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Paris Jackson:

Girls Can Play Football Too

... and I'll Prove It!

10/17/2011 4:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
's only daughter wants to be a football star -- and TMZ has learned, she's joined her school's pigskin squad to prove girls CAN dominate on the gridiron.

Sure, it's only flag football ... but 13-year-old Paris Jackson has become the VERY FIRST female in the history of her exclusive L.A. private school to join the team. Pretty bad ass.

Her father would be proud ... don't forget MJ performed that LEGENDARY halftime show at Super Bowl XXVII back in 1993.

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The best Super Bowl !

1067 days ago


I don't understand this constant obsession with saying degrading things about a 13 YEAR OLD CHILD. That makes some of you no better than what you accuse Michael Jackson of being. It's sick to sit here and call a 13 year old a future porn star or a slut when she has given no indication of any such thing. She dresses age appropriate, she is polite and hasn't said a bad word about anybody, so why all the hate toward her? Why deflect all of your ignorant hatred of Michael Jackson onto a child? She's done nothing wrong, and neither have her brothers.

Whoever said it was "criminal" to keep Blanket's hair so long needs to take a chill pill and stop being so over dramatic. If you wanna yell at someone for keeping their boy's hair long, go to Celine Dion who kept her son's hair long for years, Kate Hudson, who kept her son's hair long for years. Ever think that maybe Blanket LIKES his hair? He's keeping it long as a tribute to Michael, Katherine has already said.

Stop projecting your misconceptions of Michael onto three innocent children who haven't done anything to hurt anyone.

1067 days ago


I think it's wonderful Michael's kids are getting active in sports! I believe Paris pointed out that Prince is on the basketball team...or was last year when they were on GMA. I think it's great that they are involved in so many activities. First they took karate, then they took acting lessons..now they're involved in sports. That's great. Too many kids go home from school and pop a squat in front of the TV for the rest of the night. Good for them!

So sad that there are so many immature people out there who have nothing better to do than continue to spread the lies that were never proven true about Michael and to take their hatred of Michael out on innocent children. She's 13. Those of you who called Michael a freak and a pedophile are no better than what you accuse Michael of being when you call a 13 year old girl who dresses modestly a slut. Have you no shame? Didn't think so.

1067 days ago


Some of you are saying that the kids KNOW they aren't Michael's biological kids, but they'll lie so they can keep the money. Do you have any idea how foolish that sounds? If proving that the kids weren't Michael's meant they wouldn't get the money, the family would have had a DNA test a LONG time ago. Michael raised them from birth, his name is on the birth certificate, and there is no proof that he's NOT the biological father. Even if he wasn't, they ARE his children because he was legally their father, and I don't think a judge is going to say "oh, you don't get the money because they're not blood related" to children who have been with Michael since BIRTH.

1067 days ago


Hey TMZ, maybe it's time you re-evaulate the kind of people posting on here. These people want to tal*****il they're blue in the face about how sick they think Michael Jackson was, yet they make up disgusting idead/scenarios about his innocent kids and post them, and those comments are available for all to read. It's disgusting and disturbing, and these people clearly need to seek professional help. They call Michael the disturbed one, yet look at what they write here. So wrong.

1067 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Love the Jackson's, they exploit anyone and anything for money or publicity. I don't fault the girl but the people around her need to give it a rest.

1067 days ago


There was supposedly a trust fund set up for them from the money made from the memorial in Wales. So I guess they will be going around the world promoting themselves so that stupid fans who want to see them will pay. How pathetic. It's all about the money for these children and the greedy people they claim are their family. Arnie's fat son squeezes himself in a MJ style costume and tries to pass himself off as black. Anything for the mighty dollar. They looked completely stupid, trying to represent a black man. The more people who believe they are MJ offspring, the more people will support them. That is what it is all about. They are only popular because of their supposed bloodline. None of them have a drop of Jackson DNA, and a man who is so hated by MJ fans is the true father of the first two kids.

1067 days ago


Prosecution May Call Prince To Testify In Trial Of Dr. Conrad MurrayProsecution May Call Prince To Testify In Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray
Posted on Oct 18, 2011 @ 06:30AM print it send it
WENNBy Jen Heger
Radar Legal Editor

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren met recently with Michael Jackson's oldest son Prince and Katherine Jackson to discuss the possibility of the King of Pop's son being called to testify at the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

The top secret meeting was held at Katherine's gated Calabasas residence. "Walgren met with Prince and Katherine Jackson to discuss Prince taking the stand. Katherine wants to ensure that Prince will be protected as much as possible," a Jackson family insider told RadarOnline.com.

"Even though she is steadfastly against Prince testifying, she recognizes this is something that he very much wants to do. Remember, from testimony heard so far, when he discovered Michael Jackson wasn't breathing Murray told the chef to send Prince up to the bedroom. Dr. Murray brought Prince into this. Prince has information that is clearly relevant to the proceedings. Make no mistake, Prince would have been called as a witness already if he was an adult."

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

Prince would be called as a rebuttal witness by the prosecution, and that decision will be made by the District Attorney after the defense presents their case. "Prince does have information that would be helpful for the jury to hear. However, it's a double-edged sword of putting a child in this case on the stand. This could be very traumatic and Prince, despite all assurances that he can handle it, well, you never know until it actually happens," the source says." How would he do under cross examination from Dr. Murray's lawyers? How will he react to seeing Dr. Murray in court? The last time Prince saw Dr. Murray was the day his dad died, and a lot has changed in his world since then."

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Inside Michael Jackson's Mansion On The Day Of His Death

Prince and Katherine were told by the Deputy D.A., "there is a 50/50 chance that he will take the stand. Prince will be prepared if called to testify. Katherine and Prince trust the Deputy D.A., and Katherine knows that this is very, very important to her grandson, so in the end, she will not stand in the way of him doing this," the insider says.

PHOTOS: The Jackson Family Arrives To Dr. Conrad Murray’s Trial

Testimony will resume on Wednesday, October 19, with the prosecution's final witness, Dr. Steven Shafer, taking the stand once again.

Dr. Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, says the defense will call 15 witnesses.

1067 days ago


Of course she can do it!!!

I thought Marvin Gaye put on the best Halftime show, but Micheal's show was AMAZING!!!!

1067 days ago


umm, you need 2 parents w/ the blue eye gene. African Americans don't have this gene. not his kids.

1067 days ago


She looks just like him!!

1067 days ago


Yeah nobody had any idea girls could play flag football before Paris came along.

Maybe after she retires from football she can make it possible for women to become cops or firefighters.

Or maybe even she can be the first woman to join the army!

1067 days ago


I am from Russia. I love Michael. I went to on foot the ocean, just to be near him. Michael Best FOREVER

1067 days ago


It doesn't mean they dont deserve his $. He did adopt them, and he was their father for all intents and purposes, but I can't stand that they are being BRAINWASHED by the crazy dellusional Jacksons. They would actually be better off with Janet, the most sane out of all of those crazies. Not sure why she never stepped up to the plate.

1067 days ago

arale norimaki    

why are Michael Jackson kids white?

1067 days ago
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