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Conrad Murray Trial

Defense Drops Claim

That MJ Orally Ingested Fatal Propofol

10/12/2011 10:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyer announced in court this AM that Murray is abandoning the argument  that Michael Jackson accidentally killed himself by orally self-administering Propofol.

Michael Flanagan said in court today that an independent study by the defense showed swallowing Propofol would not produce fatal results.

Associated Press initially reported that Murray's lawyers were dropping the claim that MJ self-administered the fatal dose, but that is not accurate.

Lead lawyer, Ed Chernoff, said in opening statements that they would show MJ self-administered the drug.  Chernoff can still argue that MJ injected the fatal dose after awakening and becoming frustrated.


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OMG. Michael was too F'd up from all the benzos "Doctor" Murray gave him to have the dexterity and where with all to inject himself. You'd think being a "doctor" he would know, or at least find out that propofol isn't fatal if swallowed. At the very least his inept defense team should have checked it out. I believe he's guilty, but I also believe he is the fall guy as well. They are trying to set an example to all the docs who do what their 'rich' patients want them to do.

1075 days ago

mo monk    

I have been watching the trial in the UK. I cannot understand why Conrad Murray was not struck off the medical register, after MJ died. To even have a drug which is meant to be used in a controlled area, either an operating theatre or clinic, would be reason to be struck off immediately, in the UK. I think Conrad Murray acted inappropriatly in the treatment of MJ and in my mind is most certainly guilty of Manslaughter. The defence team are a joke. They, and he, have no defence!!!!!

1075 days ago


We all know Murray is guilty of homicide but how about Dr. McDreamy - he really nailed him! Jury should come back with verdict of murder no matter what he is charged with!

1075 days ago

judge deborah    

Is "Orally Ingested" redundant? Anyway, this "independent defense study," yeah, right, they polled their mock jurors and jury consultants who make up "trial by twitter" courtroom strategies.

1075 days ago

mo monk    

I am looking forward to seeing the defence cross examine the sleep doctor. Wonder what they are going to fantasise this time....Conrad Murray needs to change his plea NOW.

1075 days ago

What I Think    

Simply tell the truth, Dr. Murray. That you murdered MJ because you caught him diddling your son. That makes it justifiable homicide and no jury on the earth would convict you.

1075 days ago


Murray's attorneys should be jailed for making up such a stupid lie, saying MJ drank his own propofol! Were they kidding to think anyone would believe that??

1075 days ago


The Reason Michael Jackson's Autopsy Photo Was Shown To JurorsThe Reason Michael Jackson's Autopsy Photo Was Shown To Jurors
Posted on Oct 12, 2011 @ 09:30AM print it send it
WENNBy Jen Heger
Radar Legal Editor

The autopsy photo of Michael Jackson that was shown in court on Tuesday at Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial evoked tears and gasps from audience members in attendance, and has exclusively learned why it was used.

"The defense has witnesses that are going to testify that Michael Jackson's bones were protruding, and that he looked very, very sick. Remember the paramedic told jurors that when they first arrived at Michael Jackson's bedroom, they thought he was a hospice patient. The photo had to be shown to jurors to show Michael Jackson's physical state. The Jackson family was warned before the photo was shown, and Katherine Jackson left without seeing the photo," a law enforcement source tells

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray has chosen not to publish Michael Jackson's autopsy photograph. "Showing an autopsy photo is never taken lightly. It can be gruesome, but there is always a very specific reason why it's shown. This wasn't done for shock value, as some pundits have declared," the insider says.

As previously reported, the D.A. is expected to rest their case this week; the defense will then begin presenting its case.

1075 days ago


LIVE STREAM: Dr. Conrad Murray On Trial In Michael Jackson’s Death – Watch It Here LiveLIVE STREAM: Dr. Conrad Murray On Trial In Michael Jackson’s Death – Watch It Here Live
Posted on Oct 12, 2011 @ 11:00AM print it send it
Sipa Press/WENNby Radar Staff

The explosive trial of Dr. Conrad Murray -- charged in the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson -- continues today in Los Angeles, and is once again live streaming the proceedings, starting at 8:45 am PT/11:45 am ET.

The prosecution is starting to wind down its case by calling its three final witnesses -- a cardiologist, a sleep expert, and an anesthesiologist -- all of whom will slam Dr. Conrad Murray for using Propofol as a sleep aid for Jackson. The D.A. will likely rest its case this week; then it will be the defense’s turn.

Michael Jackson Slurring His Words Recording Played At Trial: ‘I Didn’t Have A Childhood’

Murray -- Jackson’s live-in physician at the time of his death in June, 2009 -- is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the King of Pop’s death for allegedly giving him a deadly dose of the powerful anesthetic Propofol.

Conrad Murray Trial Recap: Chef Was Told By Dr. Murray To Get Prince; Not Call 911

If convicted, Murray could face up to four years behind bars.

1075 days ago


I predict that there will soon be a plea bargain in the works. What Murray did was not defensible and because the judge is running such a tight ship, I doubt if they will re-convene after tomorrow. I hope not, because I have been enjoying the trial. Good experts for the prosecution.

1075 days ago


I believe he's guilty, but I also believe he is the fall guy as well. They are trying to set an example to all the docs who do what their 'rich' patients want them to do.
Great post. I believe murray is the fall guy but I believe this murder was some what personal to those who have more to gain than murray, and everything to lose as long as murray continues to have at least some limited oxygen to his brain.
I think Michael's murder was simply to get rid of him once and for and teach others in the industry this is what you'll get if you oppose the powers that be.

one other thought......two black kings cannot reign simultaneously on an international level.....
Michael and/vs Obama
(prior to his crashing in the polls of course). both had the attention of the universe. Even in death Michael eclipsed Obama's limelight for about 2-3 months in 2009.

to the bird brains: Pres Obama had nothing to do with MJ's death.........don't even try to distort or start a lie on that......

1075 days ago


Trial of the Century - Pt.11: The OUCH edition.....
-Now this is what I'm talkin' 'bout--FINALLY a prosecution witness that knocked it out of the park!! Steinberg is exactly what this trial needed to do 2 things:
-Debunk that CRAP about Michael ingesting Propofol. I read several Medical Reports a YEAR AGO that stated he wouldn't have done that because the drug is NOT effective unless injected, and if taken orally, it would've shown trauma to his stomach lining....but the Coroner's Report showed no such thing...
2. Show Murray for the LIAR and INCOMPETENT he is. Even the Prosecution didn't get in his face quite the way Steinberg did by saying he was incompetent from START to FINISH on June 25. I also loved that he pointed out how Murray kept NO records of Michael--not even a consent for treatment to be found. And of course he restated the obvious: the fact that Murray failed to CALL 911 immediately, and ADMITTED he gave Michael Propofol, in an IMPROPER setting, without PROPER Medical Equipment....HELLO!
And when Chernoff tried to shut him down, he stated, "I don't know a single cardiologist who uses propofol," and went onto get Chernoff straight on the fact that Murray told LAPD in his deposition that he gave Michael a dose and a drip that night. Apparently, Chernoff forgot they had coached Murray to say that back then. After all, he was right there when Murray said it....
As for Flanagan, he should've quit while he was ahead. Not sure what's going on with him...alzheimer's possibly? Sorry to say it, but he just has NO GAME in this thing. Remember, he was supposed to be their ACE--the "Propofol Expert". we see why they begged to bring Gourjian on the team....OUCH!!
And if Steinberg wasn't enough of a DEATH KNELL for Murray, they also had good old reliable ROGERS who performed the AUTOPSY to repeat his mantra from the Preliminary Hearings: THERE IS NO WAY MICHAEL COULD'VE KILLED HIMSELF!!
The Defense still wants to push the LAME idea of Michael INJECTING himself with Propofol despite the fact that the Coroner and other Medical Experts have told them it couldn't happen....heck, anyone who has ever taken Propofol KNOWS it didn't happen.....
But you want to know how I KNOW the Defense realizes the INJECTION THEORY is flawed? Easy: the fact that they decided to push the PROPOFOL INGESTION theory means that they felt the Injection theory wouldn't wash....THINK about it.....
And just think, Flanagan and Co. still have to wade through 2-3 MORE Medical Experts....such CARNAGE......

1075 days ago


Oh for heaven's sake, just admit that you are wrong and drop the stupid case. What a waste of tax payers money. The Murray team are ALL so very incompetent and waaayyyy out of their depth here. They just haven't got a clue about law. What a bunch of amateurs. Definitely all more suited to working on a used car lot.

1075 days ago


Just exactly how embarrassing is the doddery old idiot Flanagan? Every time he opens his mouth he says something that digs an even deeper hole for his client. Dr Steinberg, The Coroner, etc are all excellent witnesses and their EXPERT evidence is crucial. The Murray team should withdraw NOW and try to work out some kind of plea bargain. Oh, but they already refused that before the trial started.!!! I'll bet they'll jump at the chance now though. The Prosecution team is excellent and very prepared, very professional and they work as a cohesive team. The Conny team are all floundering. It's makes me squirm with embarrassment at their attempts to say and do something meaningful. We'll soon have the defence witnesses which will be little old poor people who get free meds at the freebie clinic and they'll all say that Conny is wonderful. Blah blah blah. Of course they'll say that... he gives them free meds.! NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING can alter the FACTS of this case. Conny was negligent, incompetent and reckless and he killed his patient. End of story. Dr Steinberg said that the patient's heart was still beating and the quack then performed amateurish cpr on a beating heart. The patient needed oxygen. The doctor killed the patient. I can't believe that Conny's legal team is still proceeding with this performance.

1075 days ago

roshawn crawford    

i never bought the overdose theory because why would he be bothering with what was fighting against for so many years

1074 days ago
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