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Neal Schon

Drops $10,000 On Butt Floss

& Boobie Baskets

10/17/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michaele Salahi lingerie
Michaele Salahi must be doing something right -- because her cuckolding rock star boyfriend Neal Schon just dropped more than $10,000 on lingerie ... during a Beverly Hills shopping spree this week.

According to our sources, the shopping spree came about after Michaele's estranged husband Tareq sold off all her underwear and bras at auction earlier this month.

Neal and Michaele hit up La Perla on Tuesday -- a ridiculously expensive lingerie boutique on Rodeo Drive. We're told the Journey guitarist hemorrhaged a massive $10,496.55 ... buying her 42 bras and 38 panties in a wide assortment of colors. Any way she wants it ... indeed!

On his way out, Schon flashed his silver bracelet, which features a two-word phrase we can't show you ... but is probably directed towards Tareq.



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Howard Stern in a blonde wig? He is *UC*I*G brilliant....

1064 days ago


Congrats to both of you!! He has a bleach bottled, OLD looking camera whore and she got a gray haired *underneath the dye* ignorant looking camera whore. Such a unique find!! A match made for certain disaster when the high wears off.

1064 days ago


For what does she need bras???? She's flat as a board, and it seems pasties for her nipples would be all she needs. There's nothing there she needs to support!

1064 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

These two make me sick! They had their spouses and one day decided to get together and forget their vows and spouses. Who does that? They deserve each other and hopefully they will get what is coming to them. But honestly, just the sight of these two is disgusting.

1064 days ago


what's that smell of carp?

1064 days ago

Oval Beach    

Is it possible that she has gotten even MORE physically ugly since she split from that other guy? I mean...blonde and dressed in black...yeah...that makes here REAL hot. NOT!!!

1064 days ago


he sure likes them old, huh? Must have some sick Granny fetish. She's a little old to be whoring around. Better pick a dude to ride out your senior years with or you'll be all alone, you dried up old raisin. She is gross. They deserve eachother. Why a man would want a dried up old woman post menopause is beyond me. LMAO!!!! ha ha ha ha HAAAAA

1064 days ago


The black bar on the old wrist. Yeah, how sexually explicit. HA, whats next, black bar on his fugly face ( F-ing Ugly face). Well done nerds.

1064 days ago


that guy has has had sooo much plastic surgery.. he looks fake. Him and joan rivers should have a contest who has had more.. and her hair.. geeze.. bru***** already and get a style you 80's groupie!!

1064 days ago


Didn't Eric Clapton steal George Harrison's wife? Patti Boyd? It's rocker's go to move!

1064 days ago

Grim Reaper    

Please stop giving these media whores any more press.

Journey is 35 years out of date, Seriously.

RHWODC was cancelled after the first season due to the fact that no one is interested. Michaele Salahi was the worst of that ilk and needs to disappear.

1064 days ago


I wonder how often they discuss matters of trust.

1064 days ago


All of this pathetic group are idiots--loosers!

1064 days ago

Marquis De Suave    

lf the bracelet were honest it would read "l'M A DOUCHEBAG".

1064 days ago

Andrew R    

I would like to know what's with the bad grammer and wrong way some names are pronounced, such as: SALSA , IRAQ , IRAN , CARIBBEAN . The SAL in SALSA is pronounced as AL with an S in front of it, not as ALL, like in MALL. It's not SALLSA ! The name IRAQ is pronounced E RAK, not EYE-RAK or ER-RAK. Same with the name IRAN, it's pronounced E RAN, not EYE-RAN or ER-RAN. The name CARIBBEAN is pronounced CARIB , the accent on the CA and then BE AN . And by the way Harvey, there's no such word as STUPPIDER. And when you ask someone a question for a YES/NO answer, and they answer NO, your response should not be WHY, it's should be WHY NOT . What kind of lawyer were you anyway. A lot of people would like to know.

1064 days ago
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