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Sarah Palin to Judge:

I Need MORE Protection

... from My Stalkers!

10/15/2011 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin
believes her TWO jailed stalkers are still very much a threat ... and she's begging an Alaska judge to extend the restraining orders against them for another 6 months.

TMZ broke the story ... Shawn and Craig Christy, a father and son duo from Pennsylvania, were locked up in Alaska back in August for allegedly threatening to kill Sarah, her family and her friends.

Sarah had obtained restraining orders against the men ... but they were only temporary and will expire in November.

But Sarah has launched a preemptive strike ... filing a formal request to extend the order into 2012.

Sources connected to the case tell us ... the men are still waiting for their trial ... and will remain behind bars until a court date is scheduled.

If Sarah's request is granted, the men will be barred from having any contact with the Palins in the event that they are released.

A judge is expected to rule on Sarah's request sometime within the next few weeks.


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Remember when Congresswoman Jeffords was shot and everybody blamed Palin because she (like every other politician) had a map with targets on it. Then we had lectures from the left and Obama about civil discourse. Nice to see nobody on this board got the message. Several of you calling for Palin to be killed, if something bad happens try to remember your part in egging on psycopaths and stalkers.

1071 days ago


Yes. she needs protection. If you know what I mean.

1071 days ago

Tammy G4    

I love that photo. It should be captioned -

Crazy Lady Talking Crazy

1071 days ago


Oh jeeze..Go away already! This woman had her 15 minutes plus some.

1071 days ago


She has TWO stalkers? Really? That many?? Wow.

1071 days ago


Hey Harvey what about Bristol's drunk driving arrest? Did she get hurt when she wrecked her truck and why have you not reported it instead of this stupid story?

1071 days ago


"If Sarah's request is granted, the men will be barred from having any contact with the Palins in the event that they are released."

Are the Palins in jail?

1052 days ago

Kelly Joanne Cannon    

Sarah Palin, take responsibility for your actions and feelings. Don't just always rely on others to do it for you because they won't. That's just truth in life. YOU set up the drama although you pretend that it doesn't involve other people at all, when it indeed, does. YOU play by YOUR own rules, although, you pretend that it doesn't involve other people at all, when it, indeed, does, and YOU pretend other people shouldn't play by their own rules. That's just not reality at all, Sarah Palin.

1050 days ago

Kelly Joanne Cannon    

Furthermore, Sarah Palin, these stalkers are still people, too, daily, and still loved by God, daily, every bit as well, and as much as you, and your family are, and always will be. Just rely upon God, daily, Sarah Palin, rather than constantly, upon other people, to help you, and your family feel safe. Other people won't always do the work for us. That's just healthy truth that we all eventually have to learn.

1050 days ago

Kelly Joanne Cannon    

Oh, and also, Sarah Palin, again, take responsibility for your OWN actions, meaning ultimately with God, before you go, and playfully, and curiously judge other people's actions.

1050 days ago

Kelly Joanne Cannon    

I just want to say may God truly still guide, give comfort, hope, and strength to, daily, and bless Sarah Palin, her whole family, even to her stalkers, and their families, daily, now, and always. Very warm, and very happy upcoming holidays, and lifelong happiness of rainbows, and sunshine type of happiness to all of them, now, and always, too. Very warm, and very genuine hugs, and very warm, and very genuine smiles from me, now, and always, to all these people I mentioned above, too. Very sincerely, kindly, humbly, and respectfully, Kelly Joanne Cannon, liberal, always, and forever

1026 days ago
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