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Gene Simmons’ Son

My Parents’ Marriage

Is NOT A Sham

10/12/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gene Simmons
and Shannon Tweed are total publicity whores but their son Nick is ADAMANT their marriage is 100% legit despite criticism that they only tied the knot for reality show ratings.

22-year-old Nick claims he's definitely not surprised by the rumors telling TMZ, "Dad does tend to wear his shameless capitalism on his sleeve. But I was there when the cameras weren't. My parents went through a dark wood and came out still wanting to be together."

Gene and Shannon had been together for 28 years – before finally getting hitched October 1st with the wedding set to air on the new season of A&E's "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels".

Nick added, "All I can say about that is that my mother has the patience of a saint."

It also gave Nick the chance to wear that awesome shirt.


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The only thing I can say is that after having the world's largest douchebag for a father, this kid is totally AWESOME! He is sooo down to earth and I love the way he razzes Gene relentlessly. Was never a big KISS or Gene fan to begin with, but I will ALWAYS be a Nick Simmons fan! ;)

1114 days ago


He's one funny guy - love the shirt.

1114 days ago


"The kid looks Indian (7/11 kind)"

No he doesn't. Nick looks alot like Paul Stanley though.

1114 days ago


why is nick simmons so damn hot?

1114 days ago


the son is so in drugs..

1114 days ago


you guys try too make everyone look bad and its stupid why cant you people just be happy for them... everyone has their ups and downs... before when they were happy and getting along it was fine and now its fake because they overcame difference.... this is what is wrong with the world.... no one can just be happy for people when we should be encouraging happiness and peace and a better world for our children... and yea they have money but Gene came from nothing so let him be happy and spend his money how he wants.... youre just jealou*****ing on them when your lazy a** just sits here looking at Gossip all day!

1114 days ago


Why they decide to get married during the show? because it make great ratings ...I hope this marriage endure ,for sure it has not good base ,just for entertainment how talks for sure they make millions doing this kind of stuff,still it is sad this marriage is just business .

1114 days ago


Your parents getting married after you are born doesn't take away the "bastard" label. Sorry.

1114 days ago


Much better than the Kardashian wedding!!

1114 days ago


Oh you REALLY think they got married just for the show or the money????? the show was a huge hit already and as for the serious!

1114 days ago


Stupid comment about getting married "during the show." The show has been on a long time.......would you have preferred they waited until after it was over? AND technically, they didn't get married "during the show." They got married while it was in reruns!

1114 days ago


I disagree with nick's t shirt. his parents were not married when he was born therefore he is a bastard.

1114 days ago


Nick were NEVER a BASTARD,that is for the hypocrit Catholic Church who used that word to manipulate the weak and naive Catholic people .A child is a child not matter what if married or not! I like you ,you are a great funny kid like your sis too.In my eyes you never had been a bastard .Maybe you are better than many kids from a marriage .....and yes you are great ! you should never use that is nobody business anyway!

1114 days ago


This entire wedding melodrama is the same s-hy-t that A&E created for Dog Chapman and his beee.yotch Beth. Doesn't anyone else remember that? A&E played up the wedding to the hilt -- funny how Dog & Beth were together 17 yrs before deciding to get married ON CAMERA. It was only the horrible tragedy of Dog's daughter's death the night before the wedding that brought it out of the hokeyness. That wedding was so fake that Dog bypassed both of his sons and his "brother" Tim in favor of the show's producer for best man.

Seriously, the Tweed-Simmons wedding is only a half step above Dog the Bounty Hunter and his fake wedding.

1114 days ago


NICK and SOPHIE continue doing your best

Your Father's actions are being put to the test,

Because Father Gene lives in denial

You beat him in CLASS by many a mile.

Copyright 2011 soulofanangel

1114 days ago
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