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Chris Brown & Bow Wow

$5,000 Stripper Tippers

10/12/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown & Bow Wow making it rain
Chris Brown
and Bow Wow don't take their hard-earned money for granted -- and to prove just how seriously they take their finances ... the rappers dropped $5,000 a pop on MULTIPLE strippers last week.

Bow and Breezy let loose at the King of Diamonds strip club in Miami last Wednesday -- the largest strip club on the planet -- buying untold bottles of booze for their entourage ... and lining the floor with singles.

Sources at the club tell TMZ, at least three dancers walked away with $5,000 in tips ... each.

A local celebrity baker topped off the night with a giant 2-story cake for Team Breezy, lined with Swarovski crystals. Chris Brown's rep confirmed the after party took place at KOD -- but didn't have a further comment. So far, no word back from Bow Wow's rep.


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their mothers must be so proud!

1015 days ago


They should give that money to a battered womens shelter.

1015 days ago


1) It's ridiculous that he is allowed around women at all.
2) People still go to strip clubs? Really? Why?

1015 days ago


I think this is GREAT! The faster they spend it (uhm, waste it), the faster it will be gone, then we don't need to hear about the woman beater anymore!!! Yahoooooo!

1015 days ago


It amazes me how obnoxious some of the comments on here are.
Not being a huge fan of Bow Wow or Chris Brown, I find nothing wrong with what they are doing. First of all Chris Brown has paid his debt to society. If he wasn't Chris Brown and Rhianna was not Rhianna none of us would have heard about their altercation. Secondly they (Chris Brown and Bow Wow) have the money to blow. They are young and having fun. I know for a fact that both of these young men give money to charities across the board. But of across that is not glorified. You slam these kids, for doing what they call or think is fun life. Who cares? Why do you care? It is not their fault the economy is the way it is. What they are doing is no worse, than some college kid going out and spending his parents hard earned money to buy video games for his XBOX or WII. Kim Kardashian (who I undeniably loathe) just went out and bought a $325,000 car, but yet you bash 2 african american young men for spending THEIR OWN MONEY the way they feel. GTFOH...
And for the comment about Rhianna being the princess of hip hop. WTFE!!! What princess sticks 2 fingers up her va-jay jay during a concert? That's not princess material sweetheart, its slut material.

1015 days ago


Please, no more stories of this POS.

1015 days ago


Well, they gotta do all they can to make those rumors of them being gay go done.

1015 days ago


No talent what so ever. Chris Brown is legal age, makes him useless. Next.

1015 days ago


no talent, no originality, dumb.
send money my way losers

1015 days ago


I see his lack of respect for women is still holding strong...

1015 days ago


I just hope they both got $5,000 worth of STD's in the process.

1015 days ago


Keep it classy!

1015 days ago


I'm puzzled......seriously, don't you men feel like a big sausage when some random chick comes up to you naked, or close to to it, shaking her azzz, showing you their boobs, playing with themselves in some fashion or another, and one knows the only reason she is doing it is to get your money? two knuckleheads have money and fame, why would stoop to that level? The level of some nasty, loose, rode hard, put up wet, stripper? I just don't get it.....ya'll could have decent women around for free? And couldn't you eventually get around to some playin'? At least you wouldn't be suffering by comparaison right? Or having some gross out gal who is bascilly a pig around you? It's just icky.

But, most strippers will do just about anything to get a single dollar in their G-string I suppose. I can only fathom what these two real classy ladies did to get that bank.....I hope you boys double bag gosh body bag it really.

What women will do for dollar bills.....................

1015 days ago

Sin D    

And how many dancers did Brown punch in the face?

1015 days ago


Trey Songz!!! and Tyga were there too

1015 days ago
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