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Kelsey Grammer

Please GAG My Ex-Wife

10/11/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Kelsey Grammer is going into court this week ... asking a judge to impose a gag order on ex-wife Camille after her encounter with TMZ last week.

Our camera guy ran into Camille and her son last Tuesday -- and asked Camille which activities she enjoys doing with her kids. Camille instructed her son to answer the question and he replied, "Play."

Sources tell us Kelsey wasn't happy with the situation -- and wants the family judge to prohibit Camille from exposing their kids to media cameras in the future.

Sources connected with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" tell us ... Camille is indignant because just days later Kelsey paraded both of their children in front of a bank of cameras at Boa, a place ALWAYS buzzing with paparazzi.


So we ask ...


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Men (and women too) should take a closer look at the other persons character BEFORE making babies. It's called just desserts and these two deserve each other.

1106 days ago


Kelsey is a Dbag.. Did anyone notice that while he was parading at BOA back and forth he didn't even give a damn where his kiddo's where he just turned it on for the camera's, shoot anyone could have grabbed his little boy. He abbandond his wife and kids and wants them to be quiet YEP DBAG...

1106 days ago


TMZ has become incredibly boring, unless you are now marketing specifically to sports fanatics, ancient news artifacts and gays.

1106 days ago


He really has a lot of nerve...he's the one fooling around, leaving his wife for yet another woman - all the while the kids are in between all this. His stupid decision to wreck his marriage caused all this...I'm not saying he had a perfect marriage but it seems he let his big, fat head get the better of him. He should just grow up, shut up and go away.

1106 days ago


What third world country does this dictator think he lives in? Next, he'll want Camille to wear a burka and prohibit her from driving a car so she won't be seen by TMZ.

1106 days ago


kelsey you need to have many women feeling very scorned by you..and we have no problem taking you down,so i would suggest to you.. GET OFF CAMILLES ASS NOW IF YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU ...PROFESSIONALLY SPEAKING OF COURSE...

1106 days ago


Both are publicity hounds!! Feel sorry for the kids!!

1106 days ago

Big D    

She was in soft core porn in the 90"s she's been gagged before

1106 days ago


IF he wanted to continue to RUN HER HOUSEHOLD he shouldn't have taken classes from the 'woody allen school of creepy'. He soooo busy attempting to MAKE folks accept the new chick. she MIGHT be 2 years older than his daughter.....

1106 days ago


WOW!!! The kid said something to the cameraman. What's the big deal? So what!!! Kate plus 8 are the kids people should be worried about, if you want to worry about someone elses kids. If Kelsey didn't want his kids in front of the camera, he wouldn't have gone to the MEGA pap hot spot Boa. Eat at home and no one would have seen them. HYPOCRITE is right. Practice what you preach Kelsey. Dang, the judge is going to get tired of their whinning.

1106 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Gag my ex-hag!

1106 days ago


Kelsey cheated on his wife and kids. Not a good man. If you want out of a marriage get a divorce before you are with someone else.

1106 days ago


He made a BIG mistake when he tried to make a housewife out of Camille's low-class DNA. Don't agree on how he left, but I can see why he did.

1106 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Hey Kelsey, why don't you talk to William ****ner for advice, On how to drown you wife in your own pool and tell the police it was an "accident"- Its worth a try- ****ner got away with it and you are just as popular as he was!!!

1106 days ago


If it wasn't for TMZ and all the other outlets Camille and her publicist have on retainer you all wouldn't have to come up with such vile comments about Kelsey. We all know it her family in Jersey that are constantly online putting Kelsey down at every opportunity. They have to she's their meal ticket and in turn those poor innocent children are hers. Kelsey is a great guy and a wonderful father and her family knows that! Stop cheating these kids out of a decent childhood. Camille is no mother and never will be!

1106 days ago
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