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Dr. Conrad Murray's Lawyer

MJ Had Plenty of Time

To Kill Himself

10/12/2011 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Dr. Conrad Murray
's attorneys are trying to change doctor's story, trying to convince jurors that Michael Jackson had way more than 2 minutes to self-administer the fatal dose of Propofol.

Murray's attorney J. Michael Flanagan suggested in court today -- perhaps the 2-minute window Murray described in his infamous police interview wasn't so accurate.  Murray told cops he left to pee, and when he came back Michael wasn't breathing.

The problem with Murray's statement -- it's improbable that during the 2-minute window, MJ woke up, grabbed the Propofol and shot it into the port in his leg.

So ... during his cross-examination of cardiologist Alon Steinberg, Flanagan said ... "Let's assume Dr. Murray was gone for a period of time longer than two minutes ... maybe it was ten ... fifteen ... twenty ... what is it about [MJ] that makes him savable?"

Here's the reality. In the hour before Murray began resuscitating MJ, Murray was on the phone for around 45 minutes.  As we've previously reported, cops never believed Murray was out of the room for only 2 minutes.  They think he left to make his calls.  Apparently, this theory is also palatable to the defense, because it gives MJ time to awaken and inject. 

The question -- will the jury buy the new version?

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Anesthesiologists are the biggest dopers.
Most probably have the nods in OR from opiates.

once while I was in per op, the anesthesiologist came around before surgery. He was a long haired guy. I cant remember what prompted him to tell me, but he said he keeps the good stuff in his top pocket.

Another anesthesiologist lives across the street from by friend. He told her he could get any drugs she wanted, so just let him know if she wanted drugs

1085 days ago


if murry might be wrong about how many minutes he was gone and left mj .. he also might be wrong about all the drugs he gave him to if murry ordered 5 gal of profonol and all the outher drugs they have the amount ordered if he dint give them all to him wheres the rest of the drugs trying to lie to get away with murder if you did something wrong be a man a admit it and move on he was just worried about getting his next lay

1085 days ago


this doctor needs to be punished and i think the maximum 4years maximum he could get,is a travesty of justice-either way he should never practice again.

1085 days ago


Doc gave Michael a dose that killed him but I am sure he didn't mean to kill him. MJ needed a higher dose that's it. MJ was a very sick man and a drug addict. If I were Dr. M I'd have withdrawn from treating MJ. The end was so predictable, it was just a matter of time.

1085 days ago


The defense really screwed themselves today. To change their story and say that Dr. Murray was gone longer then 2 minutes. Just shows more gross negligence for abandoning his patient. They are sinking fast.

1085 days ago


I think with all the drugs that MJ stopped breathing and DIP DOC did not realize it until MJ's heart and body stopped and then it was too late to bring him back.DIP DOC just trying to cover his stupid ways.

1085 days ago


Dang Dr. Murray u r screwed! Even I would've watched that guy like a hawk and never left his side for $150,000 a month. I would be so wired up not just b/c it was MJ but $ just to make sure he was watched over at least under my care he would be still alive. Just my extra 2 cents in...

1085 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

mymjj5.: 10 hours ago
I'm not defending Murray but I want all the little brained stuper fans to declare Murray's complete and total innocence and refute all evidence if he is acquitted because that is the logic they live by. It doesn't matter if evidence is thrown out for stupid reasons and is obviously true, there's a clerical error, or the prosecution is paid off. Acquittal in their eyes complete and total innocence no matter what happened.
If the evidence proves murray is innocent the fans will love michael and leave murray alone. Don't hold your breath thinking the fans are going to toot murray's horn. That's your job. If murray had a human heart he never would have killed michael. Everything Murray does and says convicts him. If murray cannot prove someone else with more to lose or gain than himself, he has no way out.
As far as Murray goes, you got me completely wrong. I would really like to see him take more that the maximum penalty and certainly more then it will actually be if found guilty. With Murray's case I like to point out that there were many people negligent in his care for at least the last few month's of his death and should have risked it all if they truly cared for him.

I also like to point out the flawed logic of many of the stuper fans in jest, and question whether they would hold the same standards for Murray if he is acquitted.

mymjj5, I know that although a believer and a fan, you are not naive enough to believe that if Murray was acquitted MJ's fans would accept it and leave him alone. They would cry foul.


jazz: 10 hours ago
[see above]
Sorry I hurt you. Put on your copy of Thriller, turn down the lights and... well you know.

1085 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I was just checking in to see if all the comments from rabid fans had resurrected MJ yet? Nope, he's STILL DEAD!

1085 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Remember stuper fans, Murray has not been found guilty and is innocent until proven so. Defend his innocence! Don't cast judgement upon him regardless of overwhelming evidence and logic. Defend his innocence! Defend his innocence!
[your rules, not mine]

1085 days ago


for $150k per month, I'd have sat there and pissed myself instead of leaving the room. Heck, I'd have probably drunk it as well!

1085 days ago


Conrad lawyers are dumb. it makes him look even worse that he left MJ unattended longer. you never leave a patient under anesthesia unattended.
i had propofol when i was in the hospital to have my right ovary removed (due to a large cysts) and as soon as the anesthesiologist came in and hooked up that tube it was lights out for me. there is no drifting off when you take that stuff you are knocked out immediately.
so it's hard for me to believe MJ was alert enough to self inject himself. and do you think if MJ could self administer the propofol himself that he would pay a quack doctor like Conrad 150 grand a month?

1085 days ago


Love listening to all you people with your theories, medical expertise, blah blah. Bottom line: Why do any of you care that MJ is even dead? Drug abuser, molestor, and overall weird/crazy individual.

1085 days ago


All I can say is Murray's lawyers must be trying to convince that there was "UNreasonable doubt" if they try to use a defense that they have no way of proving.

How can Murray "prove" MJ killed himself when Murray wasn't even in the room?

Obviously Murray should NOT have ever given MJ propofol in the first place -- no other doctor would do it for MJ for ANY amount of money.

Murray was greedy AND stupid.

1085 days ago

Joseph Ruscigno    

I think the defense is doing a fairly good job of getting us and possibly the jury to focus on who administered the fatal dose. Getting the jury to focus on that narrow perspective gets some attention off Murray's gross misconduct. Also, everyone knows that MJ built this "system" around himself and everyone either complied or was fired.

1085 days ago
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