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Lindsay Lohan

Has to be Crazy ...

Blowing Off Court-Ordered Shrink

10/14/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
has violated the judge's order in her probation case by not seeing a psychologist at least once a week ... TMZ has learned ... and that may be enough to send her to the slammer.

Judge Stephanie Sautner made it clear to Lindsay during her sentence last May ... she MUST see the shrink every week, but she has not.  We're told one of her excuses is that she's been working out of the country, but Judge Sautner made it extremely clear ... work is not an excuse for failing to comply with the terms of probation.

And, Judge Sautner said, if Lindsay violates any court order, she's going to jail ... period.

As we first reported, it's even worse, because Lindsay was kicked out of the Downtown Women's Center, where Judge Sautner ordered her to perform 360 hours of community service ... kicked out because she repeatedly failed to show up, and when she did she frequently did not stay the required 4 hours at a time.  That's another violation of Judge Sautner's court order.

And there's even more bad news for Lindsay.  Judge Sautner is going to be extremely unhappy when she learns how much community service Lindsay has completed.  Sources connected with the Probation Department tell us, as of September 30, Lindsay logged a grand total of 21 hours, leaving 339 hours which must be completed by May 11, 2012.

Short story ... Lindsay could go to jail next week, when she appears before Judge Sautner for her progress report.


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Elitist little twit who has no respect or professionalism. She needs to go to jail or lay down on a railroad track.

1074 days ago

The Real JJ    

This b!tch is gangsta!! LMAO She don't give a dam about no jail otherwise she would have learned her lesson by now. She begging for jail but she ain't going. She'll find some way out, she always does. But only 21 hours...REALLY!!

1074 days ago


Lindsay ain't going to jail. I just know it. *shakes head*

1074 days ago


Linday ???

1074 days ago


court-ordered, mandatory full frontal lobotomy

1074 days ago


This is nonsense TMZ. At Lindsay's last court appearance she had done 33 hours CS. Furthermore, the Judge ordered Lindsay to see a therapist but she did NOT specify Lindsay had to see the therapist once a week.

If Lindsay has done what your other stories imply, she would not have been reassigned to another location to complete her CS. They would have called a halt to it, pulled her into court and violated her probation. That hasn't happened.

People should wait for the facts.

1074 days ago


Sent to jail for what, like 3 hours.

1074 days ago


If Miss Lohan did violate probation, she should eventually be sent to STATE prison. I believe she is a somewhat talented actress and would have made a great Linda Lovelace in INFERNO. Robert Downey Jr. had similar drug problems but he cleaned up his act and has been doing extremely well and now has graduated to being A list with films like the Iron Man series and Sherlock Holmes.

1074 days ago


Jeez people need to give her a break. She is still young and everyone is out for blood. Give her a break. And get a life.

1074 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Great, that's where she belongs. Contrary to those who thinks she needs other kinds of help, she needs an attitude adjustment before she's ready to reap the benefits from that "other" kind of help!

1074 days ago


Remember the last time she was up in front of Judge Sautner, who took pity on her and gave her an "opportunity"? I wouldn't want to be Lohan and have to face this judge again, with absolutely nothing to show for the past 3 months - no counseling, no community service, just a bloated face and bad teeth.

1074 days ago


Lindsey's been very well-behaved, why is TMZ trying to make trouble for her.

-Why does TMZ care so much if Lindsey only has X amount of community service hours.

-Or if Lindsey hasn't found the right therapist yet.

An article/story like this only gets the haters thirsty for some more hate.

Leave her alone, she's fine.

1074 days ago


I hope she wears that spectacular and hot white dress -

1074 days ago


"I didn't screw up the shrink thing because I sent Nicole in my place, which should also count as community service because Nicole needs it more than I do because she wants to be me and who needs help more than someone who wants to be me but doesn't have to be me, such as me. I was very giving in this regard."

1074 days ago


shaun chapman holly, or whatever her name is, I hope is sooooooooooo proud of her work.

1074 days ago
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