Tareq Salahi I'll Stop Trashing My Ex in Public ... For Now

10/13/2011 4:00 AM PDT

Tareq Salahi -- I'll Stop Trashing My Wife in Public ... for Now

Tareq Salahi
won't get the chance to trash his "groupie slut" wife in open court ... for now ... because he and Michaele have agreed to suspend their divorce proceedings while they try to hash out a settlement in private mediation.

It's a pretty shocking move considering the Salahis might be the biggest fame whores on the planet -- but sources close to Tareq tell us, he feels handling the issues behind closed doors will be the most effective way to get a deal done quickly.

Tareq filed a formal request to dismiss his divorce complaint earlier this month ... and we're told private mediation is set to begin in November ... when Michaele's other man, Neal Schon, finishes up his tour with his band, Journey.

If the two can't reach an agreement during mediation ... Tareq is free to refile with the Virginia court ... but that means every aspect of their "private" dispute could be made public ... and we all know how much they would hate that ... right?