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Lindsay Lohan

Does Shopping Count

As Community Service?

10/15/2011 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan did her part to support the local shop owners in Beverly Hills ... hitting up a few stores with her sister Ali this afternoon.

A new outfit for court, perhaps?


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It's Nikki Bitches     

Its been over a week now since they said Lindsay brought a Porsche

Has anyone seen this Porsche yet?

We can all agree Lindsay is a attention seeking whore right?

Dont you think by now the attention seeking whore would be tweeting about her cough cough new Porsche

We would be seeing her cough cough new attention seeking selling pictures of her new cough cough Porsche


1106 days ago

Ghost Rider    

It looks like Lindsay is trying to keep her upper lip over her horrendous grill in this photo, so I guess going to get your teeth whitened and gums deep cleaned are not as important as buying a new outfit.

1106 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


1106 days ago


Even though Lindsay is working non-stop to free herself from persecution, some people build you up just to tear you down, but Lindsay will come out on top. Shawn will see to that. Isn't her Mom amazing?

1106 days ago


I thought she was to broke to get a therapist? Now she is shopping?! She claimed in court she was to broke to get the therapy she needed....Can u say contempt of court? Or better yet PERJURY for lying...

1106 days ago


Well, just for her, I've discounted my free rope offer. I'll now pay her to TAKE my rope. She'll love that, take something and get paid for it!

1106 days ago


She looks like a corpse.

1106 days ago


Look out, Pitbull, Lindsay Lohan is baring her fangs. The New York Post reports the troubled actress, who is feuding with the Cuban American rapper over some unflattering lyrics, has asked her reps to order clubs where she parties not to play his songs in her presence.

The trouble started when Lohan heard the lyrics "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" in Pit'***** song "Give Me Everything," and wasted no time filing a lawsuit against him. The Mean Girls star claimed in court, “Defamatory statements ... are destined to do irreparable harm,” insisting that she “is a professional actor of good repute and standing.”

Now, Lohan is bringing her bee****ainst Pit to the street. A source at LA’s Supperclub, where Lohan attended a party for video game "Saints Row: The Third" last week, told the Post: “if any Pitbull song comes on, Lindsay would leave -- [it’s] hard since he’s on so many hit songs right now. They briefed the DJ, actress Taryn Manning, that she could not play any Pitbull songs for the time Lindsay was at the event.”

Putting together a club DJ set without a Pitbull track sounds like trying to write a sentence without vowels. Thankfully the starlet isn't beefing with Lil Wayne or Kanye, too, or else there would be nothing left but dead air.

If you didn't hate her up till now, reading this should do the trick. Is Mik Jaguar suing for that song where they talk about dancing like Mik Jaguar????

1106 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

There is ANDY! Hey BABE, you and Milo got to stop the chatting about me on twitter. creepy as hell. (funny tho got to admit)

1106 days ago


My sources fear for Lindsay's life, and surmise that, in some way, she is trying to kill herself.

The main difference between Lindsay and Paris: The latter actually has a strong family structure to lean on. Lindsay has nothing — nobody except people she pays.

"She's in some kind of pain that doesn't stop," my source said. "She's done drugs with all kinds of older movie stars, but they can stop when they want. She can't."

Read more:,2933,290653,00.html#ixzz1auuta2dm

I got my hopes up after reading this story, only to be let down when I saw the date of the article was July 25, 2007.

She's taking WAY TOO LONG in my opinion to do this already.

1106 days ago


Red Cloud, I wonder what her friend Meryl Streep thinks of all of this?

I went to type Lindsay Lohan in a Google search and the top searches are "Lindsay Lohan teeth", "Lindsay Lohan rotted teeth" and "Lindsay Lohan hand"

1106 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

BTW, Rock/RW glad you showed up. Missed you lately. I dont care what anyone says, I have my fav's on here and you are one of them!

1106 days ago


As if community service is an all day thing. What, she's not allowed to shop now? I'm sure she's capable of doing both things in the same day. Pity to all of the people bashing on her teeth and looks, which are better than most of yours. Get some lives. (especially the regulars)

1106 days ago


However, if you're going to work the redemption angle, there are certain ways to go about it, and some celebs need to take note. Tiger Woods, Chris Brown, Lindsay Lohan, and Anthony Weiner are still fighting the uphill battle of rehabilitating their relationship with public perception, but how do they make the turnaround? It's time we analyze the dos and don'ts of image rehab.

Tiger Woods (PacificCoastNews)
Do: Be open and honest about your transgressions right away. In the immediate wake of controversy, shutting out the public only makes you look more suspicious and less sympathetic. It's been two years since Tiger Woods had his explosion of bad press and scandal, and he's still not gaining any momentum with improving his image. Namely, it's because he refuses to explain himself. Hiding behind calculated press releases or desires for privacy allows the media and/or public to speculate and create their own narratives. Plus, so far, it's made him seem arrogant and robotic, which are qualities the public is never drawn to.

Anthony Weiner after the truth comes out. (Getty Images)
Don't: Ditch the blame on someone or something else. This goes hand in hand with the above "do" in that honesty is the best policy. A cover-up attempt never seems to work and digs you in an even deeper hole; just ask Anthony Weiner, who said he was a victim of cyber hacking, which resulted in the infamous explicit crotch shot coming from his Twitter account. When the truth came out that it was in fact his crotch and he in fact sent the photo, the damage had been done, and he looked all the more sleazy for scapegoating.

Chris Brown at court. (Getty Images)
Do: Be sincere with your apology and accountable for your mistakes. So many celebrity mishaps have happened over the years, that the public can gauge genuine remorse and a publicist-written apology statement. Because so many people didn't buy the rehearsed "I'm sorry" speeches of Chris Brown after his assault on Rihanna and Tiger Woods after his sex scandal, the public has yet to open themselves to the idea of redemption.

Michael Vick (Getty Images)
Do: Give back to the community. If there's a specific sect of the population that felt the most directly offended, then you owe them something. Michael Vick jumped all over this once he was arrested for dogfighting; he joined with PETA to learn from the organization and perform community outreach, which demonstrated a willingness to improve himself and grow. Chris Brown should be doing the same with domestic violence, as should Lindsay Lohan with drug and alcohol abuse.

Lindsay Lohan at Fashion Week (Getty Images) Don't: Continue your lavish lifestyle for everyone to see. We're looking your way again, Lohan. The last thing people want to see after you've been arrested or sued is you out partying and carrying on like nothing happened. It undermines any attempt at remorse or apology and plays into the perception that celebrities think they can get away with everything because they are somehow entitled to excess. Don't repeat your mistakes goes hand in hand here, again something Lindsay could stand to learn. Two DUI arrests in one year or continually failing to show up to court dates makes it difficult for the public to believe Lohan even cares about cleaning up her act. And when Chris Brown says he's working on his anger problem, he shouldn't blow up in the green room of Good Morning, America by throwing a chair through the window and storming out of the building. That seems kind of obvious, right?

Drew Barrymore, reinvigorated. (Pacific Coast News)
Do: Realize and own that you will live with your mistakes forever. Again, Brown continues to take a step back in rehabbing his image every time he gets fed up with interviewers asking about "the incident" or declares that he's "done apologizing." The public is ready to forgive, so long as you show some gratitude for that forgiveness and remain remorseful for your fall from grace. Actors like Robert Downey Jr. or Drew Barrymore don't hide from their past mistakes, they see them as experiences that will always keep them grounded.

Hugh Grant charmed and laughed his way out of public humiliation. (Getty Images) Do: Laugh at yourself. This one is tricky and applies as a case by case basis. People don't want to hear Chris Brown joke about domestic violence or Michael Vick crack wise about killing dogs, but in cases that are more about embarrassment than moral outrage, humor is an ally. Remember when Hugh Grant got caught stepping out on Elizabeth Hurley after he was arrested for soliciting sex from a prostitute? He squashed most of his image fallout with a simple appearance on The Tonight Show, where he showed up to poke fun at the whole debacle, and it worked. When Leno opened with, "What the hell were you thinking," the whole incident was deflated. We like people who can laugh at themselves; it's humanizing and beats people to the punch on the joke-making front. Weiner and Woods could have helped themselves here. Heck, even Charlie Sheen had an entire roast designed to humanize himself after his campaign of debauchery and mental instability.

Mel Gibson, super sane.
The stuff you can't come back from: We said earlier that, if done correctly, celebrities can come back from almost anything; however, that doesn't mean everything. If a celeb is perceived as racist, then they it's a career curtain call. Mel Gibson and Michael Richards are learning this the hard way. Even though Larry David tried the give Richards the "laugh at yourself" out in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Richards isn't exactly getting call backs from anywhere else, and Gibson's The Beaver film (despite being filmed prior to his meltdown) certainly got hurt at the box office due to his anti-semitic outburst. It seems that the best they can hope for is that their modern memory doesn't impact how we feel about Braveheart or Kramer.

Have a good night, gotti roll!

1106 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

If it is a permanent home in another country then yes it is community service.

1106 days ago
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