a little compassion, understanding and consideration for Nadya, at least she's not abandoning her responsibility as a mother.

1089 days ago


TeamNayda, seems like you are exactly the kind of person Suleman talks about all the time, nothing better to do but sit at the computer, eat, no life.
I think you just like to post to get replies. Nobody is so dense as to not see what this woman is doing. '
If you do believe everything you post, that is very sad.Why sad, because can't see the damage Suleman is doing to her own children. She lies constantly, great role model, house is trashed,great role model, prances around in a fetish video, great role model,takes donated time and money to have her son's lip fixed while claiming to have insurance, great role model. Suleman's life is a twisted mess of lies, scams, using of others and her defense when cornered is to throw insults around and flash her middle finger.
Do I believe you are really standing behind Suleman, no. Just like to see your comments and the replies.
To each their own, at least you have made me laugh more than a few times.
So continue to post your misspelled thoughts, it's a great read with my morning coffee.

1089 days ago


WAIT A FREAKING BLOODY SECOND! LOL I just went and double checked...

Ilovegossip, your a slick one lying on me. And you have the audacity of calling Nadya a liar? You're the liar! I never said Jonah had a tiny scar... The INSIDE EDITION did. You quoted their comment and accused me of saying it. You're the one that can't keep your lies straight. Read below, I highlighted Inside Edition posting what you accused me of saying.

Cleft Lip Surgery for One of Octomom's Children
Airdate : 10/3/2011
Jonah Suleman is one of the eight octuplets born to Nadya Suleman, aka, Octomom. The adorable little boy has a disfiguring birth defect—a cleft lip

Amazingly, the cleft lip is the only complication stemming from Nadya's controversial pregnancy.

"The older siblings asked when I brought him back from the hospital who dropped him and cracked him," said Nadya.

But two-year-old Jonah was about to undergo a procedure that will change his life.

INSIDE EDITION exclusively went with Nadya and Jonah when they visited Newport Beach plastic surgeon Michael Nicolli.

"He doesn't have any severe dental problems and the nose is not distorted. His soft palate and hard palate are all normal. So basically it's just going to be a cleft lip," said Dr. Nicolli.

With huge expenses for her 14 children, Nadya can't afford the surgery, so Dr. Nicolli's foundation did it for free. He told us why it's important to operate on Jonah now, before he starts school.

Dr. Nicolli said, "I think it's mandatory to do these kids now so they don't have any psychological handicaps."

Our cameras went with Nadya and Jonah on the morning of the surgery.

"He's oblivious to what's going to happen," said Nadya.

After Jonah was sedated the surgeon outlined where he would make the incisions. Then he cut open the lip and actually snipped the muscles and tendons so they lay flat. After less than an hour in the operating room, Jonah was stitched up. Incredibly, he'll only have a tiny scar. The doctors gave the thumbs up to Nadya.

"Everything looks great," said Dr. Nicolli.

"That's amazing," said Nadya.

"Very little blood loss, a few drops," said Dr. Nicolli.

The recovery was quick. After just three weeks, the lip was nearly healed. It's a beautiful result for the face of a little boy.

1089 days ago


I stated " These two statements are taken from her own posts" Where exactly is my lie? You said yourself it was taken from your own post. You posted two different statements, each contradicting themselves.
FAIL on you! LOL!!! Sheesh...this woman can't even keep her own story straight.

1089 days ago
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