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Gene Simmons’ Son

My Parents’ Marriage

Is NOT A Sham

10/12/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gene Simmons
and Shannon Tweed are total publicity whores but their son Nick is ADAMANT their marriage is 100% legit despite criticism that they only tied the knot for reality show ratings.

22-year-old Nick claims he's definitely not surprised by the rumors telling TMZ, "Dad does tend to wear his shameless capitalism on his sleeve. But I was there when the cameras weren't. My parents went through a dark wood and came out still wanting to be together."

Gene and Shannon had been together for 28 years – before finally getting hitched October 1st with the wedding set to air on the new season of A&E's "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels".

Nick added, "All I can say about that is that my mother has the patience of a saint."

It also gave Nick the chance to wear that awesome shirt.


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Logan R    

Quite a bit of hate this morning from something that has nothing to do with any of our day to day lives. Is their marriage real? More than likely. Did they spin it to work within their show, definately. Did a lot of us watch it? Yeah. Now quit your b*tch'n and get to work :)

1108 days ago


I don't know how shannon could put up with him as long as she did with his fooling around. Has to be the money for her and her kids. Cause it sure isn't him and everything he put her through. Bu*****ching the show, they all live a rich life. Guess money is everything.

1108 days ago


I'm sure Nick and Sophie saw a lot of things we didn't. Everybody goes through a lot in their relationships. It's not different for celebrities. I think Gene reached a point where he knew it was either marry Shannon, or live alone.

1108 days ago

KAREN Christopher    

The marriage isn't a sham. Anyone who knows anything should know that Gene would do just about anything for a buck but marriage ins't one of them. He loves Shannon and knows she'd walk if he didn't. As for Shannon it's not just about a wedding - it's about a marriage - he has work to do still and he's come far. Those kids are awesome and Shannon should be extremely proud of how well they've turned out. Gene as well but coming from a similar dynamic I know Shannon primarily raised them. As for Nick Gawd I wish I was 35 yrs younger lol!!!!!

1108 days ago


I like the kids. They're surprisingly well adjusted considering. Nick's shirt is hilarious "No Longer a Bastard" Love it

1108 days ago

Who cares about Gene & Shannon? More important, who is the hot blonde on the left side of the posted photo? Purrrrr.

1108 days ago

Cheryl A.    

It took the "reality" show to get the marriage. Although during the last episode Gene kept saying "dating for 28 years" How about "building a family for 28 years, Gene?" Way to NOT commit.

1108 days ago

Ron Lucas    

No ****? LOL

1108 days ago


I watched a show the other night where she was working in her veggie garden and Nick came home and she talked to her self and said I wish he would move out and get his own apartment, how old is he? That he still lives with mommy and daddy?? Other then this show what can he do ?

1108 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

Congratulations to the happy couple :)

1108 days ago


I believe that his parents were married 28 years ago. Appearing single was good for Gene Simmons image, but the reality of his monogamy speaks volumes. His "porn" video was laughable and clearly only intended to make him appear to be "cheating." The way they look, and always have looked at one another says it all. They have been happily together. Even during their supposed "dark wood," they were seen holding hands in various places around the country.

1108 days ago


Hey ass-wagon. Allow me to clear up the poop you have in your eyes. Yes, Gene Simmons does love money, it is what he has worked all his life for. MONEY, lots of it, if he could double his take, he would and work even harder for. As for his family, that is their business, why is it shameful and despicable? Is there a "moral" law some where that states
YOU MUST ACT THIS WAY ON T.V. because people like you are whiners? And YES, Gene Simmons will put the KISS name on pretty much anything, it is on CONDOMS. How does that make them look like clowns. It's AMERICAN, land of the free, unlimited opportunity. And for your comment of them being "crass" you don't honestly believe that "any t.v." family is real did you? That kinda stopped after "Leave it to Beaver" and "The Brady Bunch" went off the air.
And as for the clothing and accessories line, MONEY BAGS, that has been copyrighted, trademarked and is available for a few years now, perhaps not as famous as "Ralph Lauren" or others, but it sells, which makes him even more money. He also owns the rights to the term "O.J.". Yes, Orange Juice initials, he owns it. So if you are not happy with any of these people you so happily put down, please leave AMERICA, we like it here, we work here, we will die here. You worthless Ass-Wagon..

1108 days ago


LOVE that shirt Nick, lol

1108 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

This family is surprisingly normal. Those kids turned out pretty well considering they had famous parents and was raised in Hollywood. There is nothing about this family that is unlikable. Two good kids, both in college, both down to earth. Good job to the parents.

1108 days ago


GENE SIMMONS and SHANNON TWEED are not great actors....the phony presentation of their lives for Gene's advertising and marketing purposes reeks havoc and he's too STUPID to recognize it. How much money does GENE need? How sad.

Sophie's face is a ROADMAP to the distress and discomfort that is her life with those parents. She loves them, it is clear, but SOPHIE just can't hide the internal pain which shows on her face. How sad.

NICK is hanging on with the positive vibe, seems more easy going, but you still can tell his concern that his parents have thrust upon him. How sad.

GENE SIMMONS is not a genius....if he was he wouldn't have dragged his son, his daughter and Shannon thru the muddy waters WITH HIM. Fathers PROTECT and SAVE their children from the cruelties of life....not INFLICT them. How sad.

1108 days ago
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