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Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva

Settlement Hits a Roadblock

10/17/2011 9:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva just made a beeline for family court after her settlement with Mel Gibson hit a snag ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Oksana and Mel struck a deal in which Oksana would walk away with $750,000, the house she's living in, and some other stuff. In return, she'll leave Mel alone.  They also agreed to 50/50 custody of Lucia.

The settlement agreement is scheduled to go before the family court judge tomorrow for final approval, but we're told the lawyers are still fighting over how it's worded and they've reached a stalemate.

Our sources say Mel's lawyers asked the judge for more time so they can hash it out, but Oksana showed up to court this morning to fight the request ... because she wants the deal done STAT.

Judge Scott Gordon gave Mel and Oksana an extension to sort out their differences -- but only until November 1st ... less time than Mel's people were hoping for.


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Hi Guys:

I completely understand where you're both coming from but taking a toddler out-of-state to visit a very ill somewhat "OLD" person wouldn't have been a good idea even if both parents were on much better terms. For starters, due to Lucia's age, she may not have been allowed by the hospital to visit her grandfather while he's an impatient. Too many people contract serious infections in hospitals and his immune system may have been too compromised to risk the exposure. Furthermore, Lucia is still very young and may not have received all her shots to protect her from the usual childhood diseases. Exposing her to a chronically ill person may have put her health at risk, too. Furthermore, I know from experience that dealing with a "very sick" or "dying" parent will make you an absolute "nervous" wreck. Lucia's presence wouldn't have helped the situation because she would have sensed the "anxiety" and "stress" emanating from the adults and more than likely would have become "whiny"!!! Considering the situation, she was much better off being left in California surrounded by "familiar" care givers. She wouldn't have understood what was going on, anyway!!!
This is all well and good BUT why didnt MG have his lawyer's contact OG to advise he was out of town? Why didnt Mel have the Nanny make the call? I know you personally cant answer those questions however I'm sure a flock member can.

Mel and lawyers should know that she'll try to "bust him" at every turn and they SHOULD have been prepared for EVERYTHING with her. I guess she outsmarted them yet again.

@ Tell = I'll use waving the boa too!

1064 days ago


OOPS - MEANT MAC - I'll use the boa thing too!

1064 days ago


Dream on TMZg, might it be you that partakes of the peyote buttons?

1064 days ago

Just Saying    

Hi Firefly and Frieda

Regarding my post about the dispute being about child support, I think Mel needs more time to know exactly what his obligations to his child (and maybe Oksana if that skank gets her way) in the light of his changed financial cir****tances. His divorce from Robyn is not final so maybe his assets and future income (which Robyn can claim and maybe did) would be much reduced, thus reducing his child support obligations to Oksana. I think Mel wants to do as little as possible for Oksana, constrained only by family law. Whatever money his child needs, I think he will provide - only that he doesn't want that money going through Oksana - which is not possible given the current laws governing child support.
However, I got a bad bad feeling that clown Gordon would enforce the 20K per month rule (once judges rule they are loathe to go back on their ruling) until such time that Mel can prove to him why he should pay less - and having lower assets as a result from divorce or lower income a result from Oksana's damage to his career may not move the clown judge if he thinks Mel can still afford it. That is why Oksana is so keen for the judge to rule on this matter ASAP. Mel needs to get a better idea of what he is legally up for once his financial position is clearer.

1064 days ago


2I's: Tee hee, I bet the anxiety over the court hearing is weighing heavily on the flock's collective psyche - even moreso than for it is for Giblitz. He really didn't want the responsibility for that baby, the money aspect was what he was worried about. Custody = money.

He took off at first opportunity, and what better excuse than to visit his father. Well, like you said, don't tell me that stipulation involving crossing state lines wasn't written in stone - and imposed by Mel himself!
He could have brought the nanny along, but then there would be another witness to his carousing. The pics of him on "The Dirty" stuffing his face next to a stripper pole pretty much says it all. Old habits die hard.

Frieda: I know it's a bitter pill to swallow but please refrain from your usual foul and vulgar language. I support any woman's right to know the whereabouts of her child. What has tossing Mel's salad done for you?


1064 days ago


@ Canook --

Oh my goodness gracious! Don't know how I missed that KP article you quoted today. The day after she swore in court not to talk!!! OMG!!! Frankly, I am rolling on the floor laughing and trying to get through the comments.

For anyone else who missed it:

Thank you, Canook, you have given me a great laugh towards the end of a long day! * + * + *

Tee hee

1064 days ago


Tellthetruth59: 18 minutes ago
@2Idiots - she didn't outsmart him. She's just busting his balls trying to stay in his face and in the press. He had a family emergency. This should not be a big deal. It's only a big deal to bitter attention whores, the lovelorn and money grubbers. Like Ox.
Tell I understand what you're saying BUT MG and his attorneys should expect EVERYTHING from OG. No stone should be left unturned because given the chance she'll drag him back to court.

I also undertand about the family emergency and leaving Lucia at home BUT ONE CALL would have prevented all of this. That's all it would have taken

1064 days ago



1064 days ago



If only that was possible Gibz.

2I's: Again 'the silence of the flock' has occurred (when logical questions start being asked of them)

1064 days ago


tellthetruth59: 3 minutes ago
All that said I doubt Gibson knew he would be photographed singing karaoke and have a fender bender while visiting his dad in AZ. Seriously, this entire thing is just BS. It's just Ox looking to extend her long expired 15 minutes and trying to line her wallet. She will take any morsel she can get to use against him.
No. MG's being in the fender-bender in AZ came up and that (IMO) is what prompted OG to take him back to court. If I have it straight, he had Lucia, then he left town, didnt tell OG that he was going, leaves the kid w/ the nanny or whomever, he gets in a fender bend - it makes "the news on TMZ" - he's spotted out drinking in a bar at 130am - OG takes him to court for being an absentee parent (and for not telling HER why he left town and didnt return Lucia).

So to say it's ALL her looking for more time in the limelight is BS. HE initiated this like everything else.

Sorry tell but it seems like every time things stack up AGAINST MG - the flock starts chanting OH THIS IS BS - PFTT - she's looking for more time in the spotlight.

1064 days ago


Tellthetruth59: less than a minute ago
Look, I'm a single parent. If my ex's dad was in the hospital and he went to visit and let the child in good care during his allotted time, I assure you I would not be dragging him into court as an absentee father for visiting a zillion year old dying father. She's insane.
Well you're not OG now are you? Your X is lucky....Mel didnt fair out so well

1064 days ago


2I's I think your statement about Ox 'outsmarting' Gibz went right over Tell's head. She doesn't have to outsmart him, he steps in it all by himself.

He thought he could take off and no one would be the wiser - until his first 'fender bender.' Judging by the pics on TMZ alone it was a front and side collision that caused extensive damage. After seeing those pics not knowing if her daughter was in the car - esp. after he's been known to get into car accidents in the past - is enough to cause genuine concern for ANY parent. But because it's Ox, then it's a scheme to get attention and more 'face time.' LOL!

He hightailed his ass back as soon as those pic***** TMZ and probably paid the nanny triple time to button her lip about his little excursion. Somebody should ask his dad if he even showed up.

1064 days ago


ole ira -- delusional as ever.
george -- doesn't hold stacy's hand, signs autograph
beater-boi -- fender bender & out drinking @ 1:30 am during his court agreed visitation with child
who is seeking the negative publicity?

1064 days ago


Sorry, but I can't stand it anymore. All day long all this crap about not taking Lucia with him.

HE CAN'T. Not unless he has written permission from Oxy. It's standard in custody agreements that neither parent can remove the child from the COUNTY, much less the STATE, without it.

So please just you all get over that one, K?

1064 days ago


Yeah, lets drop it now that it's become exhausting to defend Gibz' behavior. The timeline is becoming clearer and I don't believe Fidel's Niece's version. According to the person who submitted the Geisha Go Go pics to the Dirty, Gibz was seen there at 1:30 am on Monday then got into the accident later that same day. His late night drinking could have been a contributing factor. When did he see his father, since that was supposedly THE START of his visitation time?

Where's all the frau talk about Gibz being on the wagon? You think he's going into bars and not drinking? You honestly think after enlarging that picture of him and Stella (Just press shift, control and the + key a few times, you'll get it right) that it's NOT her? You fraus are crazy loons in complete denial.

He's lucky he didn't bring the baby along and got her involved in that accident. Was he given a breathalyzer or was this another example of celeb justice? Was he alone in that car? Please. The Dom was with him and you fraus can't face reality.

1064 days ago
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