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Note to Dr. Murray:

Loose Lips ...

10/12/2011 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Dr. Conrad Murray screwed himself over by spewing several key facts during his sit down with cops two days after MJ's death. Harvey's read the entire interview and breaks down the doc's mistakes that served up the case.

Plus, five-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson calls in to talk about this year's stiff competition, video games ... and tries his best to make Harvey like racing.

Also, should pregnant brides postpone the wedding, speed it up, or just do it with the bump? Harvey and Charles apply their (painfully) limited pregnancy knowledge.


(3:02) Time to talk NASCAR -- Jimmie Johnson is on the horn!
(4:20) Jimmie pitches racing to Harvey ... doesn't work so well.
(5:30) Harvey thinks Jimmie looks like ... Jeff Gordon?!?
(8:10) Jimmie has motorized bar stools! 
(15:02)  The 'unbelievable' two hour interview Dr. Murray conducted with cops ... Harvey's read the entire transcript.
(18:10) Cops had never even heard of Propofol until Murray spilled his guts!
(20:20) The lead detective in the case did an INCREDIBLE job ... and got Murray to admit he'd been giving MJ drugs for 2 months!
(36:10) Breaking news! The alleged celebrity hacker was released from jail ... and he's being forced to live with his parents.
(37:20) How do you say "Muhammad Ali" correctly?
(45:00) If you get pregnant right before your marriage ... do you cancel the wedding, postpone it, or do it with a baby bump?
(48:00) We'll let the women handle this.


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Stop going to this shallow twit (Christy?) to represent women. What is with all the women on your staff?
The wedding is not just about the woman...women who think like that end up divorced because all the cared about is the wedding...not the reality that is the marriage that follows it.

1017 days ago



I understand as a lawyer it is baffling why his client was so forthcoming about it all...but what you are ENTIRELY overlooking is that years AND YEARSSSSSSSSS of MJ drug use (and undoubtedly unreported overdoses) have all been kept secret by a lot of different people which is why I assume he was open about it and assumed this would be as under wraps as the rest. IF NOT...THEN you are TMZ, please Explain WHY you haven't reported on all of the other doctors who have provided THROUGH the years?

AND Murray was not considered HIGHLY suspect until 2 months later when the tox reports came back. SO when he went in and testified shortly after his death, I genuinely think it was to just get his story told.

Harvey, ALL of your drama about this seems extremely absurd given you no doubt are aware of at least 50 docs in LA that are keeping a lot of famous (and unfamous) people dosed out of their minds on pills and would under the slightest scrutiny reveal them to be EXTREMELY dangerous to their "patients". IT IS AN ACCEPTED 'SECRET'. So if anything this entire case is not about Dr. Murray but about who is responsible...the junkie...or the dealer. AND in this case, the dealer has an MD which makes THAT under review. I genuinely believe that he should have his license taken from him...and set free. Just like every dude on a street corner who peddles drugs.

There is no question about MJ being a junkie. The ONLY question is...did MJ sneak an unsupervised dose and I have to say that if I were a jury member -- PROVING THAT, OR NOT determines how I would vote ENTIRELY.

I started out with no opinion and very little info about all of it. I actually found his chat with the cops to make him sound a lot more trust worthy AND like every other human...he left out telling them his personal shena****ns (personal phone calls) so PROVING that was part of what killed MJ is crucial.

BEYOND THAT...years and years and yearssssssss of MJ using drugs has gone without much investigation and with only slight casual "scandal" in the writing. Dr. Klein has been KNOWN for years to provide MJ with drugs...and possibly children and not one article or cop before MJ died...has caused that to be curbed - so why suddenly THE OUTCRY?

IF Murray is going to take the fall...then so should EVERY MD who is doing this. AND in all 50 states...that is going to be A LOT of doctors being kicked out of their profession. And a lot of soccer mom********* up the local high school parking lots for their "candy".

ps- yo Harvey, you want to make this whole "show" interesting? start listing ALL of the doctors/clients YOU KNOW OF who are doing this BEYOND "therapeutic doses" and let's watch the whole hypocrisy of our "medical institution" attitude about pain killers face the light. Many people are addicted to pain killers for their emotional pain -- SO who is ACCOUNTABLE??? Doctors or Patients??? THAT is the only dilemna in ALL of this!

1017 days ago

who dat    

Christy is annoying. I'm sure suicide was invented to get you out of a marriage to her. Before the shysters came along, obviously.

1017 days ago


if Murray could effectively convince the jury that he was out the room longer doesn't still hurt Murray that he was negligence

1017 days ago


the guy with the long braids is annoying. his commentary adds no value to this, just extra noise/interruptions

1017 days ago


i still dont know why the prosecution didnt ask alberto alvarez if there was an iv line going from the bag murray asked him to take down off the iv stand. Alvarez said murray had him remove the bag but they didnt ask if there was a line going from it and if there was they didnt ask if the line was going into MJ's body or not.. alvarez later said while on phone with 911 just before moving body to floor that murray removed an iv from MJ's leg... why didnt they ask if that was the line going to the iv bag murray had him take down and put in a bag? They are too smart not to ask these questions, so i am sure the answers would not benefit the prosecution which would be only reason they didnt ask them.. i bet the defence will ask these questions

1017 days ago


I read the transcript. But most of that came out months ago anyway-minus the details.

1017 days ago


watching this trial makes me hate defense attornies even more...which I thought would be impossible. why are we even having a trial? Propofol was being given in this setting (of course, it was ALL Michael's idea...LOL) for a diagnosis of Insomnia...GUILTY. even if MJ took the final dose (which he couldn't have) Propofol was there. Dr? how about Drug Lord (God complex). If you have ever had surgery, when the Anesthesiologist asks you to count backwards, you get to 98 (from 100, you idiot). If he did it to himself, he would have been in another position. I am an RN, and this man should be locked up for murder. If you gave booze to kids,& they "chugged" it & died of alcohol poisoning, you would be arrested and tried, and if they killed somebody before dying (by driving)YOU should be charged w/more than what "Dr" Murray has been...4 years is not enough! and forget the license. He will never practice again.

1017 days ago


Who would hire a personal cardiologist when your heart is perfectly healthy ? It didn't add up from the beginning. Very sadly, this crazy idea cost Michael Jackson the price of his life. A four year sentence is nothing in comparison.

1017 days ago


Had a four-month bump, wore a beautiful, Grecian-style ivory number that tastefully hid the bun, er, bump.
Said "bump" is now 21, we are still married and all is well.
See folks, its all about finding that "right" dress,lol!

1017 days ago


Dennis's hair looks better in a pony tail. Locks for Love, now I feel guilty for thinking how messy he always looked. Tell that chick it was obvious she was trying to be in the picture and she was over animating.

1017 days ago


You make a big point about that it was genius of the police to decided that the interview would be held at a hotel instead of at the police station.
But, before the tape with the interview were started, Mr. Walgren asked the witness who initiated the interview and the location for it. The witness responds, quite clearly, that this was done by Dr. Murrays lawyers and was therefore not a stroke of genius by the police officers...

1017 days ago


Why M.J. diden't had 2 Dr. 2 profesional, it will better than one, and hire one anestesiologis, I got surgery 25 years, ago but the nurse forgot put anestecia and my trhoug, I got so much pain...but it was hes job put atention. it was only him.. sorry for both....

1017 days ago


PETA Slams Dr. Conrad Murray For Testing Harmful Drug Propofol On Beagle DogsPETA Slams Dr. Conrad Murray For Testing Harmful Drug Propofol On Beagle Dogs
Posted on Oct 13, 2011 @ 07:00PM print it send it
Splash NewsBy Alexis Tereszcuk - Radar Senior Reporter

Dr. Conrad Murray’s defense team has earned another enemy – the animal right’s group PETA - for their testing of the powerful anesthetic Propofol on beagles.

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, President Ingrid Newkirk exclusively talked to and slammed the doctor, who is accused of killing Michael Jackson.

“Dr. Conrad Murray and his defense team should do time for this act alone. Poisoning and killing dogs will not change what is already known about propofol—its hazards are well do***ented,” she said.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

As exclusively reported, as source close to Dr. Murray revealed that Beagle dogs had been used to test the drug as attorneys tried to build their defense of the beleaguered physician.

“A study was done on Beagle dogs to determine how much Propofol would have to be orally consumed to cause death. The only other study that had been done on the oral ingestion of Propofol was on pigs rectums. The study definitely involved more than two dogs. It's unknown if the dogs died, or suffered any harm," the source said.

PHOTOS: The Jackson Family Arrives To Dr. Conrad Murray’s Trial

PETA said this action would have horrified the former King of Pop, who tragically passed away from a propofol overdose in 2009.

“This would have greatly upset Michael, who was known to be a huge animal lover,” the organization told “This was obviously a cruel attempt to drag out this trial and confuse the jurors, adding more victims to the death toll in this sad case.”

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson's Kids Star In Tribute Concert

Dr. Conrad Murray is being tried for the involuntary manslaughter death of Michael Jackson in Los Angeles and faces four years in federal prison if convicted.

You can watch the trial live, here on

1016 days ago


RADAR LIVE: Michael Jackson Death Trial — Talkback, News & Opinion LiveRADAR LIVE: Michael Jackson Death Trial — Talkback, News & Opinion Live
Posted on Oct 13, 2011 @ 04:45AM print it send it
Splash News/Getty ImagesBy Radar Staff will be broadcasting a LIVE pod-cast at 12:30 p.m. PT/3:30 p.m. ET to provide up-to-the minute news, analysis and commentary about what’s been dubbed the Trial of the Century -- the People Vs. Dr. Conrad Murray.

Radar Live's special guest on Thursday, October 13, 2011 will be Dr. Charles Sophy, a board certified psychiatrist specializing in adolescence. Dr. Sophy will be addressing the possibility of Michael Jackson's oldest son, Prince, being called by the prosecution as a rebuttal witness.

Radar Legal Editor Jen Heger will be joined by Star’s Senior Executive Editor Dylan Howard for RADAR LIVE.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

You too can take a stand on the issues discussed by our panel as we take your calls about the trial, as all the drama unfolds.

Want to be on air? Call (877) 604-2496 during the show!

1016 days ago
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