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Susan Sarandon

Claims Pope Is a 'Nazi'

10/17/2011 10:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon
referred to Pope Benedict XVI as a Nazi over the weekend – not just once, but twice.

During an interview at the Hamptons Film Festival, Sarandon was talking about sending the pope a copy of the book, “Dead Man Walking,” when she clarified ... “The last one [Pope John Paul II], not this Nazi one we have now.”

When interviewer Bob Balaban expressed disapproval, Sarandon reportedly said the Nazi comment AGAIN -- drawing laughter from the audience.

The Pope's PR people acknowledged that Benedict WAS a member of the Hitler Youth as a boy, a requirement at the time for German boys his age -- but the rep insists he had no "active participation" in the group.

We've reached out to Susan's people for comment -- so far, no response.


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Who cares what she thinks? She's a leftist commie

1103 days ago


So the Pope is an ex-nazi, SS is a vile pig. Neither is good to be.

1103 days ago


good grief, people worship this man, uhhhhh !

1103 days ago


haha, good for her. The Vatican is nothing but a compound for a bunch of criminals.

1103 days ago


poor old forgotten libel hag you are Susan. stfu

1103 days ago

Oval Beach    

If the Swastika fits....

1103 days ago


A very bitter and unedcuated woman

1103 days ago


Steelers suck: 22 minutes ago
Obama's three wars??? Really????REALLY???? You seem to forget who got us into these wars. It wasn't Obama. These wars were going when he got in the White House. Hmmmmmmm, who was in there before him that started these???? Could it be BUSH???? Why yes, yes it was Bush II. You need to get your facts straight, buddy.
EXACTLY! Good luck getting thru IRA's thick head. You should check back in a few hours to see how many poems he wrote to you about repression of freedom of speech and pedophilia being Hollywood's biggest problem (per the super star Corey Felman).

If you want a real good laugh go on ANY Mel Gibson thread and you'll see what I mean. This dude is a whack job.

1103 days ago


Ehh....this will blow over pretty quickly, and she'll suffer no long lasting repercussions from it. She did "only" blast Catholics/Christians after all. Not like she said anything about Jewish people or their leaders.

1103 days ago


Susan Sarandon is INCREDIBLY IGNORANT. Being a member of Hitler Youth was not "optional" - it was mandatory, and to refuse was tantamount to treason. Citizens found guilty of treason - even little boys - were subject to severe punishments and even DEATH.

Go find your FACTS, "Susan".

Your roles are only PRETEND, Susan. Those movies are not real.

And neither are YOU.

1103 days ago


Once A Nazi... ALWAYS A Nazi!! Just Sayin..

1103 days ago


This woman really over estimates how relevant her comments are. And I don't know why anyone laughed--I just wish she would shut up.

1103 days ago

yellowmellow this all came about because she was considering sending the last pope a copy of "Dead Man Walking"? She does realize that only when one pope dies that is when they pick a new one right?

1103 days ago

Delaware D    


1103 days ago


So Susan was introduced to her first husband by a Catholic priest. That marriage didnt work out so it seems she probably blamed the church for that. Then she goes against Catholis teaching and lives in sin with Tim Robbins. Of course she feels what she is doing isn't wrong, so she needs to put down the church because of their policy on that subject. Now it looks like she is fading away from the public, so she has to make stupid comments against a person who will only pray for her in return. Real tough Susan. Hey Susan, why are you attacking the only person who has never said that you look old enough to be Tim Robbin's mom. You are truely a piece of garbage Susan !

1103 days ago
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