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'16 & Pregnant' Couple

Allowed to See Their Kid Again

... Under Supervision

10/12/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "16 & Pregnant" couple who had their daughter taken away by authorities last month -- because their house was covered in feces -- finally saw their kid again this week ... and TMZ has obtained pics of the happy 4-hour reunion.

As we previously reported, the Department of Human Services in Arkansas took away Joshua and Ebony Rendon's 2-year-old daughter Jocelyn ... after discovering the couple's deplorable feces-smeared living conditions -- and police then arrested them for child endangerment.

But the couple has since cleaned up their act -- and in return, DHS has awarded them visitation of their daughter twice a week ... for two hours at a time ... with a supervisor.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ, E & J are serious about regaining full custody of their girl -- and to prove they mean business .. they've enrolled in parenting classes and therapy.

A court date has been set for November 10th to decide if they'll get their daughter back.



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does fecal matter?

1074 days ago

Lilly Pad    

These people are a classic example of why some people should not be allowed to have children, just like there are some who desperately need to take classes in they are contemplating marriage, or more importantly, having children. There should be classes, tests, s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g that would protect defenseless children.Some animals who have children and usually too lazy to take birth control, there has to be a better way,.....

1074 days ago


I'm not a hate fulled person like others on here, so I would like to say I hope they get their stuff together and get their baby back. Good Luck to you both, we ALL have skeletons in our closets or going through some type of battle in our lives whether it be big or small. Shame on us for judging others.

1074 days ago


Paternity Test needed, por favor.

Someone's a ho ho ho ing... + unfit parent.

1074 days ago


So they clean the house and everything is automatically peachy in the parenting world? WOW, can we say recession government.

ALSO I believe someone needs to call the Maury show because this child's father maybe someone else. #sideEye2theMother

1074 days ago

Damn It Man    

Sorry, but looks like someone needs a trip to Maury. That baby looks nothing like either of them.

1074 days ago


That baby looks nothing like the father.....

1074 days ago


Tara, yes it IS the military's job to get involved. My husband is a Master Sargent in the USAF. the minute you sign on the dotted line, you are government property. Everything you touch, everyone you live with,every baby you have and claim they have a legal obligation to step in and do an internal investigation. I don't have to do research....I LIVE IT! Doesn't matter how old the chick is. Your life becomes the military's know all and buisness period. If she was underage when she got preggo and he was in the military he should have been discharged. His base quarters housing that the military pays for is THIER buisness! We have routein inspections by base house mothers and you can face court marshalling for bad credit even so having your child taken away and domestic problems CAN get you discharged even too many traffic tickets can get you a ticket right out of the BDUs.

1074 days ago


Surely he knows he is NOT the father!!!

1074 days ago


Some said when the girl got pregnant he should of been discharge........NO not true lived a military lifestyle was a military brat and a military wife. He doesn't NOT get discharged....and I am a AF brat and AF wife.
Second...the mom did a secret DNA test....Over the counter(they have those now@riteaid/walgreens)
They need to go to a DNA CLINIC..blood test,swabs and the whole SHABANG.....that baby AIN'T his I don't give a flying fuggee what the mother's "SECRET" DNA said ... it was contaminated...that ain't his baby!!!!!

1074 days ago

nikki kinda not believing if the paternity test was accurate. you know these reality shows are good about covering up the good stuff. and then again, maybe they didnt want any liability for exposing this minor child as a deceitful liar? im just saying.....

1074 days ago


I agree with most that have commented that this is disrespectful and should not be shown to the public.....and perhaps it should have only been shown in court. BUT...and its a big BUT......For everyone that has posted "TAKE THIS DOWN" or something of the sort.....that is exactly why TMZ posted the picture, only to get a rise out of you. I think its funny that you people haven't figured out that this is how the media gets it ratings.
Really, no belly button?

1074 days ago


Where's the black father?? Get this clueless guy on Jerry Springer for the DNA results!

1074 days ago


I don't see anything wrong in the pictures. Looks like a slightly messy house that a toddler lives in. Where's all the feces smeared everywhere? Am I just not seeing it?

1073 days ago


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1073 days ago
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