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Dr. Conrad Murray

The Interview that Sunk Him

10/13/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray
Dr. Conrad Murray
would NOT be on trial today for Michael Jackson's death ... had he politely declined to speak with cops 2 days after MJ passed ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Sources directly connected with the decision to prosecute Murray tell TMZ ... Murray's 2-hour interview with LAPD detectives at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey gave prosecutors the ammo to charge the doc.

Our sources all say, prosecutors almost declined to file the case, but the police interview made all the difference.

We're told ... police and prosecutors believe they never would have been able to prove Dr. Murray administered Propofol to Jackson almost every day for 2 months, were it not for Murray volunteering the info.  The case hinges on Murray's alleged reckless medical treatment, and prosecutors believe administering the drug in a home setting for that period of time proves recklessness.

And, our law enforcement sources say, cops could never have proven that Murray pumped a total of 5 gallons of Propofol through MJ's system were it not for the interview.

But there's something even more fundamental.  We're told it became apparent to detectives shortly after Murray's interview that the doctor wasn't telling the whole truth.  As one law enforcement source put it, "He told the truth 70% of the time during the interview, and lied 30% of the time.  And the lies created the suspicion that led to the investigation that led to charges being filed."

The real question -- why did Murray volunteer to speak with cops and spill his guts?  As one source put it, "Murray and his lawyer never thought he'd be charged with a crime.  He was worried about the bad P.R. and felt he could put a lid on it."  And another source added, "smart people who are arrogant think they can talk to cops and make a problem go away, but it doesn't work that way."

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1105 days ago


**** you Murray!!!!! I hate you forever and ever!!!!

1105 days ago


We're told ... police and prosecutors believe they never would have been able to prove Dr. Murray administered Propofol to Jackson almost every day for 2 months, were it not for Murray volunteering the info.
Cut the crap! Murray can't prove he gave michael propofol everyday for 2 months either. If murray did this knowing michael was eating and consuming fluids daily, means murray was trying to kill michael for at least two months all along. you cannot give an anesthetic to someone unless they have an empty stomach. Michael did not eat the food Ms. Chase left for him on the night/morning he was killed. Murray knew michael's stomach was empty too.

It was never the intent of the LAPD to prove anything remotely against murray. The first lie was michael suffered cardiac arrest and died. His family knew that was a lie because michael had no history of heart disease. Thus the family hired a private pathologist to conduct a second autopsy. the results came back in a few days instead of 6-8 weeks like the LA Coroner projected it would take for their office to complete it's findings.
After the family got the results of the autopsy they requested (less than a week's time),Toya just took it to the street and said michael was murdered!! best believe the LAPD,AEG the Media etc never for moment saw that one coming..not his family asking for a second opinion....well before the culprits in crime could get all their lying ducks in a row.
that's when the backpeddling started that the official autopsy would take 6-8 weeks.....the footage released last day of rehearsal (michael's life) on the set of TII moved back a day from the 24th to the 23rd on all netwrk news.

Murray was michael's doctor and the only one allowed upstairs. Murray would look like an even bigger fool had he not admitted that he administer Michael all those drugs. Why have a doctor on staff so that you can provide medical care for yourself? Not to mention murray purchased and stockpiled the drugs at his girlfriend's apartment. Not at holmby hills were it would have been locked away confidentially if Michael actually knew about it or requested.
The only thing the LAPD has done is ASSIST a cold blooded killer for hire and let him go free.
Don't back pedal now....Other than AEG the LAPD has been murray's number one, johnny-on-the-spot, ace'boo-coo!

no arrests, no jail time, no MJ footage @ HH, no MJ phone records, no MJ text, no MJ email, no satelite, no street surveillance, no staples center surveillance...hmmmm ......
with homeland security in full effect, there's nothing regarding michael jackson's life electronically from 1:30am-until after 11:00am the next day????

1105 days ago


Camellia: 5 hours ago
we didnt sue the doctors that ****** his nose up.... So leave Dr. Conrad Murry the HELL alone....
The doctors who %$$#@ his nose up did not kill him Camel!!!

No matter how many procedures Michael had on his nose, he always lived to "smell about it"!..........................

......yes, iknow iknow,,,,that was soooooo not funny.....!!!

dry yes, funny...nawh!

Michael's still the sweet king of my dreams though!!!

1105 days ago


PETA Slams Dr. Conrad Murray For Testing Harmful Drug Propofol On Beagle DogsPETA Slams Dr. Conrad Murray For Testing Harmful Drug Propofol On Beagle Dogs
Posted on Oct 13, 2011 @ 07:00PM print it send it
Splash NewsBy Alexis Tereszcuk - Radar Senior Reporter

Dr. Conrad Murray’s defense team has earned another enemy – the animal right’s group PETA - for their testing of the powerful anesthetic Propofol on beagles.

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, President Ingrid Newkirk exclusively talked to and slammed the doctor, who is accused of killing Michael Jackson.

“Dr. Conrad Murray and his defense team should do time for this act alone. Poisoning and killing dogs will not change what is already known about propofol—its hazards are well do***ented,” she said.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

As exclusively reported, as source close to Dr. Murray revealed that Beagle dogs had been used to test the drug as attorneys tried to build their defense of the beleaguered physician.

“A study was done on Beagle dogs to determine how much Propofol would have to be orally consumed to cause death. The only other study that had been done on the oral ingestion of Propofol was on pigs rectums. The study definitely involved more than two dogs. It's unknown if the dogs died, or suffered any harm," the source said.

PHOTOS: The Jackson Family Arrives To Dr. Conrad Murray’s Trial

PETA said this action would have horrified the former King of Pop, who tragically passed away from a propofol overdose in 2009.

“This would have greatly upset Michael, who was known to be a huge animal lover,” the organization told “This was obviously a cruel attempt to drag out this trial and confuse the jurors, adding more victims to the death toll in this sad case.”

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson's Kids Star In Tribute Concert

Dr. Conrad Murray is being tried for the involuntary manslaughter death of Michael Jackson in Los Angeles and faces four years in federal prison if convicted.

You can watch the trial live, here on

1105 days ago


RADAR LIVE: Michael Jackson Death Trial — Talkback, News & Opinion LiveRADAR LIVE: Michael Jackson Death Trial — Talkback, News & Opinion Live
Posted on Oct 13, 2011 @ 04:45AM print it send it
Splash News/Getty ImagesBy Radar Staff will be broadcasting a LIVE pod-cast at 12:30 p.m. PT/3:30 p.m. ET to provide up-to-the minute news, analysis and commentary about what’s been dubbed the Trial of the Century -- the People Vs. Dr. Conrad Murray.

Radar Live's special guest on Thursday, October 13, 2011 will be Dr. Charles Sophy, a board certified psychiatrist specializing in adolescence. Dr. Sophy will be addressing the possibility of Michael Jackson's oldest son, Prince, being called by the prosecution as a rebuttal witness.

Radar Legal Editor Jen Heger will be joined by Star’s Senior Executive Editor Dylan Howard for RADAR LIVE.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

You too can take a stand on the issues discussed by our panel as we take your calls about the trial, as all the drama unfolds.

Want to be on air? Call (877) 604-2496 during the show!

1105 days ago


My sincere apologies to the LAPD officers who are solide citizens and do a honest job. Never did I ever intend to offend those officers and their families. They are placing themselves in the line of fire and their only reward is knowing they've served their community and fellow man.

.....but to that no good crowd of keystone creeps at the precinct which flopped up the investigation of Michael Jackson's murder at holmbly hills and during those allegations dayz. My only wish is that the nude photo of my king's dead body was taken of his backside so that all of you could kiss my darling king michael's ***!!!!
Same for Sony and AEG!!!

1105 days ago



solid citizens

1105 days ago


Conny is very lucky that he's only been charged with invol. manslaughter. It should've been murder. It's time this sham of a defence legal team dropped this case. It's costing the Calif. taxpayers a FORTUNE and the quack is 100% guilty. He's lied lied and lied some more. The EXPERTS, eg, the coroner, Dr Steinberg,Dr Kamanger,the Propofol man etc are all excellent. Murray dug his own grave and now he and his joke of a "legal" team are digging it even deeper. Stop this farce of a trial NOW and accept the punishment. Conny is lucky, he will only get a MAX of 4 years whereas he gave his patient a DEATH sentence. If his "legal" idiots had a brain cell between the lot of them, they would realise that the game is over and drop the rest of the case. I can't take any more of boring old bouffant head Flanagan, the little baldy guy, and used car salesman Chernoff. The Prosecution team are professional, well prepared and KNOW what they are doing.They work as a very smart team. The defence on the other hand look as if they've only just met, all going in different directions, haven't prepared, ask irrelevant questions, mumble, stumble and grope about in the dark. They're embarrassing(and boring) to watch and listen to. If I ever need a legal team to defend me in a court of law, it sure as H*** won't be any of them. STOP THIS CASE NOW you idiots. Game over.

1105 days ago


Is it just me or do you think Dr. Murray looks very much like Jim Carrey's Grinch that Stole Christmas.

1105 days ago


Murray ranks right up there with Jimmy Swaggart and the Pope as a world-class liar. What? Priests abused kids? I went to hookers, but the Devil made me do it--because I'm his worst enemy. Yadayadayada. Lock up Connie.

1104 days ago


four years is not good enough Murray took the life of a sweet angel that should be still here today, God bless U Michael.
Love U Forever.

1104 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

When a heroine addict takes that final fatal dose, it's no fault of his, blame the guy paid for the supply?
Te hehe "plop"

1104 days ago


We're told ... police and prosecutors believe they never would have been able to prove Dr. Murray administered Propofol to Jackson almost every day for 2 months, were it not for Murray volunteering the info

Of course! The coroner and his team were the appropriate people to prove that propofol was found in poor Michael's body.

1104 days ago
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