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Casey Anthony's Attorney

Kudos to Amanda Knox's Parents

For Supporting Her

10/10/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Knox
Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox have a lot in common -- they were both recently freed from jail, they're both big celebrities now and they're both hot. What they don't have in common ... supportive parents, at least according to Casey Anthony's lawyer.

Jose Baez tells TMZ he was very happy for Amanda Knox and her family when the verdict was overturned. Baez says he watched the verdict and it was " a very surreal moment for me because I remembered being in that situation -- where a young woman's life hung in the balance -- and in a split second, her life was given back to her."

Baez says he felt Amanda's family played a key role in things, saying they should "be applauded" for sticking with her through the entire process -- unlike Casey's parents, who did not support her and instead, he feels, "hurt her case."

In the end, Baez says they're just a pair of "all-American girls."



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Baez you will rot in hell you fricken puke. You are s***. You will NEVER be free or forgiven you low life. You are are done.

1110 days ago


Comparing Amanda to that child-murdering monster is disgusting! Casey Anthony is true dirt and I pray she forever burns in painful agony. As far as looks, Amanda is ten times cuter. Casey is a nasty filthy skank. Burn in eternal hell you nasty bitch.

1110 days ago


Is the Jose Baez high? Or just crazy? Comparing these two young women as the same is not only idiotic, but delusional. Amanda was a college student, active in sports and her community. CA was a party girl who refuses to take responsibility for her own actions. She is a pathological liar who threw anyone under the bus who she could not con.

1110 days ago


But she has been revealed innocent. Now her parents are doing wrong with her. She wants to support of parents.Newegg Coupons

1110 days ago


Bozo Baez is a horrible attorney only made lucky by an even more stupid jury. EVERYONE knows Casey Anthony offed her child. Even YOU do Bozo. The differences between the two cases are so different it's not even worth debating. But maybe the fact that Amanda Know didn't falsely accuse her father raping her every day before school could be a hint as to why the parents have reacted differently. You made up stuff Bozo to win your case, never proved any of it in court and then the jury overdosed on stupid pills. That case was a travesty of justice. But some loony-toon who wants to make a name for themselves is going to put a target on the back of your head and Casey's. Only a matter of time before fate plays her hand. Sleep tight Bozo. American is watching you... and you GFF.

1110 days ago


**** him. He tore that family apart, obstructed police by not coming forward or having Casey explain their "truth" (about Casey telling Baez she buried Caylee after an "accidental drowning") during the initial days Casey was speaking with police....which makes Baez just as guilty for Caylee's death as Casey, and made up false and damaging stories about Casey's parents in court to get Casey off, and he's now expects her parents to be the same way as the Knox's?!!!

Someone needs to smack Baez upside his stupid head with a baseball bat.

1110 days ago


are you joking jose baez? the reason casey has no relationship with her parents is YOU!

what a dumb bastard!

1110 days ago


I love how people hate Casey more than a gangster thug. Get a grip on REALITY people! Focus!

1110 days ago

Mr, Know it All    

Jose Baez is a embarrassing idiot whose client killed her own child. Amanda Knox spent four years in prison for something she didn't do... and finally the Italian court had to agree there was no evidence she was home or had anything to do with her roommates murder. The real murderer confessed to the crime and is serving 18 years. These two women have nothing in common except in the twisted mind of Jose Baez.

1110 days ago

The Real JJ    

The only difference is Casey's family are a bunch of nuts. Baez is wrong because I think Casey's mother tried get a hold of Casey after the trial and she turned her down, even jail visits. Even on the stand they said the mom was lying for Casey. If anything the family helped Casey because the jury was prolly thinking 'anyone of these nuts in the family couldve killed that girl.' And Amanda Knox is not hot, Casey might be a crazy killer but shes at least a 5 or a 6.

1110 days ago


WOW! Comparing someone who never killed anyone with someone who killed her own child is just wrong! What grandparent could support Casey after she took their grandchild from them. That lawyer is worthless and stupid!

1110 days ago


Yea! American girl murderers are the new black!

1110 days ago


Does anyone have some duct tape for Baez?

1110 days ago


"Yea! American girl murderers are the new black!"


YUCK! That's NASTY! You shouldn't talk about murderers that way!

1110 days ago

Don Pedro    

Jose Baez, the all-American trial lawyer....naw, I think not. He may try for publicity but he will still be the lucky guy that found the stupidest jury in the country. His performance will be taught in law schools as "what not to do."

1110 days ago
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