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Hilary Swank

I REGRET Attending Party

for Alleged Murdering Warlord

10/13/2011 5:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Swank
Hilary Swank
says she probably should have said "no" ... when she was invited to a birthday party for the President of Chechnya last week ... saying she had no idea he's been accused of torturing and killing a bunch of people.

Swank -- along with Jean Claude Van Damme and others -- attended a concert in Chechnya for president Ramzan Kadyrov on Oct. 5 ... and immediately came under fire from human rights groups.

Now, Swank has issued a statement ... saying, "I deeply regret attending this event. If I had a full understanding of what this event was apparently intended to be, I would never have gone."

Swank says at the time she accepted the invitation to the concert ... she had no idea the event was intended to honor Kadyrov.

FYI -- Kadyrov has been accused of torturing and murdering a BUNCH of his political rivals, though Kadyrov says it's all BS ... made up by his enemies to discredit him.

UPDATE: Swank gave a speech at the event ... and even said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to the President. When someone on stage asked how Hilary knew about Kadyrov's birthday, she replied, "I read ... I do my research."


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These people will attend anything as long as they are paid, get free first class travel, free first class hotel room & food.

She's from a trailer park so being offered a lot of money and free room and food just to show up at somebody's birthday party is very enticing.

1055 days ago


You know, when you get "busted" always smart to just tell everyone you are dumb...I guess Ms. Swank never heard of a website called wikipedia, hey? This guy is a megalomaniac and a murderer.

If you are really sorry, then why not donate the "jack" you earned from going to this place to a worthy charity? Anything less, then just shut your pie-hole and keep your head down...

1055 days ago

she knew    

The fact that she hit talking points they wanted her to, such as which company to credit with the reconstruction shows she knew exactly why she was there. The icing on the cake was she even sold out New Yorkers in the process!!!

1055 days ago


Real smart girl. Will she return all that money she probably received for attending this regrettable party? What an idiot not to ask somebody about this guy--but, maybe she knew and took the money anyway.

1055 days ago


You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think

1055 days ago


Hilary, it only takes a couple of minutes for me to find out some of this mans history and he's not someone I would want to be associated with, especially in your position.

So either stop doing your own research ('cause you obviously suck at it) or hire someone to do it for you.

1055 days ago


She's a fine actress. If she wants learn about something politically important and relevant, she should read my blog.

1055 days ago


She knew just like the test of these Hollyweird idiots know. They do things like this all the time but they don't always get busted. When they do get caught it's all "oh I had no idea".

1055 days ago

Red Sox Fan    

Gimmee a break. Chechnya is not an independent country - he is not a 'President.' Having these useful idiots always not having a clue about the world - and somehow we are supposed to believe thee clowns about their politics? The Russians control the place - lock stock and barrel. Remember that the next time some other useful fool wants you to support freedom for Darfur or some silly other purely emotional situation - they don't have a CLUE about local politics and simply support the cause who has the best looking sad kids in photographs -

1055 days ago


Well , how can she turn down a party attended by such notable guests as Jean Claude Van Damme?

1055 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

someone needs to send this video to Hilary Swank this is what you're supporting...

1055 days ago


Am I the only one who does not have a problem with this.Its not like hes a wanted criminal at the present time.

1055 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Ray: you may not have a problem but some of us do.In the US Hilary Swank supports human rights. She's offered millions to go to this event where they humiliate their people. If a woman of their culture walks around with out covering their head they will be hit, paint balled, smacked by the men on the street.


less than a minute ago

Am I the only one who does not have a problem with this.Its not like hes a wanted criminal at the present time.

1055 days ago


Just goes to show that she's not a smart and competent actor like hollyweird would like everybody to believe that she is.

1055 days ago


No excuse for being so ignorant!!

1055 days ago
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