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Tareq Salahi

I'll Stop Trashing My Ex in Public

... For Now

10/13/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq Salahi
Tareq Salahi
won't get the chance to trash his "groupie slut" wife in open court ... for now ... because he and Michaele have agreed to suspend their divorce proceedings while they try to hash out a settlement in private mediation.

It's a pretty shocking move considering the Salahis might be the biggest fame whores on the planet -- but sources close to Tareq tell us, he feels handling the issues behind closed doors will be the most effective way to get a deal done quickly.

Tareq filed a formal request to dismiss his divorce complaint earlier this month ... and we're told private mediation is set to begin in November ... when Michaele's other man, Neal Schon, finishes up his tour with his band, Journey.

If the two can't reach an agreement during mediation ... Tareq is free to refile with the Virginia court ... but that means every aspect of their "private" dispute could be made public ... and we all know how much they would hate that ... right?


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give her the journey 8-tracks and a kick in ass.

1107 days ago


BS and more BS the whole "fake" string of events all leads up to more worthless reality TV or cable. Everyone makes money "stars" and producers the only real losers are the TV audience.

1107 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

I wish Dr. Conrad Murray had enough Propofol left to put you BOTH out for good.

1107 days ago


When he divorces her he should form a band, then she'll probably dump her Journey group, and become his trampy roadie.

1107 days ago


Atleast the Salahi's admit that they're fame wh-res.
The Kardashians act like they actually have a talent worthy of their fame.
The Kardashians are the definition of fame wh-res.

1107 days ago


What?? His 15 minutes aren't up yet??

1107 days ago


I LOVE that picture you have up of his skankass wife.! LOL

1107 days ago


Mediation? Screw that...I'd go broke making sure she never got a nickel! That, and...he should be doing a hourly happy dance that this skank has shown her true colors and is (almost) out of his life.

1107 days ago


Settlement? Private mediation? Didn't she sign a prenup? A damning one, monetarily. Didn't she "leave" the marriage? For a married man? What's she going to get, her clothes?

1107 days ago


With the end of the county fair season and a slow down in weddings, boredom will once again set in for the penis puffer Michaele and 'I'm short and yesterday's news' Neal.

Oh sure, there will be the occasional wedding or bar mitzva gig and a bris or two where Neal will work for 'tips', but they will now be face to face without the distractions and excitement of concerts, each wondering when the other will pull the dirty deeds they have both demonstrated they are prone to.

1107 days ago


She must have some dirt on him that he doesn't want blabbed.

1107 days ago

Make it stop    

Who are they kidding. Neither one of them can keep their friggin traps shut for more than a few seconds.

1107 days ago


I guarantee that this mediation will somehow turn into they love each other and decide not to get divorced. Then they'll pitch their reality show all about how they fell back in love. Anyone else notice that mediation doesn't start until AFTER the end of the tour?

1107 days ago


I really don't care for either of these people...but settlement! Dude...she breached her marriage contract! Sue her for mental cruelty!!!! She wont get a thing if there was no pronup...If there was no Prenup! And if there was no nup, well, you deserve to be taken to the cleaners.

1107 days ago


Tareq Salahi
I'll Stop Trashing My Ex in Public
... For Now
until i want more publicity again.

1107 days ago
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