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Kim Kardashian

The Burqa Cover Up

10/14/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Kim Kardashian has finally found the one article of clothing she doesn't already have ... a little black burqa.

While normally clad in form-fitting dresses, the reality diva hit the local shops of Dubai and purchased a traditional black burqa on Thursday.

Luckily, they had one in her size.



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This is NOT a burqa, that covers the face, even the eyes(with a grill over the eyes). This is a niqab. see the face is covered except around the eyes.

1113 days ago


I am a Muslim girl and it is an insult to every Muslim women that she is wearing one. She is one of the biggest whores on TV, can't she just walking around nude like she always is???
I think she is just wearing a burqa to get attention because people got tired of seeing her nude now she thinks if she covers it all up people will be interested in her. She is so stupid NO ONE ON THIS EARTH is interested in such a cheap, lying whore!!!!

1113 days ago


What is wrong with her trying on a burka? Maybe none of you have had the chance to go out and see the world, but most people I know who travel try on their local clothes, eat their food, and generally try to immerse themselves in that culture. Plus, enough about the stoning of Muslim women and how they are treated terribly by their husbands. It happens to some unfortunately, but we speak as though no American woman has ever been a domestic violence victim. Atrocities aren't limited to the Arab world.

1113 days ago


this entire family is such a f..king joke. momma is more of a fame than the rest of the disfunctional wannabee diva's. momma's k brand is soooo over the top.
any fool tha*****che's this a..hole show is an enabler for stupidity at it's finest.
klohe seem's the only one that has an iq above o. dicickface would gag a damn maggot..lordy put him in a padded cell. does bigd..k keep kourtney with him? hardup girl for a lay ugh .geez he's ugly and in love with himself.
that cane would work well up his skinnya..!!! just go away kard's !!!!

1113 days ago


She is wearing a Hijab and an Abaya. Get it right.

1113 days ago


She seems to natural in that thing. Anyways, she is from Middle Eastern or Easter Europe descent, no?

1113 days ago


Take that **** off Muslims are a disgrace to this Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1113 days ago

From ME    

Guys no need for generalisation, many Americans living in dubai and middle East peacefully!!.. Go educate your self please, extremists don't represent all Arab and muslims nor christian extremists represent all christian , people from middle east do not all hate you just as not all american hate muslims please get out of your little world and grow a brain please

1113 days ago


What a vapid, disrespectful, greedy, stupid b*tch she is.

1113 days ago


Kris Jenner looks like "Chuckie". Kris Jenner=Gene Simmons,"show me the money!!!"Poor Kim is content to become
a commodity-anything that is bought or sold.

1113 days ago


Kris Jennner looks like "Chuckie".Kris Jenner =Gene Simmons.
"Show me the money!!"Poor Kim is content to be a commodity.That which is bought and sold.

1113 days ago


SINCE ARMENIANS ARE CHRISTIAN and the Kardashian sisters boast about being Armenian, why did K not have an Armenian priest officiate at her wedding and, why did she choose not to marry in an Armenian church? Actions speak louder than words. Since she chose to travel to Dubai and check out their customs and dress, I wonder if, perhaps, her father was part Armenian and part Arab. If that is so, it makes sense to try and discover her actual heritage.

1112 days ago


Jus*****ch the knock off Queens, it will show up in the Kardashian Collection soon. This garment drags women back ten centuries, and she thinks it's a joke. Why don't you walk around with your tits hanging out and your tight fitted clothing and see what they think of you then - you won't be able to get out of the country fast enough.

1112 days ago


Part of the Sears Kim Kardashian **** Collection --- Nasty Sluts

1112 days ago


I'm a muslim girl and ppl need to shut up about saying stupid things that we get beaten by men, seriously this is a BIG lie, I'm not arab but most arab women are living life in luxury and wear burqa nd have no complain. And Kim trying a burqa means nothing, NOTHING. Who cares...

1111 days ago
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