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Stomach Folding Video

Ignites Pregnancy Controversy

10/11/2011 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


We know it sounds ridiculous ... but the Internet is buzzing with rumors that Beyonce is NOT really pregnant and she's wearing a fake stomach in an elaborate cover-up. Now, a controversial new video is fueling the fire.

Beyonce appeared on an Australian TV show this weekend called "Sunday Night" -- wearing a tight red dress that accentuated her baby bump.

But when B sits down in her chair, her bump appears to collapse inward, leading many to believe it's not B's real bump after all ... but a prosthetic device intended to deceive.

photo that started beyonce not pregnant rumors

So why would B fake preggo? There are rumors that she has hired a surrogate mother to carry the kid, so she won't have to put her body through the strains of pregnancy.

But color us skeptical -- because last month, Bey bared all during a vacation in Croatia with Jay-Z ... revealing what looks like a totally legit baby bump.

1011_beyonce_sipa2We called B's camp for comment -- but we haven't heard back yet.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Ok this doesn't take a rocket scientist 1 stop with it's the dress that dress is hugging her body tight as she enters if anything thing it should have tighten when she sat down not to mention no way will you be sitting down like that with such a bump 2 no body knows if she is adopting what ever whatever and you won't know until she tells it or someone spills it or you never know a slip up like this interview 3 we can consider the fact she may be pregnant but who the he'll wants to look bigger these stars and these stunts never end but some things are common sense the walk was fake everything about the sit down was not thought out and most women look preg in the face she don't so I'm just considering the facts but if and when baby pic hits the fans we know jay z marks his territory lol I expect nothing less if that women baby still looked like him and she was very naturally pretty

1057 days ago

Too Much Image Not Enough Talent from Beyonce Knowles     

She obviously does give a rats ass or we would not be seeing any of these videos. How dumb are you guys to believe everything society throws at you. Just like Food Inc., there are things that go on for profit that are hidden from the mass public because it will hurt profits. If it is not clear enough, Beyonce and JayZ are about their paper and nothing else. They dont give a rats ass about the quality of music that they put out. Hence why both of them have the same songs just different beats and words mixed around. Check it out. If these two are so amazing then why are they not putting out albums that sell like adele. Beyonce needs to be more secure within herself. She has a lot of blessings and she now needs to have some social responsibility in her craft and this does not involve tax reductions from charitable contributions. Yes, beyonce does have some good qualities, we all do. However, it does not take away from the fact that she lies and tries to deceive the public. Why do so many people have a problem with her, that is really the question that we need to be asking. Why does beyonce feel the need to parade around in heels ? When you are insecure you do things for attention. Right now Beyonce knowles is begging for attention. She is addicted to the fame, however I think the general public is tired of her. She is too fake and not giving enough talent. She needs to just put out videos because most people only want to look at her body. Not hear her voice or look at her face. They just want to see her body. Is this why she doesnt want to carry the best friend she has not met yet? Is she is shallow and superficial ? If you truly are blind to the signs that beyonce is not pregnant then U are a damn fool. I am sorry but how dumb can one person be. Remember that if not for that record deal beyonce would be a regular girl from Houston. She is not better than U or me. Thus, she is not perfect. She can also suc***b to bull**** and make wrong decisions. Afterall, look who she decides to marry. Like seriously, she had a lot to choose from but she chose a ex drug dealer, and current murderer.. This is who she chose to create a life and family with. They must have many core values in common. sorry to call you dumb, but please be objective when dealing with people who use the public for financial gains. I can say whats good about Beyonce easily. Can you say what's not ? or are you a pawn in their game. They laugh at the dummies that believe them, and they respect the people who call them out on it. Like, alright U got me. Think about it. A true hustler would understand. I am a true hustler so I book a lot of thier foolishness. When Beyonce can sell like Adele I will give her another point.

1055 days ago


Honestly,I think whether beyonce is pregnant or not...Why the hell does anyone really care....She is just another human being....If beyonce is faking it then maybe there is a reason for this.You never know what is going on in her world...Tired of hearing about beyonce being pregnant so can we please move on to something more important...

1053 days ago

Symone Williams    

This doesnt make sense.....we all have seen beyonce when she gains weight then that she is supposedly 6 to 7 months...there is no weight gain....she did have on a fake belly during the awards show wearing a strapless dress..who knows if she is telling the truth...only time will tell

1052 days ago


Its a stressfull thing your body has to go through, but she looks Pregnant. That picture in the pink dress it does look fake, she looks pregnant. I think people need to find something to do with their time besides take bad pictures for others to gossip about.

1038 days ago


I finally saw the video and i have to say the whole thing very weird. The way she holding her arms seems like she's holding her "belly" in place. And to be as far along as she's supposed to be why is she bent over so far just to sit down and being a "pregnant Beyonce" why didn't any assist her with sitting down? I've had 3 kids and i can say it is hell trying to get your body back afterwards but if thats the reason or not, i'm w/ Mallory, just be real about it!

1027 days ago


Okay I have watched the video over and over and I think if you watch carefully, it kind of looks like it collapsed because of her clothes, you see her hand move and fix the fabric...that's what I think it was...jus*****ch it over and over again...don't pay attention to the pictures

1022 days ago


I think she is really pregnant.Her dress could of moved funny.You know people with money wear weird stuff.

1022 days ago

mother of five    

Beyonce's stomachl looks a different color than the rest of her body and her belly button looks fake. she needs a better makeup artist. She needs to stop this madness!!!

1021 days ago


Photoshop Can Make it look like shes Pregnant with a baby bump but, you cant hide the fact her stomach collapsed as she was sitting down.

1018 days ago


They showed video of her back during that interview and her ass is huger then usual which happens to some people when they are pregnant and there are no lumps or bumps from ties or tabs that would be evident from a fake prosthetic bump. I wish I would sell you idiotic people some fake diamonds because you would probably believe they are real because they look real. You would probably believe there is a big foot or UFOs because there is video tape of it. Stupidity of people, makes me wonder how they function in life.

1016 days ago


um even if her stomach was real not any preggo woman should be able to bend their body like that when sitting or anything if they are looking out for the protection of the baby or being really secure lol

1016 days ago


ok its a shame if she is faking it just to be in the spotlight because of her music and its recording failure and even if she was preggo not any woman with total secur of their unborn child should be able to bend their bodies in that position

1016 days ago

'Sweet B    

" saw the video ! it looks like a fake stomach also the picture with the two peice suit the stomach looks a total different color then the rest of her body! I think she should be honest with the public I have heard she had a miscarrige last year 'I honestly belive some female carried baby for beonce I have not seen any photos of her being preagnant that convince me that she was really preagnant ! also why is her baby name mean devil ?

1014 days ago


Its fake...i know when i was prego i never could sit down like that gently sit straight down with belly in front and then get comfortable and not once has my belly looked like that when wearing a loose dress...the dress would go over the belly not crinkle down like that...if anything it would make her look even bigger...sorry but she wasnt pregnant...maybe once but not in that interview...but theres nothing wrong with having a surrogate. If she did then so be it...a child is the most beautiful blessing in the world.

1013 days ago
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