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Dodger Beating Victim

Out of Hospital, Into Rehab

10/11/2011 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow has finally been released from the hospital -- more than 6 months after he was beaten within an inch of his life in the Dodgers Stadium parking lot.

Stow has been making tremendous progress in his recovery -- recently talking with family members and friends.

Doctors say Stow will continue his treatment at an undisclosed long-term rehabilitation facility. Stow's doctor says his recovery will take years.

The 42-year-old paramedic's family released a statement -- saying, "We feel immense relief today, knowing that Bryan is ready to start the next chapter of his story."

Stow suffered severe brain injuries on March 31 after the Dodger's regular season opener against the Giants.

Two suspects have been charged in the beating -- both have plead not guilty.

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1075 days ago


Glad to hear he's awake and getting better.

1075 days ago


God bless him and his family. Under no cir****tances should anyone be singled out, verbally, physically or otherwise for cheering on their team. I hope that God will inflict his wrath/punishment/payback upon whomever thought they could get away with this!!! All prayers are with Bryan and his family and may the guilty forever suffer the wrath of the almighty!!!!!!

1075 days ago


What happened to Bryan was horrible. Dude goes to a baseball game and almost loses his life. I wish all the best to he and his family. I hope LAPD have the right guys charged with this attack and that the punishment fits the crime!

1075 days ago


I think it would be nice of MLB had him throw out the first pitch to one of the World Series games (even w/SF not in it), to honor him and all he and his family has gone thru, just because he went to a baseball game.

1075 days ago


Glad to hear he is doing great! Just unfortunate that people can't go to games anymore without there being some kind of fight. People its just a game, be classy.

1075 days ago

grant mayfield    

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1075 days ago


Glad he's doing better! Karma will get the trash who did this to him.

1075 days ago


This story just breaks my heart every time I read about it. People should be able to go to a game, and root for whomever they want to root for without fear of getting, stabbed, shot or half beaten to death. It's not like the guy that did this was someone he knew before the game, or that they had some kind of beef in the past. It's just the random acts of violence like this that make me ashamed of how some of us behave as human beings. Some of us act more like wild animals looking for something or someone to devour!

1075 days ago


Thank you TMZ for finally putting something positive on your site. Hope he recovers to his fullest extent.

1075 days ago


That's a nice story to read. I wish him all the best with his recovery - those rehabilitation nurses will get him going!

1075 days ago


"both have plead not guilty."

Yeah, good idea, eat up my taxes for awhile then plead no contest. If you're that adamant about being a ****ìng Dodgers fan then man the fück up and show your colors...not püssy out and plead not guilty! Assholës!

1075 days ago


Great news

1075 days ago


I'm glad to see Bryan out and making progress toward recovery. I still can't believe how those cowards tried to murder him.

Those animals deserve to be in prison for the rest of their lives, working hard labor, in which the proceeds go to Bryan and his family as restitution. It's disgusting savages like this that keep the crime rate at the level it is in the US.

The sad thing is that these s*** will end up in prison, living off of tax payer money - truly sad. They should be working hard labor to pay for their room & board and for restitution to Bryan.

The good news is that there's nothing that can save them from Karma, life is full circle.


1075 days ago


I'm so glad to see that that Bryan has survived and is out recuperating.

I can't believe that those two cowards tried to murder him in the way that they did. I hope they put those disgusting animals that did this in jail for the rest of their lives. Those savages are 100% pure s***, have zero regard for human life, and are the exact reason we have the amount of violence in the US that we do today.


1075 days ago
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