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Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lopez

'Casually Dating'

10/16/2011 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez are not a couple just yet ... but a source close to the pair tells TMZ they are indeed "casually dating."

As TMZ first reported, the two went on a dinner date in New York City last month. They had not been spotted out again until yesterday -- when a photo surfaced of Bradley Cooper driving an SUV and a woman who certainly looked like JLo ... covering her face in the passenger seat.

According to our sources, the woman in the photo is definitely JLo. We're told the two enjoy each other's company but are keeping things simple for now.

So while they aren't boyfriend/girlfriend yet, our sources say "they are definitely dating."


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"As TMZ first reported, the two went on a dinner date in New York City last month." So the initial meeting was to see if they even could get along, and to sign the contract (Other sources reported that first "date" as a "business meeting")Because Bradley Cooper is G-A-Y and has bearding relationships with contracts.

1110 days ago


I don't like Jlo AT ALL but I have to say what's up with idiots on here saying 40's are old? Are you 12 years old? The women isn't old at all. Once you get in your 20's and 30's you will realize that. Don't forget we all will be 40, 50, 60 if we are lucky. What will you think of 40 when you are 40?

1110 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

So in other words they're just giving each other publicity and he's continuing to pretend he's not gay. Gotcha!

1110 days ago


will be hard for her to find happpily ever after because she jumps from man to man- never really taking the time to get to know herself and grow from the failures of her relationships and/or marriages
for someone who tries to come across as a modern powerful woman- she comes across as needy and insecure because she can't seem to be alone with herself or without a man
as much as she has going for's really rather sad when you get down to it

1110 days ago


I say who cares...really, who cares? She's a has-been and he's nothing more than a B-lister. Well, any publicity is good publicity, I suppose. Sure hope the nanny enjoys spending a lot of time with the kids, because Jennifer sure doesn't seem to.

1110 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I casually don't care.

1110 days ago


Really Cooper?? Why would you stoop to date this talentless ho who has been around the block more times than any of us can count? Not to mention, married and divorced three times at age 40?! C'mon man, do the smart thing and RUN from this 3 time loser......

1110 days ago


mark that under who gives a **** ,pr stunt

1110 days ago


EWWWWWW. you would expect her to do better than that. Stay with anthony.

1110 days ago


It's probably nothing, or a hit-it quit-it situation. In my opinion it's a little soon to be dating anybody considering Ms. Lopez just announced her divorce. She needs to actually stay out of relationships for awhile. All these men are starting to pile up and she really doesn't seem to be any happier. Maybe she should do some soul searching and just focus on herself, her children, and her career. Leave the guys alone for awhile.

1110 days ago


Bradley Cooper is Paul Newman minus the good looks and talent.

1110 days ago


I am so tired of this whore. Bradley can do better.

1110 days ago


She has been married 3 times and has bedded counless co-stars. She is a hussy and soon will be put in her place. It's a wonder how she puts her head on the pillow and sleeps at night. Thank the lord Ben Afflec got away from that skank and is happily married with a butifile family.
Instead of people calling her J LO we should call her SKANK HOE! lol STD alert, STD alert.

1110 days ago

Poopey Poopstein    

B Coop must like his ladies with giant butz!

1110 days ago

Bobby Fontaine    

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