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Michael Jackson Autopsy Photo

Dead, Naked Body

10/11/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Autopsy Photo
Prosecutors just showed an image of Michael Jackson's dead, naked body sprawled on a gurney -- taken hours after the singer died.

The date on the tiles beside his body appears to read August 25th, 2009 -- but MJ's autopsy doctor Christopher Rogers claims the date is wrong ... it should read June 25th.

Michael Jackson Dead


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This site was founded by a garbage human being, it's axiomatic.

1107 days ago

Dusty from Ireland    

Jesus Christ ... Take that down and have some respect.

1107 days ago


TMZ you have no dignity to show these photos shame on you, you are disgusting, you make me vomiting, you have no respect. I hope that one day someone will do the same for you Mr. Levin

1107 days ago

Charlie Sheen    

Looks like he had worms or aids

1107 days ago


I beg you to take this down, dont you respect anything??????

1107 days ago


why is he so WHITE??

1107 days ago


TAKE THAT DOWN, IMMEDIATELY!!! You should pay respect to MJ! SHAME ON YOU, TMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1107 days ago


TMZ you haven't a speck of decency or humanity in any of you anymore. You personify all that is wrong with current American cultural mores.

1107 days ago


No belly , wrong date..totally fake

1107 days ago


i dont understand how he was born black and his entire body is white.. lol

1107 days ago


Trust TMZ to post this! I'm sure MJ would not be surprised that the media is display his body like this. It's like the rotting cherry on top of everything that the media has done to this beloved human being. Take it down!!!!!!!!!!!

1107 days ago


For everyone offended by the pictures displayed here, GET A LIFE. He was a great musician and will always leave a legacy, but the facts surrounding his death are PUBLIC. They are live streaming the trial all over the world, so anyone who's anyone will be able to view and capture the picture to use in any way.
This is now a PUBLIC photo due to the streaming trial. They have the option to block out the photo or not show it at all, they (the court room) chose to show it on live streaming so it is NOW PUBLIC.
Watch out, you can jump down and berade the news stations and magazines now for showing the picture, at least you seen it first on TMZ.
If you don't like it, click somewhere else, I will personally stay with TMZ because they reported his death before anyone else.

1107 days ago


The Wraith: You say that "hey you celebrities, you are just like everyone else". Clearly, a bit lower than the rest of us as none of our pictures would be displayed this way. Society may put them on a pedastal for creating things we enjoy, but we do not know to step on them don't we? We don't even let them rest in peace. You are a jealous turd.

1107 days ago


It's odd where all these fans ave come from. Before his death he wasn't invited to awards shows, gave himself the king of pop title at an MTV award show where he wasn't even supposed to present, he was mocked, laughed at, ridiculed and yet now he is a martyr. He was a disturbed musical genius that was abandoned by Hollywood until his death. Faiweather fans.

1107 days ago


but i thought they said he had hardly any hair?

1107 days ago
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