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Lindsay Lohan

Has to be Crazy ...

Blowing Off Court-Ordered Shrink

10/14/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
has violated the judge's order in her probation case by not seeing a psychologist at least once a week ... TMZ has learned ... and that may be enough to send her to the slammer.

Judge Stephanie Sautner made it clear to Lindsay during her sentence last May ... she MUST see the shrink every week, but she has not.  We're told one of her excuses is that she's been working out of the country, but Judge Sautner made it extremely clear ... work is not an excuse for failing to comply with the terms of probation.

And, Judge Sautner said, if Lindsay violates any court order, she's going to jail ... period.

As we first reported, it's even worse, because Lindsay was kicked out of the Downtown Women's Center, where Judge Sautner ordered her to perform 360 hours of community service ... kicked out because she repeatedly failed to show up, and when she did she frequently did not stay the required 4 hours at a time.  That's another violation of Judge Sautner's court order.

And there's even more bad news for Lindsay.  Judge Sautner is going to be extremely unhappy when she learns how much community service Lindsay has completed.  Sources connected with the Probation Department tell us, as of September 30, Lindsay logged a grand total of 21 hours, leaving 339 hours which must be completed by May 11, 2012.

Short story ... Lindsay could go to jail next week, when she appears before Judge Sautner for her progress report.


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She might be sent to jail, but she won't be there for long. She'll probably do more house arrest if anything. I love how all the stuff she has to do is so simple like work 4 hours at a time doing community service and see a shrink and she still has problems doing any of it. She has to have something mentally wrong with her.

1069 days ago


Please Please Please throw the f'ing book at this bitch!

One year, no early release! Solitary Confinement! That will give everyone one year of peace without having to hear about this idiot. And if any of her family tries to make headlines by pulling stupid PR stunts, they should go into the slammer to for at least a year also. Let's ship the entire family to Libya or better yet Afghanistan. Bye Bye Lindsay!!!

1069 days ago


Oh, please, TMZ. Don't tease us! We all know what's gonna happen. Lindsay will walk out of that SUV, wearing at least $20,000 worth of clothes and jewelry, into the courthouse, where she will be drawing little hearts (Linds luvs Sam) and flowers on a piece of paper, while her lawyer talks to the judge, who will probably either giver her another chance or order her to go to jail. She will post bail and walk right back into her SUV. That's what happens in LindsayLand anyway. In my land, called the real world, a probation violation results in the sheriff picking up the defendant as soon as he gets the notification from the probation office. There's no reassigning him/her to another community service facility. By the way, just a few weeks ago, there were pictures and videos of Lindsay, in Venice (CA) holding a ziploc bag carrying very questionable contents. She claims it was sea shells and crystals but, somehow, everyone believes her because, let's face it: Linds has never lied, right? Oh, and she was kicked out of the Women's Center two weeks ago? We all know what she's been doing for the last couple of weeks.

1069 days ago


Why in the hell is Lindsay Lohan even famous? She is the worst actress I have ever seen and is one of the most untalented bums in Hollywood. I hope the judge throws her no good ass in jail for the next decade so we don't have to hear about her for awhile.

1069 days ago


she is a bum ass hope she get more jail time she thinks she is above the law

1069 days ago


Nicole give up already. Lying Lohan is f*king up yet again. Just stop with your BS. You come on here and humiliate yourself everytime Loser Lohan gets in trouble. Do you not have any pride? I understand being a fan and standing by someone but how many more times is Lindsay going to say FU to the court and to her FANS darling thats right everytime she f*ks up its a big FU to people like you who sit on multiple message boards defending her all day whenever she messes up. Nicole you really need to take off your goggles of delusion and see Lindsay for what she is; a lying junkie who would step right over you and laugh if she saw you lying on the street in need of help.

Lindsay is a sociopath my dear. Sociopaths are to be loathed and feared not loved and defended. I am not trying to be mean to you. Its clear you have issues I just hope one day you wake the f*k up and stop this bizzare fanatasy relationship you have for Lindsay, its not healthy.

1069 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

There's no doubt she's cut from the same mold as Dilo who is ignorant enough to make her "child support" a public spectacle. I can't wait until it runs out and she finds herself depending on her daughter who hasn't worked in years. That should lead to months and months worth of gossip feeder.

1069 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

And for those of you who claim Lilo is a great actress, get a clue. She can't even ACT SOBER!!!!!!

1069 days ago


Put loser lohan in jail already. Toss the ugly mother loser lohan in with her.

1069 days ago


Enough is enough, send the b**ch to jail already! Geez!
Lately, she's been looking like a meth-face too, with rotting teeth.
Last chance to save her before we just read about her dead in a gutter somewhere - PUT HER IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

1069 days ago

Ghost Rider    

@Red Cloud, I really wish I was somewhere that the real Lindsay Lohan was at live and in person so I could have the thrill of walking by her as though she does not exist and not batting so much as an eye at her. Thats what I would do if I went somewhere the real Lindsay Lohan was at.

1069 days ago


Keep in mind people this is the only attention she gets. None of it good. Z-lister. Hollywood is still not banging on her door. She will get the paps little fanfare when she goes back to court. Good luck in explaining all the partying and no shrink and getting fired from your CS.

If Lohan simply did was she was suppose to do all of this would be over and done with. She keeps making it worse for her self but that's always been her sick game. How much can I get away with.

She could have started to re-build her horrible reputation. But she's such a superstar in her own mind she doesn't have to.

1069 days ago


"Judge Sautner said, if Lindsay violates any court order, she's going to jail ... period."
OK. I'm eager to see if this judge is as good as her word - or if she'll puss out like every other judge (or get bought off? Does Lindsay have any money left to do that? lol)

1069 days ago


I am so tired of hearing about Lindsey Lohan. Put her in jail, and be done with it.

1069 days ago


"Lohan has assured her inner circle … she did everything she was asked to do while performing her court-ordered community service at the L.A. center over the past few months … and NEVER showed up late."
That's it. She is truly insane. I bet she actually belives these lies. The judge had better take the word of the women's center over that of bleached out meth-face.

1069 days ago
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