Milla Jovovich Visits Wounded Zombie 'She's In a Lot of Pain'

10/12/2011 5:30 AM PDT

Milla Jovovich Visits Wounded 'Zombie' -- 'She's in a Lot of Pain'

Milla Jovovich went to a Toronto hospital last night -- to spend some time with one of the female "zombies" who was injured during an accident on the set of "Resident Evil" earlier in the day.

TMZ previously reported ... 16 movie extras who were dressed as zombies were hospitalized yesterday when a piece of the set suddenly shifted ... causing the actors to plummet 20 feet down the to ground.

According to Milla, who tweeted after the accident, 15 of the zombies have since been released ... but one woman named Akiko remains hospitalized for injuries to her back.

Milla wrote, "Thank god she's moving her hands and feet and not in critical condition."

She added, "I promised her that I would come and see her every week while I'm here to give her support and strength in her recovery. I can't believe she said she wants to come back and finish her part, she's incredible."