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Let It Bump

10/15/2011 12:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce pregnant
Beyonce and her alleged baby bump (kidding!) went out for a stroll in New York City yesterday.

Some people just can't stomach a beautiful pregnant woman.


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Chun LI    

Love Beyonce but I'm already sick of her pregnancy.I don't know if she's faking it but there's no shame in using a surrogate.I believed Kelly Preston did.

1104 days ago


That is a strange looking "baby bump!"

1104 days ago


Absolutely, i guite agree,there's no shame in using a surrogate. Alledgely while she was in Australia and the stomach looked deflated, i sure hope people noticed her body language. After the Australia show and host gave her some baby parting gift, she sat on the couch. In real Beyonce style, i believed she would have stood up and hugged the guy but she sat on her couch simply because her she has an issue while trying to sit down after the beginning of the show. Is a shame if she alledgedly using a surrogate and pretending to be pregnant. I wondered why she will try to do such a thing in a world the we live today. The electronics world. Gone were the days of Celebrities buying/silencing picture not to be printed. Everyone has a picture phone,facebook and twitter.
The only thing that will convinced me is in 3 months if she can show her stomach in a bikini. Everything was kind of planned. She is pregant in summer and having the baby in February according to the reports. Of course she was pregnant towards the end of summer so the question of showing a baby bump in fall cannot happen. POOR LITTLE GIRL. PS. I honestly cannot stand her. She talks like a dummy doesn't talk intelligently. I also do not buy the story of her being a songwriter. For someone that couldn't construct a full sentence or answer a question intelligently, i wondered how she can write talkless or writing a song. She acts like lovey dovey sweet lady but behind the close door and during her thanksgiving behind the show on ABC last year, she doesn't come across as a sweet lady that the media portrayed her to be. Is a matter of having the best handler in the business. And i bet you, now that her father is no longer her manager, is a matter of time before everything crumbles. Firing her father is a big mistake for her. most especially since the father has been with her through everything. Everyone is bound to make a mistake. TO ERR IS HUMAN, FORGIVENESS SHOULD BE DIVINE.

1104 days ago


Who cares about the baby bump - what's up with those ghetto nails????

1104 days ago


She wears clothing that are stuffed like bras. It makes her look like she is showing more then what she is. That's why it bend and it look weird. The expression on her face said it all. She saw that it bend. She does it to get more publicity or sympathy. With all of the things happening in the world. This lady wants more attention because she is pregnant. Hey, be proud you became pregnant from your husband that was a drug dealer. Hurray for Beyouce!

1104 days ago


I'm so so tired of hearing about this pregnancy. You would think she was the first woman in the world to become pregnant.

1104 days ago


I think she is NOT pregnant. One cannot have fake nails and hair colored (wig maybe), but she is too well rested looking, and her face would be puffy and tired looking and she would have on flat shoes and dress more comfortably, and she truly wouldnt be so concerned about her appearance. Plus, she must know the rumors, so if she were trying to expel them she would wear something much more bump revealing. And last, she looks way more than 5 months pregnant, but the biggest blooper was the revealing belly at the VMAs was soooo fake looking for such an early pregnancy! Haha just say SURROGATE and call it a day!

1104 days ago


Anyone saying she is faking is an idiot!!! The proof is in how BIG her boobs have gotten in the last little while!!

1104 days ago

Jill Conway    

Glad she finally has a real excuse for wearing skin-tight-on-a-fat-ass clothes. TMZ, why do you keep referring to her as "beautiful"? She looks like an overweight hooker. Can baby say "skank"?

1104 days ago


Katie Holmes did the same thing. In Touch ran pics of her going from small to huge to small again. These women are faking it. That's why they slim back to perfect a day after delivery. We all saw the 'baby' collapse. Why does anyone insist she's still really pregnant.

1104 days ago


um,,her stomach is smaller than it was 1 week ago weird

1104 days ago


This bump isn't terribly convincing, either. And someone needs to tell her to cover her breasts, also, because by the stage of pregnancy she's supposed to be in, most white and light-skinned Latino and African American women have VERY OBVIOUS, ENLARGED BLUE VEINS SHOWING THROUGH ON THEIR SWELLING BREASTS. They also get wider through the middle viewing them head-on or from the rear; their "hourglass" is one of the first things that disappears.

1104 days ago



1104 days ago


All of you haters need to shut up. Beyonce is pregnant and every picture I have seen her in she looks like she is progressing into her pregnancy. She does not need to pretend she will be big enough as time goes by. You all are just jealous because when you were pregnant you probably did not have a man, did not have no money and you looked busted.

1104 days ago


Ms. Knowles-Carter can solve all of this nonsense by taking a bare belly photo for a reputable magazine. She has no problem "dropping it like it's hot" on the dance stage or being photographed in a bikini. There is nothing more beautiful than a "truly pregnant" woman's belly. If she were really pregnant and she cared about her image, then she would just do the photo shoot. I think if she is using a surrogate, then it would be too damaging to her multi-billion dollar career to admit it at this stage in the game. Don't represent H-town like that B-yonce!!! Be real for once....

1104 days ago
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