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Beyonce's Rep Attacks:

Baby Bump Rumors Are

'Stupid, Ridiculous and False'

10/11/2011 12:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sorry Internet conspiracy theorists, Beyonce's rep claims her baby bump is 100% authentic ... despite a video in which her stomach appears to fold over, leading many to believe she was wearing a prosthetic.

B's rep told ABC ... rumors about the singer wearing a fake baby bump underneath her dress are "stupid, ridiculous and false."

Also, there are photos of Beyonce in a bikini ... in which you can clearly see her actual, pregnant stomach.

So, there you have it.



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I read most of the comments but was wondering: What if she already had that baby, and didn't want anyone to know. That would be a reason to wear the fake one. To cover the 'baby fat'. Let it be out of the public for a while?

1044 days ago


ok EVERYONE is focused on the interview where her baby bump inflated BUT just recently either "before" or "after" the interview she posed for Baazar Mag and if u saw the shots AND the behind the scence video u would have saw that she wasnt even pregnant!!! so do i think she is....well NO but if she is she isnt what she say!! they even got pics of Jay-z going into a ferternaty clinic in CA!! the same one Kim (puffy baby ma) and Mariah (nick) used!! how do u explain that one....well its been out there that Jay-z been had a problem with getting it up!! but honestly i really think everyone is reading too much n to this mess! the whole thing has been planned from the begining!! she has always and i mean ALWAYS said 30 she would have a child i just think she didnt think it all the way thru as far as how she will pull it off!! it can really go both ways!!! and as far as the bikini pic...i never saw a preggo woman at "4" mths and u can see RIBS forming at thier sides lmao now thats funny...but real talk i think it really aint serious and this is what she wants ATTENTION! and we all are giving it to her by still talking about it every day!! LET IT GO AND QUIT GIVING HER ALL THE ATTN ND i PROMISE the truth will come out!! \

1044 days ago


Perhaps it's just a padded dress to make her look EVEN MORE pregnant. Some of us pregnant women actually LIKE having a big belly so every one knows! She's clearly pushing her belly out in the bikini pic. Perhaps she doesn't feel like she looks pregnant enough so needs extra padding (us women love a bit of extra padding!!!)

1044 days ago


I think that her whole being preggars is fake from the day she told the world up until now,if u gotta fake being preggars to get attention well dat shows alot about your character and her family and jay-z stupied for even goin along with it how culd u do dat and u got ppl out here who cant get preggars and u pull some **** like dis and y did her belly fold up if its real she betta look at dem ladies on the wendy williams show dats how it suppose to look wen u sit down im so sika ha fake ass anyway illuminati bitch

1042 days ago


LOL this fake attention seeking idiot did at the VMA's already.

1042 days ago

terri HUGHES    

look,if beyonce has a fake baby bump,or a shield to protect her baby,or adopting a baby(i was adopted)or having another woman carry the baby for her,it doesn't really matter,the bottom line is that, her and jayz will be great parents! they wont be on welfare for the world to take care them,and the hospital bill be paid, with that said, i pray that they have a healthy baby, and a wonderful life!

1041 days ago


thats her dress evev e news sad it waz and i aam tired of everybdy hatin on her git a life

1040 days ago


You can pull off a fake baby belly they did it on Knocked up & it looked so realistic!!!! And after she sat down what was with that face she made!!! I have been preg and a stomach CANT fold like that!!!

1038 days ago


that dame lady is pregnant tmz **** yuu you switch peoples word up HATERS

1022 days ago
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