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Hilary Swank

The Biggest BS Apology EVER?

10/14/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Hilary Swank may owe the world ANOTHER apology ... because her first "I'm Sorry" letter for appearing at an event honoring an alleged bloodthirsty warlord ... had some MAJOR holes ... and the evidence is all on tape!!

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She got paid, she doesn't give a ****.

1071 days ago


Hillary swank is the single most OVER-rated actress since Julia Roberts. So, I guess I'm saying, who cares. She can't open a film anymore and she's on the down slide. Hell THIS publicity is good for her her, in her world. She'll take what she can get. PS? her ex husband has more talent lying in wait then she will EVER have in 20 lifetimes. Plus? I know this is bitchy...but girl is UGGGGly. Camera friendly...? I think not. Time to pack'er in.

1071 days ago


Who cares. Famous people perform for despicable rich leaders all the time. I prefer not to use actors as my moral compass. Didn't a bunch perform for Qadaffi? And I'm sure plenty have performed for the leaders of Russia, China, Egypt, and every other country on this planet. If someone wants to pay me a ton of money to sing happy birthday, where do I sign up?

1071 days ago


she is a freaking of the worst behaved women i see around santa monica a couple times a week. she wants everything for free, she wants people to movie out of her way...she yells at people in our equinox gym, and ive had her come up to me in a breakfast eatery and ask if i would get up and leave so she could sit down. shes a butthole of a person and a non-entity at the box office. also....shes a pig.

1071 days ago

BB in CA    

I haven'*****ch a movie she's in since she treated her ex-husband like sh*t. Maybe others will stop supporting her now that they know she's such a horrible person.

1071 days ago


Her biggest mistake was having her awesome boob implants removed. Now we have to look at the face.

1071 days ago


So what about Sean Penn sucking up to dictators around the world? Has he apologized? I didn't think so.

1071 days ago


Hilary dosen't owe us anything. Who the hell are us to demand an apology just because we don't like what an adult does with his/her life? It was not a good decision to visit this man, but it's her decision as an adult. This political correct crap is just that. CRAP!

1071 days ago


She is dumb. Even you could see The dude laughing at her...when she wished him the B-day...He should have said thank you than laughing!

1071 days ago


Not to let Ms Swank off the hook, but why are we not hearing the same outrage about Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Usher and Nelly Furtado performing for Gaddafi at a concert in Libya not that long ago? How do explain that? Selective journalism? Ridiculous

1071 days ago


That is her choice and I don't even know her or care about her and it will not affect my life in anyway. Why rake her over the coals? BFD.

1071 days ago


She easily could have been told what the event was for on arrival and thrown in the bit about doing research. Not that big of a deal.

1071 days ago


It's like Team America: World Police where all the celebs rally around Kim Jong Il. Life imitates art.

1071 days ago


Hillary Skank

1071 days ago


Please *Christine* - Hillary Swank has played some incredible parts, how could you compare her to Julia Roberts after *Boys Don't Cry* and *Million Dollar Baby* ??? --She was in the Country had the chance to meet the President and went, SHE F-D UP AND APOLOGIZED FOR IT, GET OVER IT!

1071 days ago
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