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Paris Jackson:

Girls Can Play Football Too

... and I'll Prove It!

10/17/2011 4:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
's only daughter wants to be a football star -- and TMZ has learned, she's joined her school's pigskin squad to prove girls CAN dominate on the gridiron.

Sure, it's only flag football ... but 13-year-old Paris Jackson has become the VERY FIRST female in the history of her exclusive L.A. private school to join the team. Pretty bad ass.

Her father would be proud ... don't forget MJ performed that LEGENDARY halftime show at Super Bowl XXVII back in 1993.

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Wow !!! Three Michaels toasted (like in This Is It) !!! I Love him sooo much !!! God Bless Him forever !!!

1101 days ago


Ashley must be 15 because she doesn't remember MJ was accused of pedophilia not once, but TWICE!!!! Where there's Smoke THERE'S FIRE! Deal with it folks, it's called REALITY!

1101 days ago


Click thumbs up if you think TMZ's censorship is PATHETIC!
In my last post, I wrote "white wash" next to the work "it" and it bleeped out both words. GET IT TOGETHER, TMZ!

1101 days ago


posting that video was the best thing you've ever done. Thank you from my heart.

1101 days ago


Holly: 12 hours ago
I'm glad those kids are getting to have a normal life now. The way MJ made them live was wrong.
MJ was an excellent father and that is why his three kids turned out so well. Paris, Prince, and Blanket are polite, intelligent, and joyful. A bad father would not have been able to raise them properly.

1101 days ago


marco: 7 hours ago
umm, you need 2 parents w/ the blue eye gene. African Americans don't have this gene.
You don't know nothing about black people. That is why you sound so ignorant. A lot of black people have green or blue eyes and they are not even mixed. For example Vanessa Williams got blue eyes. Rihanna, Joe Jackson, Bow Wow, Tyra Banks, Sammy Sosa got green eyes.

1101 days ago


mack: 21 hours ago
no beauty contest winner for sure
she was cute at her dads funeral but the last two years have not been kind
------------------------------------------------------------Are you kidding me? Paris Jackson is a very beautiful young girl. She looks like a Disney princess.

1101 days ago


According to my research, MJ was addicted to drugs and even went to rehab for it. He also was charged twice for being an alleged pedophile. He also paid out large sums of money to silence a few little boys.

Now, these are indisputable facts that the Harvard graduate douchebag at THZ censoring comments will have a problem with and they will exert their "power" to remove this post. Little people thinking they have HUGE responsibilities over at THZ.....

1101 days ago


Hey dumRock

Stick to the Lindsay stories, coz you don't know squat about Michael Jackson.

1101 days ago


The eye color is not the issue. Black people have 5 main characteristics: Kinky hair, dark skin, flat wide nose, dark eyes, and big lips. Every single member of Michael's family has at least 4 of those 5 features with exception of Joe who has hazel (not green!) eyes. If these kids were Michael's biological children, even if all of them had a white mother, at least ONE of them would display at least ONE of these characteristics. NONE of the three do, therefore, they are not his. TELL THESE CHILDREN THE TRUTH ABOUT WHO THEY REALLY ARE!

1101 days ago


Morons abound.....


1101 days ago


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1101 days ago
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