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Lindsay Lohan

Has to be Crazy ...

Blowing Off Court-Ordered Shrink

10/14/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
has violated the judge's order in her probation case by not seeing a psychologist at least once a week ... TMZ has learned ... and that may be enough to send her to the slammer.

Judge Stephanie Sautner made it clear to Lindsay during her sentence last May ... she MUST see the shrink every week, but she has not.  We're told one of her excuses is that she's been working out of the country, but Judge Sautner made it extremely clear ... work is not an excuse for failing to comply with the terms of probation.

And, Judge Sautner said, if Lindsay violates any court order, she's going to jail ... period.

As we first reported, it's even worse, because Lindsay was kicked out of the Downtown Women's Center, where Judge Sautner ordered her to perform 360 hours of community service ... kicked out because she repeatedly failed to show up, and when she did she frequently did not stay the required 4 hours at a time.  That's another violation of Judge Sautner's court order.

And there's even more bad news for Lindsay.  Judge Sautner is going to be extremely unhappy when she learns how much community service Lindsay has completed.  Sources connected with the Probation Department tell us, as of September 30, Lindsay logged a grand total of 21 hours, leaving 339 hours which must be completed by May 11, 2012.

Short story ... Lindsay could go to jail next week, when she appears before Judge Sautner for her progress report.


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Oh please TMZ! WHY waste space on your site with this LOSER! She's NEVER going to jail because of the crooked justice system that you have in CA! She has had a MILLION chances and CONTINUES to defy the law because she thinks she's ALL THAT! Without tons of makeup, she UGLY!

1014 days ago


Sadly, if she was a average latino or african american middle class she would have been in the slammer a long time sad is our justice system...

1014 days ago


now how many people want to bet that she again does not do any time. because the judges are so star struck

1014 days ago


She Only does this because unfortunately this is the only way she can get attention. Since she has ZERO talent. If not for the possibilty of her going to jail, who cares.

1014 days ago

S. Ackerman    

It is time the law punishes Lohan for her forgoing laws of
of this country.

1014 days ago


Hmm, that was work, when I saw her in all those pics at Paris Fashion week? yeah right

1014 days ago

Tom Mariner    

Leave Lindsay alone -- this is becoming judges making names for themselves by getting a talented actress to play puppet on a string to the all powerful judiciary. The fact that the court can incarcerate a citizen indefinitely is what ought to be looked at here.

Is it time for us to tell Judge Sautner, who we hire to protect us, that maybe she ought to be concentrating on people more dangerous than an actress who is balking at the judge's interference with her life to promote the judge's self interest.

1014 days ago


give this girl a break, seriously, its been a loooong time since the media and everyone try to put her down.. the best way to help her is to just stop being ******** to her, yeah she may be a bit crazy but shes veeery young (in her 20's) and shes what people made of her.. the enviortment on hollywood, and stuff.. i dont know whats the big deal with a lost young girl

1014 days ago


Community service is boring and everybody is mean. Going to the shrink is boring and interferes with more important shopping.

She's an immature, self indulgent child who, apparently, will never learn and never take responsibility. You'd think after the past several years, she'd at least spend the next year or so on her best behavior so as to drop off the legal system's radar, but she can't seem to do the intelligent thing.

1014 days ago


sick of hearing about this chick. lock her butt up for a long time. shes no good to society.

1014 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Hey Dina, I mean NICOLE !!

It's 10 am on the east coast. Aren't you up yet to explain how Judge Sautner, the prosecutors, the press, every kid El Stupid IE: Lindsay went to school with, the dog and my ass are against your little baby and how wrong we are? Why don't you explain how many hours El Stupid really did at the womans center that they "forgot" to log, why don't you explain how mean they were to her from DAY ONE, and while you are at it, explain why ANY service agency is going to be mean to FREE HELP, why your baby could not make any.....or all her meetings that the Judge said she MUST attend. Why don't you explain ALL OF THAT for us?

1014 days ago


She'll get off, once again. All these standing judges are fame whores. It's like any other phenomenon - Like a guy letting a pretty woman cut in traffic. There is some deep seeded thought that she'll write her phone number in lipstick on her window, leading to a quickie encounter. Because that's the ONLY reason men let women cut in front of them. In the judges case, her delusional thought is that she'll be a movie star if she doesn't throw Lohan where EVERYBODY else would have been A LONG LONG TIME AGO. Jail.

1014 days ago


give the girl a break..she has stayed out of trouble .she looks really good,I say just wipe her slate clean and let her get on with her life..she has a nice rack too..

1014 days ago


This girl will be in legal trouble one way or the other as long as she stays in Hollywood and seeks the high life. And, it's all her own doing.

You'd think given all that she had going for her as a child she'd do everything she could to re-establish her viability as an actress and work on her craft now that she's be given chances to stage a comeback.

1014 days ago


TMZ is feeding the hype to get people here next week for the perp walk into court for a progress report hearing. Listen, if they let Redmond Oneil get away with doing drugs in rehab, and he still isn't in jail, they aint gonna put Lohan in the clink either. This is becoming as boring as Blohan herself!

Mark my words, LL will get another stern talking to, and she will be on her merry way, right back to her personal little gutter!

1014 days ago
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