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Kelsey Grammer

Please GAG My Ex-Wife

10/11/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Kelsey Grammer is going into court this week ... asking a judge to impose a gag order on ex-wife Camille after her encounter with TMZ last week.

Our camera guy ran into Camille and her son last Tuesday -- and asked Camille which activities she enjoys doing with her kids. Camille instructed her son to answer the question and he replied, "Play."

Sources tell us Kelsey wasn't happy with the situation -- and wants the family judge to prohibit Camille from exposing their kids to media cameras in the future.

Sources connected with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" tell us ... Camille is indignant because just days later Kelsey paraded both of their children in front of a bank of cameras at Boa, a place ALWAYS buzzing with paparazzi.


So we ask ...


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I have never, ever, watched him or his show(s), however, his constant acrimony with his ex-wife is why his children will grow up to be little Redmond o'neils'. Just makes you want to hurllllllllllllllllllll. Grow UP!!!

1051 days ago


I'm very glad Mr. Grammer left Camille. I was worried that as long as he was married to that type of trophy wife he stood the chance of ending up like Phil Hartman. Besides, doesn't she has irritable bowel syndrome? Gross!!

1051 days ago


The big difference is Kelsey was only photographed. He didn't bash his ex wife in front of the kids like Camille did. Not only did she have the kids answer a question, she spoke negatively against Kelsey in front of the children.

1051 days ago


Pleez Kelsey, you shack up with your mistress in New York while you're still married and then rush thru a divorce so you can marry her and you're wooried about a reporter asking your ex and your child a question? Really??

1051 days ago


It's one thing being sen walking to a car, it's another to have them answering questions. She's a media ho.

1051 days ago


REquesting a GAG ORDER on CAMILLE is NOT going to keep the CHILD from talking to the paps... what if the child answers a pap ? without being prompted by a parent?

KELSEY GRAMMER is a total CREEPER... HE cheated on his wife... HE wanted to seperate the children... HE lives totally seperate from his children... then wants to "swoop in" and call ALL THE SHOTS??? CAMILLE is the PRIMARY PARENT and SHE should be the one DICTATING how visits with their "Dad" goes...


1051 days ago


Those two both have such big egos that they think of the kids as possessions, not separate human beings. They should both be ashamed.

1051 days ago

Mark Lipinski    

Kelsey has really turned out to be a douche and shame on him! He needs to grow up. After what he's done to his children and his betrayal (there are civil ways to divorce and even cheat) he's lucky he has any custody at all. Creep.

1051 days ago

eve from eden    

Kelsy the gross bozo hodog. If I was Camille he would NEVER see the kids. Camille quit gagging when she no longer had to look at the bozo. Camille ROCKS. Kelsy and his bimbo are two bit losers.

1051 days ago


Kelsey, is this how you stay relevant? Let me give you a news flash, you have ruined your reputation all on your own. Leave Camille alone and raise your children without dragging each other into court you POS! NO LONGER A FAN OF YOU!

1051 days ago


Kelsey has simply moved on and is happy. Camille has not. Funny you would never see the 'true real housewives ever do a crap tv show. Just call it like it is the ex-wives of beverly hills. All the ex-husbands had the money. They just got theirs from divorce settlements.

1051 days ago


TMZ, gag BOTH of these idiots

1051 days ago

ivona poyntz    

These two deserve each other

1051 days ago


Gag both of these famewhorz, please. Somewhere along the line they got so angry and bitter at each other they started using their kids as weapons. I think they forgot what the word parent means.

1051 days ago


Kelsey is such an ASS none of his shows will be on my TV.

1051 days ago
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