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Rick Ross

The Show Must Go On

10/15/2011 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rick Ross
Rick Ross will perform tonight as scheduled, despite a serious medical scare yesterday, this according to the venue he is supposed to perform at.

As TMZ first reported, Ross was hospitalized twice for seizures as he tried to travel to Memphis for a show last night. He never ended up performing.

Ross is slated to perform at the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina as part of homecoming at North Carolina A&T State University. According to an employee at the venue, Ross' people called the venue this morning to confirm that he is doing better and will be on stage as planned tonight.

Calls to Ross' reps were not returned.

The venue is now telling TMZ ... Ross will NOT perform tonight.


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I am Spartacus    

I hope for his sake everything works out. He can't need the money, the guy is all over the radio so he's making plenty of money right now. Whether he'll blow through it and be out in 5 years is another story but lets hope he makes it there health wise.

But he was in Birmingham, AL correct? He has plenty of time to hop on a tour bus and drive to North Carolina for a show tonight. It's going to take more time but at least it'll be safer.

Its cool that he wants to show up for their homecoming because he doesn't wanna let all those students down. Homecoming at those SWAC schools is a big then and rappers love the support and tradition of those mostly black schools so he'll be there.

1112 days ago


I think he will be fine. Seizures are treated very well with medications. Wish him the best and the courage to do what he wants. I think it is a bigger lesson for us all. And I dont even know who he is. Yet I am proud of him.

1112 days ago


TMZ stands for Thirty Mile Zone

1112 days ago


Dude you need to relax before your next seizure will be fatal..Your life is more important than making that paper or letting your fans down.

1112 days ago


Fat-azz need to loose weight.

But Memphis made it fine without dopeboy. The University of Memphis replaced one dopeboy with another one. Yo Gotti, former North Memphis drug dealer now small time rapper.

Can you believe, the university president would authorize former dopeboys, who rape about slapping women, selling dope and gang bang perform to a huge school event. Coach Postner talking "slang" words on TV yesterday regarding Rick Ross.

Sounds strange, but I thought a respectful college would want future leaders to stay away from the above. The Commercial Appeal just slammed YO Gotti about rapping about Ronnie Woods, Memphis biggest drug boy and Gotti singing about selling dope and women. But, Oh now the paper say it' okay since a white institution like him now. Sad journalism.

As a black man while sitting in the audience and a graduate of Memphis State, now son won't ever see that campus as a student.

1112 days ago


Did he REALLY have a seizure? I was in the hospital once and there was a girl there faking seziures... Publicity stunt? Notice how nobody, but 50, knew who this dude was until now? I may be totally out of line thinking this, but I just keeping thinking that its not true.

Most of the comments on here say "who?" now peole do. Mission accomplished.

If you dont know him, he is a correctional officer turned gangster rapper lmfao (totally true)

1112 days ago


Another celebrity more interested in being a celebrity than in his own health.

Of course, dying for your fans is always a very good career move.... even if you're not around to enjoy the attention or the money made from record sales.

1112 days ago


I know that he has this "hard" image that he wants to live up to, but don't die trying to "look" hard. He has a medical issue that needs to be addressed. I don't think he wants this to be his legacy. This is a University gig, not some big venue...not worth dying for.

1112 days ago


Performing tonight is just crazy. He needs to take time off and find out what is causing these seizures. And he needs to lose weight and join a gym. He looks very unhealthy.

1112 days ago


Fat-azz didn't perform in Memphis last night, but can you believe the University of Memphis had another big drug dealer, now rapper perform Yo Gotti. Here is a higher learning institution that should be steering kids from drugs, dope and gangs, but Coach Postner thinks its cool and the college president okays it, for Rick Ross then Yo Gotti to perform.

Then the Commercial Appeal, the local paper that hates YO Gotti, write about him when he's singing about Ronnie Woods, Memphis biggest drug dealer and Yo Gotti shooting at Level 2 nightclub. Now since Postner likes him, the paper writes good articles. So sad journalism. My son shall not attend the University of Memphis in 2013.

1112 days ago


Glad your Doing Good Bro!!!

I think u gotta change your Diet ...


Kevin From 561 all the way to 415 n back!

1112 days ago


S/o 2 rick Never Give Up Get rich Or Die Tryn (:

1112 days ago

Osiris tha beatmaker    

Take a rest homeboy !! or u really wanna die ??? that's crazy.... you ain't INVINCIBLE as u said in MC hammer .. damn
you're playin with your fire.

1112 days ago


hey Tim ...have a little respect.... "talking about his fat ass" ..... how the FK do you know it cant be anything else. Your a Moron.

1112 days ago


die fat ****

1112 days ago
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