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Dr. Conrad Murray

The Interview that Sunk Him

10/13/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray
Dr. Conrad Murray
would NOT be on trial today for Michael Jackson's death ... had he politely declined to speak with cops 2 days after MJ passed ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Sources directly connected with the decision to prosecute Murray tell TMZ ... Murray's 2-hour interview with LAPD detectives at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey gave prosecutors the ammo to charge the doc.

Our sources all say, prosecutors almost declined to file the case, but the police interview made all the difference.

We're told ... police and prosecutors believe they never would have been able to prove Dr. Murray administered Propofol to Jackson almost every day for 2 months, were it not for Murray volunteering the info.  The case hinges on Murray's alleged reckless medical treatment, and prosecutors believe administering the drug in a home setting for that period of time proves recklessness.

And, our law enforcement sources say, cops could never have proven that Murray pumped a total of 5 gallons of Propofol through MJ's system were it not for the interview.

But there's something even more fundamental.  We're told it became apparent to detectives shortly after Murray's interview that the doctor wasn't telling the whole truth.  As one law enforcement source put it, "He told the truth 70% of the time during the interview, and lied 30% of the time.  And the lies created the suspicion that led to the investigation that led to charges being filed."

The real question -- why did Murray volunteer to speak with cops and spill his guts?  As one source put it, "Murray and his lawyer never thought he'd be charged with a crime.  He was worried about the bad P.R. and felt he could put a lid on it."  And another source added, "smart people who are arrogant think they can talk to cops and make a problem go away, but it doesn't work that way."

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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Innocent people and dumb people think if they talk the cops the problem will go away, as well. Just sayin.

1107 days ago


see as how Murray's lawyer was present at the time of the questioning makes you wonder if they had a plan that if it went to trial, Murray could tell his side of the story and not have to take the witness stand and be cross examined, why else would his lawyer let him rattle on like that.

1107 days ago


Why is everyone making such a big deal about a "guy" who touched boys? If John Wayne Gasy put out one good album 30 years ago he would be deemed a hero. You people are monsters for crying over a 50 year old with no self control.

1106 days ago


Oh Please! Do you not understand proactive?
LAPD would interview Alberto Alverez.
They'd find Propofol in the toxicology report.
LaToya pressuring the Coroner for a homicide before an autopy was performed

How would that look if he waited for them to piece it together?

1106 days ago


I hate this dude.

1106 days ago


I,too,think he was so arrogant to think he could stay on the Michael Jackson $200,000 gravy train. He thoughthimself invinseblie

1106 days ago


Murray is an arrogant narcissist.You can hear it in his words and inflection..
Here is this supposed doctor blaming Michael Jackson for not having land line phones ..When he should have been prepared for an emergency.
Blaming Klien even as he says he gave MJ that crap every night for months supposedly.that would include the same days Mj would have been impaired after leaving Kleins office.
So full of himself , he feels the need to tell police MJ wanted to put him in charge of a hospital, but neglecting to say he was
tape recording his patient to use at a later date if MJ should change his mind about putting him in charge of the childrens hospital.
Just in general talking his patient down while using the same patient to impress his bimbos..
He gave MJ that stuff for his own selfish purposes , to insure the tour wasnt jeopardized and he could count on that big paycheck.
He had no regard for his patients life, whatsoever.still doesnt .

1106 days ago


So let's say you are a doctor and you suspect your patient is not honest with you as far as his medical issues or medication history is concerned....You are aware your patient is seeing other doctors who also prescribe certain medications..... You suspect possible drug abuse or drug you still decide to use a dangerous anaesthetic at a home setting, wihout proper monitoring, assistance and required equippment ? A doctor should be aware of a danger of overdose or adverse reactions of multiple drugs....

Another question, you suspect your patient is abusing you leave powerful drugs at his reach ?

You take care of your patient on a nightly basis....why wouldn't you descard all used equippment, used IV bags, vials etc...instead of piling them up at the scene ?! Take a notice how many vialas of Propofol and other medications were retrieved from the house.....If you come to the house every single day (I mean, night....) why wouldn't you bring along needed medication in quantity required for that single night treatment ?

1106 days ago


Conrad is guilty. I refuse to call him doctor because he lost his right. He took care of Michael
for the money only and did not care what happened to him. It does not matter if Michael ordered him to do something he should have been smart enough to know he was enabling him when he should have been encouraging him to seek treatment. Doctors that just give the drugs anytime only care about how much money they can make without caring what will happen to the person. You should be ashamed Conrad! Your mom must be so proud of having a son that's a loser.

1106 days ago


The bad doc didn't have to tell on himself. Anyone, and you do not have to be a doctor to know this..YOU DO NOT GIVE THAT DRUG OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL SETTING !!

This doc did wrong. and if he was a good doc, even "IF" Michael ask for it, would have said.. no, I will not do this, IT IS TOO DANGEROUS !!

1106 days ago


I feel sorry for Murray in that he was too blinded as well as stupid and got in line with a **** load of other corrupt doctors to give a star what he wanted, and MJ wanted death.

I agree this doctor did wrong, but to say Michael Jackson wanted to die, I am not too sure of. I know Michael had said he hurt and in pain, but it probably had to do with the life he lead, and the so called dad he had. Also, people saying he slept with kids, when he was a kid at heart himself. Michael wanting to end his life? I can't see that, he just wanted a normal life, which the poor little guy never had.

1106 days ago


How about the fact that it is okay to tell the truth about what you did and not hide behind lawyers. I cannot understand why so many people plead not guilty. For example, if people like Casey Anthony just told the world exactly what she did from the start then I imagine her life would be better and so would the world.

I am glad Dr. Murray spilled his guts and if he lied about something like how long he left MJ alone I hope that that is easily exposed.

1106 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I've got the inside scoop and have the secret report that outlines MJ's battle with AIDS and pedophilia. It goes on to talk about how some of the sedatives MJ was taking were actually decoys for very well known AIDS drugs and it goes into detail about the use of his secret "compartment".....

1106 days ago


“It is better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for someone you are not.”

1106 days ago


Conrad deserves jail time and they should take his license to practice medicine away. He took an oath when he became a doctor. I don't care what MJ was asking/paying for, "doctor death" should have denied it. I'm sure he is not the only doctore that MJ approached...Conrad killed Michael and should pay,

1106 days ago
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