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Paris Jackson:

Girls Can Play Football Too

... and I'll Prove It!

10/17/2011 4:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
's only daughter wants to be a football star -- and TMZ has learned, she's joined her school's pigskin squad to prove girls CAN dominate on the gridiron.

Sure, it's only flag football ... but 13-year-old Paris Jackson has become the VERY FIRST female in the history of her exclusive L.A. private school to join the team. Pretty bad ass.

Her father would be proud ... don't forget MJ performed that LEGENDARY halftime show at Super Bowl XXVII back in 1993.

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Her skin looks like Silly Putty.

1099 days ago


Steven Seagal -- Gunning to Catch Illegal AliensReport 9 hours ago
Holy crap. He looks fat enough to block off the entire border.
Guess we finally got that border fence and its name is Steven Seagal.

Lindsay Lohan -- Taking in a ShowReport 1 day ago
You must be just as high as she is in that picture if you seriously believe that she's looking better than ever.
She looks like a worn out hooker in her late 40's.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez -- 'Casually Dating'Report 1 day ago
So in other words they're just giving each other publicity and he's continuing to pretend he's not gay. Gotcha!
Lindsay Lohan Could Get More than a Year Behind BarsReport 1 day ago
Yeah.. right. The California legal system is a joke as far as dealing with "celebrities" even though Lindsay barely qualifies as a celebrity any more. She'll report that she did 15 hours or so of community service and the Judge will tell her how impressed she is with her.
Dina Lohan -- Lindsay Is A-OK!!!Report 1 day ago
Yeah, Lindsay's ok... Except for that time about a month ago when she was drunk at a club and had pictures of her taken making out with her own MOTHER. I guess Dina was too drunk to remember her daughters' tongue in her mouth.
Michael Jackson Was A Pedo: 12 minutes ago

Wow...what a life you have...just signed up 12 days ago...your goal in life is to tell the world MJ was a pedo..what a goal. How about get a JOB, weirdo. Who the F@CK cares....you got something to sell, something big and important to 'say'...go tell someone who cares. You haven't a clue about one thing about Michael Jackson, get over yourself, freak. Get therapy for your own sick posts and celebrity obessions. Are you a man or a woman, either way, you're one SICK human being. Pathetic! and disgusting!

1099 days ago


They delight in being tomboys or tombeasts oh how they desire to wear mens pants cut their hair short like a man talk and walk like them real feminine ladies have died soft wear dresses or skirts shamefaceness lady manners now they all copy their mother rosy odonnell the queen of tomboy copycats

1099 days ago


Nothing legendary about that TOTALLY phoney, overblown hype-fest. Sickening american, overblown wank-fest of excess. That butt-money personifies everything wrong with the 'music' industry. Freakshows like that are responsible for giving us the lame-azz Black Eyed Peas superbowl toss-fest - just total garbage!...

There was NOTHING real about that clown or that far-from-legendary performance. It was just a bleached, lip-synching circus chimp checking to make sure his wig was in place, never singing a single note. Empty hype with zero substance.

Contrast that losers performance to Prince's TRULY LEGENDARY SUPERBOWL PERFORMANCE, wher he played TOTALLY LIVE in a freakin' TORRENTIAL DOWNPOURING MONSOON!! True musicianship, truly LIVE!!

Then Prince went on to do a legendary 21 nights at the o2, whereas the bleached nutjob, realizing he couldn't top it, chose the easy option and committed suicide - to save face from the disaster that wouldve been a legacy destroying failed bunch of shows by a hollow, washed-up, pill-popping delusional junkie...
What a joke of a fool that chimp was...

1099 days ago


I like Paris but let's be honest....if she wasn't MJ's daughter she would not be on that flag football team. They know she will bring in a lot of publicity.

1099 days ago



That's going too far! She had no choice in being brought or bought into this world. Think what you want of her adoptive father Michael, but she's a sweet girl.

1099 days ago


You´re the best daughter!!! You´re awesome like your father and like my husband Michael Jackson!!! AAAuuh! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

1099 days ago


Prayers for Michael's children. Paris you are a beautiful girl who is growing up. Enjoy life and have fun. Paris, LIFE is making memories. To be so young you are already beginning a legacy of selflessness and compassion. You and your brothers make many people who love your family "SMILE." Ignore the haters they are silly and mean-spirited. HATERS LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE! Try taking your negative attitude and doing something positive with it for a change.

1099 days ago


Woah, you hear Michael's real voice in that superbowl clip.

1099 days ago


You know, when I first saw this I said, "Ha! Proof that there is no way she could be MJ's biological daughter". But then I thought maybe she just wanted to see little boys naked too.

1099 days ago



And good luck Paris hope you enjoy football

1099 days ago


Thanks Phantom, Loved the video of Michael's concert. His legendary moves are amazing during the Superbowl performance. I always enjoy his songs. A special thanks for the video of "The King of Pop" and "The Godfather of Soul" performing together. BEAUTIFUL!

1099 days ago


Damn MJ on stage is a whole different person like if he flips a switch or something and he becomes this person that is not shy or anything

1099 days ago


Skank is just looking for an acceptable way to grab at boys' crotches and butts.

1099 days ago


Michael Jackson as an entertainer was beyond talented. I don't think there will be another entertainer in my lifetime who can come close to him. His stage presence, his #1 hits, everything about his music and career... amazing !

1099 days ago
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