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Sarah Palin to Judge:

I Need MORE Protection

... from My Stalkers!

10/15/2011 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin
believes her TWO jailed stalkers are still very much a threat ... and she's begging an Alaska judge to extend the restraining orders against them for another 6 months.

TMZ broke the story ... Shawn and Craig Christy, a father and son duo from Pennsylvania, were locked up in Alaska back in August for allegedly threatening to kill Sarah, her family and her friends.

Sarah had obtained restraining orders against the men ... but they were only temporary and will expire in November.

But Sarah has launched a preemptive strike ... filing a formal request to extend the order into 2012.

Sources connected to the case tell us ... the men are still waiting for their trial ... and will remain behind bars until a court date is scheduled.

If Sarah's request is granted, the men will be barred from having any contact with the Palins in the event that they are released.

A judge is expected to rule on Sarah's request sometime within the next few weeks.


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less protection for Sarah Palin is better

1050 days ago


The woman needs to get a real life. If she has nothing better to do than play this up the way she has, she needs some serious help. They didn't do all the things she is saying they did. She is a real nitwit.

1049 days ago


Good's not all about her so she has to make up some phony crap to get attention. Shut your lying mouth up and go away you flying clown in high heels. And take that fat ass daughter of yours with you!

1049 days ago


Gosh, ole big mouth Sarah doesn't like the target these guys put on her smirking face??? Karma's a b*tch, ole girl, and so are you!

1049 days ago


Isn't there a Polar Bear in Alaska you could try and feed!

1049 days ago


...And America needs protection from you Bozo!

1049 days ago


Palin knew she was in trouble when she figured out she had more stalkers than voters.

1049 days ago


Sarah Palin is a celebrity wannabe and holds no elected office. It is not the responsibility of the government to pay for her protection. The real issue is whether she is paranoid and mentally ill or whether she needs to dip into her bank account of donations and pay for her own security, like the other real celebrities do. A word of advice is that if she is so afraid of stalkers that she just goes to pieces at the slightest noise (like her parents who sleep with the loaded guns) maybe she needs to make her family life more private. You can't sell pictures of yourself to the tabloids and parade yourself on all the reality shows and hire dozens of publicity agents and personal photographers--and then whine to the media about them stealing away your private life.

1049 days ago


Go home you money whore, you did not run this year because you really don't want it, but now you like the money you can make by using that hillbilly accent (fake) to make people think you give a damn. GO HOME

1049 days ago


Go the hell AWAY!!!!!

1049 days ago


Sarah isn't getting enough attention so she is inventing trouble. She just WISHES someone/anyone cared enough about the old hag to stalk her. Sickening damn witch.

1049 days ago


I'd hang on to that hair as she's slobbering on my knob, and in the throse of spasming a massive load down her throat I'd inadvertently yank fistfuls of her hair out. As she's gulping down my load, I'm rushing out the door and as I turn and see her approach me in the hopes of a kiss with her eyes closed and mouth open, I instantly dredge up a loogie and instantly blast it down her throat. Adios beotch, enjoy!

1049 days ago

Carmela Fossett    


1049 days ago


How many times will the Queen of Fools cry wolf until America decides that she needs mental help and is only demanding more attention from her fans? When will she realize that these same two have threatened our President and other celebrities and they didn't whine to the media about it and the stalking stoppped. Obviously, something Sarah is doing is encouraging the stalkers and maybe she shouldn't be giving them all the public attention they want. It is not the State of Alaska's problem or responsibility--time to step up to the plate, Todd, and make your family feel safe and offer your own solutions as to how to keep your children from being used as political pawns. Fame whores attract stalkers. Bristol is using her child as an attention getter but in the process he is also being set up as a target.

1049 days ago


pay for it then get more body guards u have the money tax payers shd not pay for it.i like her but she shd not be given anything

1049 days ago
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