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Dina Lohan

Lindsay Is A-OK!!!

10/15/2011 11:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan
A child can do no wrong in their mother's eyes -- and no matter the situation, that motto is always true when it comes to Dina and Lindsay Lohan.

Our photog caught up with Dina outside East Hampton Studio last night where she described Lindsay as "great," "wonderful" and "really on it" when it comes to doing her community service.

Her community service is a huge issue right now. As we previously reported, Lindsay was booted from the Downtown Women's Center -- because, according to our sources, she repeated failed to show up and when she did ... she didn't stay the required four hours.

Lindsay is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday -- we'll see if the judge feels the same way Dina does.


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At this point we're looking at the mother of a common criminal. Her daughter will never find work again and their family's reputation will be mud for a very long time. Michael Lohan, whatever we may think of _him_, sees this situation more or less for what it is, at least. Dina never will.

Mark my words. Within five years both Lindsay and Dina will have either OD'd fatally or been 5150ed.

1105 days ago


No one cares Dumbo Lowrent !

1105 days ago


I'm sick of Lohan. Used to be somewhat interesting to see how things were developing. Now it's just the same old stuff. She pushes the court as far as she can, and so far they have let her. The court talks tough but so far no real follow through. Lohan should have gone to jail when this offense first happened. It would have spared the public and her all this bad publicity and continual drama. Beats me why the public would care about this type of behavior. We are supposed to support people who try to do good in this world, to live good lives, to help the world as a whole in some way. Even actors help when they provide some brief respite from our troubles, but they were never meant to be worshiped like today's public does. Jay-Z, singer, not actor of course, has too much money. Most of these people have too much money, not gotten for any real contribution but from some type of public adulation. A fool and his money is obviously very soon parted.

1105 days ago

The Neko Nation    

A entire family of skanks and self entitled jerks. Why can't they just all die and rot. They do nothing for society and should be put down like the filthy bitches they are.

1105 days ago


Of course Dina is the #1 fan. Lohan pays for her. Funny how she hasn't popped up in months and now she does.

Not to worry this will give Dina a chance to go on the tv circuts make money and once again say how everyone is after Lindsay.

No one is jealous of Lohan, quite the oppisite. Her acting career is done. She has done nothing to help herself. This has always been a big game Lohan gets off on. How much can I still get away with. I get away again, I'm special.

Lohan is in her own personal twilight zone. Let's see if some hardcore reality happens in court.

Lohan tells the judge she can't afford a shrink judge didn't buy that for a minute, 7k per month rent so on.

No shrink, partying not doing her CS. Close to court pulls the shrink and PO gave her permission to do a photo shoot in Paris for 2 weeks, called the shrink twice and spoke for 45 minutes each time (what did Lohan do call the shrink collect? c'mon she claims she can't afford one). In addition she's being sued by a limo company for not paying what she owes.

Once again, this is Lohan who has been giving every break known to man and this is what she still pulls. Lohan gets off on the game, I can still get away with it and will again.

I would love to see her proove she actually got a shrink per court ordered and probation terms, show receipts with the dates, time of her weekly sessions. Proove from phone records her shrink was actually called and the minutes of the calls from Paris. I don't think she can.

Funny, when Lohan can't proove what she claims everyone is out to get her. Now the probation dept. is out to get her again.

Shawn Holly has her work cut out for her again. Then, they also know the worst that could happen.

I would hope the judge who has to follow the laws will throw the book at her.

1105 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

YES Dina we know you have four kids, Geez this idiot is like a broken record. Can she ever sing a different song?

Dina is a working call girl too. She is the one that got Lindsay started in it. Dina answered a ad for a girl wanted and at all started from there. Thats how Lindsay met Vikram Chatwal

1105 days ago

delusional much LL?    

dui from 2007?! not quite genius,how bout that little probation violation,(stolen necklace)that's 2011.
selective memories these lowhans have.

in the a&e bio on lindsay,there was a clip,i guess she was 11 or 12,doing press for 'the parent trap',there she was talking about how her mother was in the business "she was a rockette" blah,blah,blah,don't know if she knew at the time that she was repeating lies but there definitely came a time when she did,showing she's not a liar because of her addictions,she's a liar because this skank taught her to be.along with the blaming of others,not taking responsibilty for her actions,her arrogance and self-entitlement.

as themarshmellowman's list points out despite extensive experience at lying neither lindsay nor white oprah are any good at it.
i especially love the one about lindsay not going to aa because she has a problem,but to hang out with her friends.
you know that la, it's just a one horse town with nothing to do,what was the general store closed?!

anyone under the assumption that lindsay is like her disney roles or that "nice" girl they see in those 5 minute interviews on the entertainment shows are kidding themselves,she is just like her "mommy".
why anyone would want to root for someone like that is beyond me.

1105 days ago


what are moms for huh? :D

1105 days ago


Um, actually, aren't all of her community service hours from the felony theft case? And I love how Dina says a "gazillion" hours, or whatever exeggerated amount it was she said. That's not showing much respect for the court. She should be happy with the courts and how lenient they've been on her out entitled-mindset daughter, hot mess of a daughter.

1105 days ago


Nasty, nasty people. Luckily, if Lindsay ever goes to jail, you can use a picture of her enabler mom as her double. Lindsay looks at least as old as mom.

1105 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Does she even have a job?

1105 days ago


Reporter to Dina, "How are Lindsays'bark brown teeth doing?" Dina to reporter, "Oh, they are great..she wants them that way. She is brushing them like a gazillion times!" Jesus this family is bat sh#t crazy!

1105 days ago


Lockup on MSNBC is on right now do***enting three of the nations toughest jails. L.A. County, Miami Dade, and NYC Rykers Island. PLEASE make her do time at L.A. County!

1105 days ago


If Dina says Lindsay is doing great, good, wonderful, then it must be so. Dina says that Lindsay is doing a gazillion hours of community service, then it must be so.
Dina should know how her Cash Cow is doing. Dina wouldn't lie, would she?

1105 days ago

Chris L. Harris    

The worst mother in America, yeah The worst mother in America! DINA LOHAN is DA WORST! The worst mother in America!

1105 days ago
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