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Dr. Conrad Murray

The Interview that Sunk Him

10/13/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray
Dr. Conrad Murray
would NOT be on trial today for Michael Jackson's death ... had he politely declined to speak with cops 2 days after MJ passed ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Sources directly connected with the decision to prosecute Murray tell TMZ ... Murray's 2-hour interview with LAPD detectives at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey gave prosecutors the ammo to charge the doc.

Our sources all say, prosecutors almost declined to file the case, but the police interview made all the difference.

We're told ... police and prosecutors believe they never would have been able to prove Dr. Murray administered Propofol to Jackson almost every day for 2 months, were it not for Murray volunteering the info.  The case hinges on Murray's alleged reckless medical treatment, and prosecutors believe administering the drug in a home setting for that period of time proves recklessness.

And, our law enforcement sources say, cops could never have proven that Murray pumped a total of 5 gallons of Propofol through MJ's system were it not for the interview.

But there's something even more fundamental.  We're told it became apparent to detectives shortly after Murray's interview that the doctor wasn't telling the whole truth.  As one law enforcement source put it, "He told the truth 70% of the time during the interview, and lied 30% of the time.  And the lies created the suspicion that led to the investigation that led to charges being filed."

The real question -- why did Murray volunteer to speak with cops and spill his guts?  As one source put it, "Murray and his lawyer never thought he'd be charged with a crime.  He was worried about the bad P.R. and felt he could put a lid on it."  And another source added, "smart people who are arrogant think they can talk to cops and make a problem go away, but it doesn't work that way."

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Katherine Jackson Says Dr. Murray Is A LiarKatherine Jackson Says Dr. Murray Is A Liar
Posted on Oct 14, 2011 @ 01:30PM print it send it
WENNBy Jen Heger
Radar Legal Editor

Katherine Jackson is “livid” that Dr. Conrad Murray told cops two days after her beloved son, Michael Jackson died, that he provided solace to her and the singer's three children after the tragic death.

In fact, far from it, says the Jackson family matriarch, who claims that the embattled cardiologist made the whole thing up, is exclusively reporting.

Katherine Jackson called Deputy District Attorney David Walgren on Monday night, and told him that she was outraged that Dr. Murray made up such a preposterous tale.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

"Katherine was almost beside herself with anger after she heard Dr. Murray telling cops that he comforted her and the grandchildren after her son was declared dead. it just never happened, Dr. Murray made the whole thing up. She is disgusted and outraged at Dr. Murray for even daring to suggest that he was there for her," a Jackson family insider tells

Katherine Jackson's nephew, Trent Jackson told CNN's Alan Duke, that Michael's oldest son, Prince also says Dr. Murray never even spoke to the children.

According to Trent, the children were kept in an SUV outside of the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center and it was Michael's manger, Frank DiLeo that escorted the children into the emergency room after their grandmother arrived.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Inside Michael Jackson's Mansion On The Day Of His Death

According to the official interview that Murray did with cops:

Dr. Murray: So we -- they brought her into a room down the hall. And I went in there with the emergency room physician who was treating him, whom I was with all the time through his code, and they broke the news to Mrs. Jackson. So the doctor started to tell that, you know her son came in and he was having difficulty breathing and they tried everything. And she said, "well how is he? He's not dead is he?" and the doctor said "yes," and she broke down. It was very -- and weeping. We stayed there, held her hand."

Dr. Murray then talked about how he went to another room where Jackson's three children were, and told them their father had died.

PHOTOS: The Jackson Family Arrives To Dr. Conrad Murray’s Trial

Transcript from the interview:

Dr. Murray: They asked questions, and the children found out that daddy wasn't doing well, that he had passed away. And then they were weeping, really weeping...after they cried and cried and then his daughter uttered a lot of words of unhappiness, and you know she will live alone without her dad and she didn't want to be an orphan...She cried and was very stark. And then she asked to see him. And then that was another thing. How do you let children see him? I asked them to prepare Mr. Jackson's body, make it as presentable as possible, because I recommended an autopsy be performed, so that the children would be able to view their daddy and have them say good-bye to him at this time."

The source says that when Katherine apprised Prince of what had happened in court on Monday, he was more steadfast and determined than ever to take the stand for the prosecution.

"Katherine tells Michael's two oldest children, Prince and Paris what has happened in court everyday. Blanket is just too young to comprehend it, and doesn't ask questions. Prince was mortified when Katherine apprised him of what happened,” the Jackson insider told “He is begging his grandmother to let him take the stand. The decision will be up to David Walgren though.

“Right now, its a 50/50 chance that Prince could take the stand. Prince doesn't want the jurors to feel sympathy for Dr. Murray, and felt that was the reason he made up the entire story about what happened at the hospital. The DA will assess the need to put Prince on the stand, after the defense rests it's case.”

Testimony will resume in the trial on Monday. If convicted of involuntary manslaughter, Dr. Murray could face up to four years in state prison.

You can watch the trial live, here on

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Trial of the Century - Pt.12: The Halfway There Edition....
Now that we're at the halfway point in the trial, I have a few things on my mind so I came up with my own personal....Highlights, if you will of the trial so far:
-The Cardiologist Expert Steinberg opened a new can of worms by pointing out all of Murray's missteps using his statement to the LAPD. The key thing he pointed out was that Michael went into Respiratory distress, not heart failure. Therefore, Murray should've been helping Michael to breathing, not trying to get restart his heart if according to Murray, Michael's heart was still beating, and his skin was warm....
-A Saline drip was being administered due to dehydration.....administering sedatives to a patient with dehydration is highly dangerous per doctors. Also, this info is KEY, imo because I remembered reading reports shortly after June 25 that stated how Michael complained of dehydration--a problem that has reoccurred with him during most of his Tours due to the high level of energy he puts out while rehearsing or performing vs. the amount of fluids and foods he was taking in. This is what I think Michael expected Murray to do for him in the first place, not give him Propofol and Benzos in order to go to sleep. As for the Insomnia issue, I think the devil is in the details: yes, Michael probably did complain of an inability to sleep on some nights during the rehearsal period, but the idea that he had CHRONIC INSOMNIA during that time and complained that he wouldn't be able to do the 02 Concerts unless he was given Propofol is MURRAY'S STORY....the only person who can refute that story is no longer able to......
-Murray's team let him spill his guts to LAPD because they had spent 2 days concocting that LAME story he gave about what happened that day. I think they underestimated Public Opinion and the LADA on their ability to effectively try a case based on their track record. And Public Opinion because they had no clue the world would react to Michael's death the way they did. The defense also ASSumed that people would just chalk it up to another Celeb Addict coming to a bad end based on what they've swallowed about Michael over the years....
Murray lied so consistently during that LAPD deposition that it just boggles the mind that he would think for one moment anyone would believe him. Then again, he and his team knew they were dealing with the Media and Public's perception of Michael, so the sky was the limit. I'm surprised they didn't go even further.....
-Michael's nephew said Murray LIED when he claimed he comforted PPB and Katherine. Comforted them? I never saw a report where anyone saw him doing this, and didn't Katherine and Joe claim they never saw him at UCLA at all? And now there are reports that Prince heard about it and wants to testify, but I personally hope he doesn't have to because I don't want him to be tripped up on the cross. Then again, if the defense does choose to cross-examine him, they'll be walking a serious tightrope with the jury....especially if anything they say makes Prince upset or visibly uncomfortable.....
-UCLA ER doctor said Murray LIED when he stated that he arranged for a Patient Svcs Specialist to speak to Katherine and family. She said once Michael was brought to UCLA, he was considered HER patient, not Murray's, so he wouldn't have been able to recommend anything. She said having the Specialist speak to the family is standard in UCLA's ER which I can vouch for--when I worked as an ER Reg. Rep, the ER doctors always had this specialist sit with the family after the patient passed or if they were in critical condition.....
-One more thing about the Saline, let's not forget that Murray used the Saline bag as a makeshift IV drip for the vial of Propofol, so Michael could've EASILY been given something without even realizing it........
-Speaking about the IV drip, because Murray had no medical Instrumentation, he couldn't control how much Propofol he was giving Michael according to experts. He claims he only administered 25 mgs, however, the bottles of Propofol found near the bed--with HIS fingerprints on it, not Michael's--was 100 mgs. From the doctor's testimony, even if he meant to only give Michael 25 mgs, he had no way of controlling that without the proper instrumentation so all of the drug may have flowed into Michael's bloodstream at the same time, causing Respiratory Arrest. Then when he left the room, it was just making a bad situation worse....
-Someone on HLN made a great point about how shady it was that everyone at Holmby starting from Murray on down to Security failed to call 911...this is the reason I've always suspected that Murray, Amir, Muhammad, and Alvarez were all on somebody's payroll whose name is NOT Michael. The thing that doesn't jive with my theory is the fact that Amir and the Security Staff are key witnesses for the Prosecution, but that doesn't exonerate them imo. A few of them had inconsistencies in their stories also including the fact that when Murray called Amir (Michael's Personal Assistant) and said Michael had a "bad reaction" and he needed to get to the Mansion, Amir reacted by calling Faheem Muhammad, head of Security, who in turn called Alberto Alvarez, head of Logistics, and when Alvarez got to the bedroom, Murray finally had him call 911, but then he also proceeded to help Murray cover his tracks. Everyone knows you never tamper with a crime scene, and his first allegiance should've been to MICHAEL, his boss, not Murray, the person who had clearly caused his distress.....
But I think the key in this chain reaction is Michael Amir. Just the fact that Murray called HIM and not 911 nor anyone else makes me HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS of him. What was behind the urgency to contact Amir, was he the go-between for someone else....maybe TOHME, for example? Remember, most of the NOI Security were hired when Tohme came along, with Amir only being employed by Michael since 2007. Sorry, but I don't trust him nor the rest of the Security staff. And remember when Murray came to them lying about wanting to go back to Holmby to hide some creams for Michael, Amir and Muhammad decided they couldn't let him back in the house. Now I wouldn't have wanted him in there either, but what was THEIR motive? Especially since Tohme was allowed to sweep back in to Holmby and FIRE the entire staff right after just doesn't add up....
-People keep attributing Murray with opening up the "Propofol" can of worms, but remember, Nurse Cherilyn was the first to break that story about Michael asking her for it, right after she Lawyered up and got a PR firm. Of course, imo she was the forerunner to Murray's Fables--wonder how much they paid HER? Be interesting to see what kind of perks she's enjoying much like Murray....
-Nurse Cherilyn will be one of Defense's star witnesses, but unless they have phone records of those calls she claimed she got from Michael, her testimony is nil. Can't wait to see the Prosecution cross on her....
-Prosecutors had to show pic of Michael's body for 2 reasons: to beat the Defense to the punch claiming Michael was an addict who begged for it, and injected himself; and to show jury that Michael was healthy--no bones were showing, he was thin as always, but not emaciated. Have to admit I was HIGHLY upset when I saw this picture being crudely shown on TV....suffice it to say, it was NOT a good day for me...however when I realized the true reason for doing it, I realized it was worth it after all to squash all of those rumors about him looking like a "Hospice Patient......
Bottom line, this case should've had 2 CHARGES: Manslaughter for the NEGLIGENT way Murray treated Michael and handled his Respiratory Failure, and MURDER for recklessness in giving Michael Propofol and Benzos supposedly to help him sleep in a improper setting, without proper Medical Equipment, and for the WRONG reason....and he CLAIMED Michael was probably addicted to Propofol, but it's ILLEGAL for a Doctor to give drugs to a KNOWN addict....
BTW: LOVE that PETA wants a piece of Murray, too for testing Beagles' tolerance with Propofol. They even went as far as to say that Michael would not have approved of such treatment since he was such an animal lover.....GO PETA!!!

1074 days ago


karen1109: 1 day ago

Actually, blacks don't necessarily have to be all that smart to get into medical school. Affirmative action is alive and well in medical schools across the country - and almost 85% of blacks with only average GPAs who apply to medical school are accepted.

IMO - Murray is NOT smart at all. He is nothing but an incompetent, arrogant ******* who did everything he did for money. I hope his sorry a$$ spends a very long time in prison.

Dr. Murray is Carribean Black, not African-American Black. Even though there's no difference in the race, but there is a difference in the culture and background. African-American Blacks have a better education than Carribean Blacks. The 85% of Blacks that apply and are accepted to medicals with average GPAs, I'm sure are not all African-American Blacks. President Obama is African-American, and holds the highest position in the country. So, the remaining 15% are above average.

1073 days ago


I haven't been to this site in almost a year. The last time I was, was around Christmas, and at that time was a poster by the name of MJuls, claiming to be an attorney.

This MJuls, was answering legal questions other posters here had of this impending case, and often explained their responses when questioned further. I had asked of THEIR opinion of particular attorneys et al in and surrounding this case and they would always in that 'lawyerly' way become very evasive.

I had asked this MJuls what they thought the outcome of this trial would be in their PROFESSIONAL opinion. I had agreed that Murray would walk, but imo due to Hung Jury or Mistrial. When I asked MJuls, he/she stated simply, "Jury Nullification". I was taken a bit aback, so researched the term. I then came back here asking why did he/she, in particular, feel that Murray would walk SPECIFICALLY due to Jury Nullification.

Suddenly..... **crickets**

I hung around for a couple of months, posting less and less often, but waiting to see this MJuls 'legal professional' "that is in no way affiliated with MJ, or this case" (but, claimed knew Margaret Modise et al, quite well? -- remember that disclaimer they attached to every post??) that came back ONCE right before New Year's to apologize for their absence, and say they were too busy to respond, any further at that time. Before then, had a LOT to say about Katherine Jackson's Secret Contract. I would see MJuls post something totally unrelated and sans disclaimer, (even leaving messeges to Harvey that he would soon be hearing from Weitzman...) and I would pounce asking him/her again, "Hello! What about "Jury Nullification" etc?" and they would REMAIN silent on the issue.

Now, I don't know if they ever did come back after I stopped having anything to do with TMZ. Anyone know, or remember, what it is I am referring to??

The ONLY reason I came back here TODAY, is because YESTERDAY was the FIRST time (and believe me I follow this trial closely) I EVER heard mention of the opinion that Murray would walk due to "Jury Nullification", PUBLICLY, and that was someone commenting on HLN. The voice was female, but I was not in the room when she said it. She said it at least TWICE.

Immediately I remembered this "MJuls" so thought to come back here, and see if they had EVER come back to finally respond. (I highly doubt it, but what the hell, thought I'd try to find out anyway).

I find it interesting as all hell that it was HERE of all places - dumpster TMZ - that this MJuls "lawyer" specifically said Murray will walk by "Jury Nullification".... was quite active on MJ articles here, then when asked to expound, made excuses why they were 'scarce', then chose to blatantly ignore they ever said it then disappearing altogether.

It's interesting because Jury Nullification is not something often implemented AT ALL, and until then would have NEVER assumed he would walk by such means. Hung Jury, Mistrial, 'Not Guilty' out right ... ok ... but, Jury Nullification???

Now considering I heard this just yesterday, ON HLN, and come here, and what? Notice these MJ Death Trial articles ON TMZ are now SPONSORED by HLN?? And, it was HERE "first" that Jury Nullification was EVER specifically claimed to be the reason that Murray walks, by an "attorney", and scrams when questioned about their opinion?

This raise the hair on the back of anybody else's neck....?

1073 days ago


The 85% of Blacks that apply and are accepted to medicals with average GPAs, I'm sure are not all African-American Blacks.
Those average GPAs for admissions are usually around 3.2-3.5!
I'm sure most people would consider an average GPA to be 2.0-2.9 regardless of race or culture(jmo)

Then again it's doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess the race and culture of the person who compiled those stats about Blacks and his/her contemptible rationale for doing such a thing....

1073 days ago


I've been here well over a year. MJuls left on the first thing smokin' and hasn't been least not to post anything. This trial is a farce. It's a mockery. BTW: Great observation!

Jury nullification is a constitutional doctrine that allows juries to acquit defendants who are technically guilty, but who don’t deserve punishment. When a jury disregards the evidence and acquts an otherwise guilty defendant, it has practiced jury nullification. The jury is saying that the law is unfair, either generally or in this particular case

1073 days ago



When a jury disregards the evidence and acquits an otherwise guilty defendant, it has practiced jury nullification.

1073 days ago


Murray comforted Mrs. Jackson and the Kids, my foot? You'd think surveillance would have captured that moment at some off the cusp angle. Yet all we have is murray marching about like someone who got off the elevator on the wrong floor......he's walking around like a dummy because he has no idea where the parking lot is.

1073 days ago


This is the hospital Michael was going to build at his beloved Neverland. It was where he was going to fly in experts from around the world. It was where he built an outdoor theater across from where the plans showed a complex with huge bay windows so that children who woke up frightened and depressed could be rejuvenated by cartoons and children’s films.

It was the place where the hospital rooms were condos so that families could live together and restore their child to health with love—the great healer. Michael knew about vibrational medicine—that disease cannot take hold where the environment is happy and loving. Disease spreads easily and takes over when the mind is depressed and the body is toxic by association. Michael had read the books, studied Patch Adams, he piped in music for the flowers that responded with stunning growth and beauty—why would it be any different for other living things? Michael knew because Michael was a healer.

After hearing the tape of Michael, obviously under the influence of something, and slurring his speech, Jane Velez Mitchell and others stopped momentarily and reflected. There was a collective realization that something important had just been revealed. They understood that here was a man under the influence of some kind of intoxicant or mood altering substance and he was talking about children, building a children’s hospital and the healing of children. His musings were unscripted; he did not know he was being recorded and there was no one to impress with his philanthropic musings. It was Michael Jackson raw, vulnerable and human.

Jane Velez almost immediately quipped “this is what the fans have been saying all along. They have been saying that Michael Jackson cared about children, that he lived for them. During the 2005 trial they painted Neverland Ranch as this place that attracted children like flypaper, for nefarious purposes. And here we see a real and vulnerable Michael Jackson talking about building a children’s hospital. This is a stunning revelation. This is a vindication.”

I stood up and applauded. I heard a high pitched chuckle in my mind and “saw” a wink from heaven. Vindicated by his own words! So yesterday afternoon the meme changed forever. The correspondents all said that the Michael Jackson fans in the courtroom were holding their heads in their hands and wiping eyes with tissues.

That’s because this vindication comes a little late. The man had to die for you all to finally know who he was. The fans knew. They knew all along. And he told you before in his own words—you chose not to believe him. He said his changing color was Vitiligo, he said most of his surgeries were medically indicated; he said Neverland Ranch was for children. For the child in all of us.

He said “I hurt” not just because of a lost childhood but because of a lost home, a lost dream, a lost career, a lost country, a lost opportunity for contribution to heal the world. And yes, a lost life. Michael Jackson lost his life long before he died. The world that learned to hate him, fueled by the screaming media, took his life from him a long time ago. He retreated to Bahrain, not out of shame but out of despair having lost the country of his birth, its rights and the freedoms that he fought so hard for in his music and lyrics.

Yet here was this skinny little man, fifty years old, coming back one more time to remind the world that it could heal itself. To take the millions of dollars he would make from This Is It to build a children’s hospital. Here was a man that was so traumatized that he couldn’t sleep. Here was a man whose world had become so painful that he had to put himself into a coma at night, to not just escape the world in sleep but to render himself unconscious. Here was a man so bullied by the world that there was no redemption until his death. Here was a man willing to give us one more chance to make it right. Will we?

Michael Jackson is still giving to the world. Once again, he just presented us with an opportunity to change the world not just with his redemption, but with our own. There is a great lesson to be learned here, a sincere and sweeping revision of how we do things and how we treat people who happen to be larger than life because God gave them something to share with the rest of us.

Already the media has started backpeddling. But there is truly no way to spin it. There is no other way to tell it but to tell the truth. Michael Jackson was telling the truth; the world wasn’t. Conrad Murray is not the only one who killed Michael Jackson. The world has blood on its hands. We all need to wash and come clean. Me first.

Thank you, Michael for this one last gift. You gave me your life, then you gave your life. I didn’t love you as much as you loved me. I am sorry.

The hope is in this next sentence: “I promise I will never do that again to anyone. Ever.”

1073 days ago


""As the morbid image of a lifeless Jackson laying on a hospital gurney and labeled "Homicide," spread virally around the world, it became burned into the public's consciousness and will never be forgotten. Understandably sickening to many, the dreary image also serves as an extremely powerful symbol and stark reminder that in Michael Jackson's valiant attempt to save the lives of others, this wounded messenger unnecessarily lost his own bright future. Finally, the voices of justice are saying that this should have never happened to such a man." -Matt Semino"

1073 days ago


Ethical complaints against Jose Baez move forward
Posted: 12:23 PM ET

While this blog is dedicated to coverage of the Conrad Murray trial, we know many In Session and HLN viewers have been closely following the Casey Anthony case and wanted to be sure to include this important update on that story.

The Florida Bar will continue to pursue two complaints filed against Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez. The details of what sparked these complaints have not been disclosed to the public, but it’s widely speculated they stem from Baez’s representation of Casey Anthony.

The complaints will to go to a grievance committee, which is comparable to a grand jury. The grievance committee will rule on whether to bring charges against Baez.

In August, Baez told CNN, "I am looking forward to the Bar completing its investigation, so that it can be dismissed just like the 20 previous complaints. It is part of the job whenever you fight an unpopular case."

If the 10-member committee - made up of attorneys and non-attorneys from the Orlando area - believes the investigation’s findings establish probable cause, the complaints would then go the Florida Supreme Court, which could then discipline Baez.

Posted by: In Session's Graham Winch
Filed under: Casey and Caylee Anthony

1072 days ago


Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray Delayed After Medical Expert's Father DiesTrial Of Dr. Conrad Murray Delayed After Medical Expert's Father Dies
Posted on Oct 17, 2011 @ 02:00AM print it send it
Getty/WENNBy Radar Staff

The trial of Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson will be delayed Monday, as a witness for the prosecution, anesthesiology expert Dr. Steven Shafer, will not be able to testify because of the death of his father.

"Resumption of the trial will be announced when further information is available," the court said in a statement Sunday.

Shafer, who briefly testified before Thursday’s session was concluded, was slated to testify Monday that Murray's use of propofol was negligent in his care of the late King of Pop, using scientific explanations to support his idea.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

When Shafer returns from his father's funeral, Deputy District Attorney David Walgren said, his testimony will last a day.

After Shafer testifies, defense lawyer Nareg Gourjian said, the defense will begin their presentation.

Murray is standing trial in Jackson‘s death at 50 from acute intoxication of a powerful anesthetic complicated by other sedatives. If convicted, he faces up to four years in prison, as well as losing his medical license.

1071 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray Trial Will Resume WednesdayDr. Conrad Murray Trial Will Resume Wednesday
Posted on Oct 17, 2011 @ 01:30PM print it send it
AP/WENNBy Radar Staff

Dr. Conrad Murray's trial in connection with Michael Jackson's death will resume on Wednesday, is reporting.

Los Angeles Judge Michael Pastor made the announcement Monday morning at a hearing attended by the District Attorney and the cardiologist's lawyers; the jury wasn't present.

Today's session of the trial was canceled after the father of the prosecution's final witness died this weekend, but Judge Pastor ordered the delay of one more day so that Murray's defense team can get more details from the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office test results of Lorazepam levels in Jackson's body at the time he died.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

As previously reported Dr. Murray's lawyers are going to mount a defense based on the theory that Lorazepam killed Jackson, and not acute Propofol intoxication, as Jackson's cause of death.

"This case isn't about Propofol, Michael Jackson didn't die from that. He died because of an extremely high level of Lorazepam found in his body," a source close to Dr. Murray tells

"The defense whole heartedly disagrees with the findings of the coroner that Michael Jackson died of acute Propofol intoxication. Michael Jackson's death certificate lists acute Propofol intoxication as the official cause of death, with other contributing factors of death: benzodiazepine effect. The benzodiazepine is Lorazepam," the source adds.

PHOTOS: The Jackson Family Arrives To Dr. Conrad Murray’s Trial

Dr. Mark Shafer, a prosecution expert witness about Propfol will resume his testimony on Wednesday morning.

Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

1071 days ago


dr murray took the devils silver and the devil pay back time

1069 days ago


Watch any COP SHOW on TV and they will tell you A.) Cops are not your friends B.) COPS Lie!!! C.) The more you tell the cops, the worse off you'll be D.)Admit nothing G.)If the cops say your buddy confessed, he didn't. Murry hung himself out to dry---by trying to talk down to seasoned pros. That being said, Jacko, like Elvis before him, had a hand in his own death. Like Rush Limbaugh, jacko 'doctor shopped' until he found a man-whore like Doc Murry.

1068 days ago
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