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Lindsay Lohan on Therapy

I Totally Phoned It In

10/15/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
is telling friends she did NOT blow off her court-mandated therapy sessions when she traveled to Paris last month ... insisting she talked to the shrink over the phone instead. 

Lohan says she cleared the two-week trip with her probation officer ... allowing her to travel to France for a modeling job.

Lohan claims the P.O. and her therapist BOTH gave approval for Lindsay to complete her therapy sessions over the phone ... and she did ... twice. Lohan claims each phone session lasted 45 minutes.

Lohan has been warned by Judge Sautner ... she is not allowed to miss even ONE therapy session, or her probation would be violated.

Lindsay doesn't know why anyone would argue that she didn't complete her requirements -- but she strongly believes the probation department is out to get her ... and desperately wants to make an example out of her.

We're told Lindsay "can't wait" to go to court on Wednesday to tell her side of the story.


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Pure unadulterated BS. I hope the judge sees through her lies & tosses her arrogant entitled ass in jail for 90 days, to be served full term in general population. She & her meth teeth needs severe beatdowns by the "gen pop" girls to straighten her out. She needs a jail experience so horrific that she takes her probation conditions seriously, which she hasn't done yet. Aversion therapy is the only thing this stupid little whore will ever respond to...

1107 days ago


shes crazy but would be a good fack aye?

1107 days ago


I thought the people at the homeless shelter were mean to her?
Now the entire probation department is out to get her?
If she behaved correctly none of these 2 groups of people would be against her.
But she can't. Something is very wrong with her.

1107 days ago


Really? Lindsay, go to Jail, directly to jail. do not pass go, do not collect $200. You are such a POS. Hope the judge throws your slutty azz in jail. You don't do therapy over the phone you twit!! OMG....Im sure she'll she get another walk. Biotch.

1107 days ago

AGENT smith    

Most excellent Lindsay Dee! What is going on with TMZ?

1107 days ago

Hamptons dude    

This kid is a total spoiled mess. she need to go see a dentist and a shrink!!

1107 days ago


This nitwit should shut her trap instead of going to the media with an excuse story every hour. I'm sure Shawn loves it.

1107 days ago


I just knew when she flew her duck wings back to venice,the lips would start quacking "Damage Control"!!!!

1107 days ago


Oh and by the way,i dont want to hear lindsays side of her story,i want to hear the judges side,cause,i'll bet you shawn holly went and spoke to sautner in her chambers,to have lindsay moved to the red cross,and sautner said o.k.,suatner has some explaining to do,so does lindsays probation officer....period!!!

1107 days ago


I believe there's someone trying to set poor Lindsay up just so she has to go to jail. In the words of Chris Crocker LEAVE LINDSAY ALONE.

1107 days ago


Send this bitch to jail and throw away the key ! She's already had 45 too many "chances" to redeem herself.
She just doesn't friggin' "get it". She needs to spend a few years in the slammer to straighten her butt out once and for all. When she gets out, anyone in the entertainment industry who hires her for ANY kind of acting, modeling or other entertainment job is 100% NUTS ! She should be working as a "HONEY-DIPPER" for Porta-Potti !

1107 days ago


"An example" of what exactly? An example of what can happen to a delusional hasbeen that thinks she's above the law?
It's over Lohan, no one wants you in the industry. Go brush your teeth, take a bath and pay your bills.

1107 days ago

AGENT smith    

ABC news did a story on Lindsay this morning and they showed many recent pictures and she looked great in all of them! They said that if Lindsay does 19 hours a week of community service she will finish on time. The story had a positive tone to it also!

1107 days ago


I thought the Judge said that ONLY she could authorize any deviation from her order this time!!

1107 days ago


Well she better come up with the shrinks name and phone record of the calls. Wow, I never heard of anyone phoning in shrink sessions. Did she call collect being she can't afford a shrink? Wonder if she can proove the modeling job. She looks so bloated.

If true she shouldn't have to tell her side of the story and the probation dept. wouldn't have a problem. Still doesn't explain the CS shes not doing. Lohan is splitting hairs.

1107 days ago
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