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Lindsay Lohan:

TMZ, You're Full of Crap

10/14/2011 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan says she's sick and tired of being "made an example of" ... insisting the TMZ reports about her on messing up ... over and over again ... are totally false.

Lindsay just took to Twitter, writing ... "I am not to be made an example of anymore."

She adds, "I am working hard and fulfilling my obligations every single day, to the court as well as myself. If I travel, its for work and its been approved. As is anything I do when I leave the state."

"I'd appreciate it if people will just let me do what is asked of me, so that I can get my life back. Please ignore the reports which have no truth to them. Thank you.”

TMZ told you first ... Lohan was kicked out of her community service program at the Downtown Women's Center ... where she was ordered to serve her time.

She's also in hot water for not attending court-mandated therapy sessions.

Lohan will get to tell it to the judge next week -- at her scheduled status hearing.


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Honestly TMZ. You morons are all over Lindsay like a creepy stalker. You guys make so many errors in your reporting on a daily basis, I bet she's right.

1104 days ago

Hells, Yeah!    

Even after all she's done, I'd still hit it!

1104 days ago

TMZ - ThatThingYourMamaWarnedYouAbout    

I wonder if she paid for THAT necklace?

1104 days ago

Hells, Yeah!    

After all she's done, I'd still hit it!

1104 days ago


Seriously TMZ... you really think you're going to get another "Linds MIGHT GO TO JAIL NEXT WEEK" hysteria going again? 300 comments? 500?

Dream on. She played the game well. She might get scolded. She might be told to 'try harder'. She isn't going to jail for F's sake.

1104 days ago


Caring words will go a lot further. It seems Lindsay Lohan has bi-polar disorder and medications would help her get her life on track along with counseling to help her manage
stress. Hopefully she is off drugs. Lets pray for her.

1104 days ago


she has lied is lying and will lie and then call it acting.heck she probably could get a gig in a porn shoot as a fluff-er now

1104 days ago


She's such a skank.

1104 days ago


Lindsay, tell it to the judge, we don't believe you.

1104 days ago


Taking a cue from people who have seen images of various religious icons on toast or flour tortillas, Lindsay's Mini-Me sock puppet, Nicole, now claims to have found the perfect image of Lindsay in a skid mark in her own underwear.
Nicole has vowed to preserve the image and will use all of her lunch money for the next week to buy a frame and some glass.

1104 days ago


Lindsay, thank you for proving my comments in the other post about you on TMZ today correct. I knew you would come out with the "you guys just don't UNDERSTAND", delusional, completely un-self-aware bull****.

Baby, you've got such a long way to fall. My heart hurts for you. I hope you get better before you get dead, but unfortunately I don't think that will happen. I've known too many people like you and it never ends well when narcissism meets addiction.

1104 days ago

Poopey Poopstein    

Let's see.. who are we supposed to believe? Lindsay a confirmed crack head or a TMZ a hard working celeb news organization? mmm.

1104 days ago


Leave Lindsay alone for Gods sake! Must be nice for you arm chair know it alls to sit there a pass judgement on someone you don't know and really know nothing about.
This world is crappy enough without all of your snide and rude comments. Give the girl a break and wish her well in her recovery and hope she can break free of all her demons!
And no, I'm not on team Lindsay, but like to hope for the best for everyone, something this sorry ass world could use a little more of...Don't ya think?

1104 days ago


She is delusional as well as a pathological liar.

1104 days ago


What's hilarious is that TMZ is more pro-Lindsay than just about any other media outlet.

1104 days ago
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