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Dr. Drew Pinsky

Rx Meds Are Killing Our Celebs

10/11/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


 Lil Wayne's "sizzurp" habit is a lot scarier than maybe even he knows -- according to Dr. Drew Pinsky ... who joined us to break down Weezy's videotape confession, and the prescription meds epidemic in Hollywood.

Plus, Dr. Conrad Murray's defense took a HUGE hit today when MJ's autopsy doc said it's highly unlikely Michael self-administered the fatal dose of Propofol -- but Jason explains how the prosecution took a few hits of its own.

Also, Kris Humphries avoided disaster when he lost and FOUND his wedding band -- but is it really that big of a deal? The fellas share some ring-related horror stories.


(5:00) Lil Wayne admits he used to be hooked on "sizzurp" -- so Dr. Drew Pinsky calls in to talk addiction.
(7:01) Dr. Drew says doctors accidentally fuel addiction by prescribing their patients drugs they can get addicted to.
(16:10) Max ... today's voice of reason?
(17:30) Damning testimony against Dr. Murray today -- a doctor thinks the theory that MJ injected himself right before he died is baloney.
(23:03) Did Murray back himself into a corner by saying he only left MJ's side for two little minutes?
(24:01) Jason says the prosecutors had every right to show a photo of MJ's naked body.
(31:40) Jason thinks Murray's people scored two victories today.
(33:40) Brian gets ripped for his ironic t-shirt.
(40:05) Is Beyonce really pregnant? Ridiculous arguments from both sides.

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I thought that he liked the german physician who isolated TB and developed the Koch's postulates not some oil barron.

919 days ago


Guys doing the show...are you suggesting that Conrad Murray's lawyer wasn't present when he spoke to the police?
His Attorney WAS there.

919 days ago

Flying Blind    

Someone tell Jason Murray had his Lawyer with him at the interview. What they didn't know was the police never found the bags in top of the closet until Dr Murray told them. Dr Murray was surprised and the Lawyer actually said something like "really".

Basically Dr Murray and his Lawyer gave the police the evidence to bring charges against him.

919 days ago


{guy with cap) I found your i luv koch t shirt alittle hard 2 swallow ...g

919 days ago


How come it's always a picture of them laughing hysterically on a serious topic? lol

919 days ago


TMZ is much funnier with Brian, keep him on, and Jason too!

919 days ago


When Wayne said that he didn't do it because it was cool you can hear the sincerity. When he says he's not "sick" anymore, it vanished. I realize he does the same voice at the end of one of his tracks, but felt pretty real in this case.

It also looked like bro who talked about dosing himself a bit too much of it... I hope Dr. Drew's response to his question wasn't as real for him as it looked like it was; I think the other two guys were thinking the same thing. Easy now.

918 days ago

shannon brown    

Let's face it. Michael has been doing drugs for years. Just like Anna Nicole Smith, if someone didn't supply him the drugs, he would have found more from someone else. I don't believe it is the doctors fault alone. The celebrities need to get their **** together

918 days ago


These folks should be bright enough to know the consequences of their actions - a little common sense goes a long way here folks. I am sick of hearing the "victim" stories and how the blame always falls on someone or something else. Grow up. You are adults - accept responsibility for your own stupidity.

918 days ago

Ratings Needed    

Dr. Drew, Rx's aren't the blame. BLAME THE STUPID CELEBS!! They are grown ups (supposed to be) and taking Rx's because they want to. Quit making excuses for them. It's time people own up to what they do. 'Regular' people have to celebs are no different... well, maybe... their spoiled rotten and get away with everything.

918 days ago


It is not just killing people in Hollywood. There are teend and adults addicted to these meds and overdosing EVERYDAY!!!!It is elitist to think this is just a celebrity problem. If you look at stats you will see that drug abuse is now surging ahead of car accidents for cause of death in young adults. This is not just ilicit drugs.

918 days ago


Maybe Beyonce has a surrogate and is faking being pregnant herself. Remember all of the craziness surrounding Sarah Jessica Parker's surrogate? Maybe she is trying to protect the woman's and baby's safety.

The strangest thing about the belly in this dress is that in the swimsuit picture her belly looks much smaller than in this red dress.

916 days ago

Deb Speelman    

Dr Drew - RX Meds aren't killing celebrities; they are killing themselves. The meds are just the vehicle.

904 days ago
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