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Powerful Catholic Org.

Slams Susan Sarandon

You're Ignorant and Obscene

10/17/2011 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The largest Catholic civil rights organization in the United States is lashing out at Susan Sarandon for referring to Pope Benedict as a "Nazi" this weekend -- calling the comment, "positively obscene."

TMZ spoke with Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, who told us, "Susan Sarandon's quip about Pope Benedict XVI being a 'Nazi' bespeaks unparalleled ignorance."

Donohue adds, "Joseph Ratzinger (the pope) was conscripted into the Nazi Youth the way every other 14-year-old German boy was at the time. Unlike most others, he not only refused to go to the compulsory meetings -- he actually deserted the Hitler Youth! Which is precisely why Jews today regard him as a friend, not as an enemy."

"In short, what Sarandon said is positively obscene."

So we gotta ask ...


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There are pedophiles in every profession. And Susan admitted on the previous pope. She seems to be against any kind of prejudice, so I was very surprised with her ​​attitude.

1073 days ago


Being in the Nazi youth made you a Nazi. It may have been compulsory, you may have rejected it after the war, but at one time you were a Nazi.

Anyway, the Catholic Church has killed and oppressed more people over its history than the Nazi's ever did.

1073 days ago


This idiot is pushing her liberal agenda and doesn't care who she offends.

1073 days ago


They all claim there were forced into the movement. Give me a break. He is what he is.

1073 days ago


The fact that people have swallowed the religious dogma kool-aid (an xx-large portion btw) is amazing. People need to start thinking for themselves and realize that they're still enslaved by religion. Mormons believe in invisible golden underpants, Christians believe a man walked on water, created wine from water, Scientologists believe in's all based on fantasty. Unless you have had a near-death experience (which I have) you don't know what happens when you die - and its not this "heaven v. hell" fantasy.

Face it folks - the current "Pope" was a Nazi and I don't believe he didn't attend the required classes but what I find more disturbing is no mention of his parents. Were they also active in the Nazi party?

1073 days ago


Once a NAZI...always a NAZI. Period.

1073 days ago


ESPN fired Hank Williams Jr. over hi*****ler comment. Disney, ESPN's parent company, should maintain the standard and fire Ms. Sarandon from voice-over work from its Disney Park commercials over her Hitler comment and issue a statement condemning said remark. Both were insensitive and completely disgusting.

1073 days ago


That stupid old hack needs to keep her trap shut!

1073 days ago


Celebrities think they speak for the world, when in fact they mean very little and contribute even less. The Catholic Church is an easy target because people get away with stupid remarks like Sarandon made. If it was anti-semetic or racist, there would be a cry to ban her from public life and to boycott sponsors she is tied to. Celebrities need to learn to shut up. Why do people care what they say or who they vote for or anything else about them? They are not important.

1073 days ago


Ok..another Mel Gibson who hatred is sick..this woman is nothing but a horrible ugly actress. A cheater who is nothing but an embarrassment to her kids..she has hatred to all Catholic in the world..this is the same as Mel Gibson hatred for Jews..this should not be tolerate by anyone...and jls read the news..the temple here in California was raping boys for years's not the religion's the person...

1073 days ago


Once a NAZI.... ALWAYS a NAZI..

1073 days ago


She is a pedophiles...look at her boyfriend... cheater...and a liberal.....ugh....and it looks like tolerate of other people faith is not being respected....what next ...hollywood is so uneducated...first the Jew, now the Catholic then Muslim...why are we paying to see these people who are sick and full of hatred...

1073 days ago


The real ignorance and obscenity here is that the Catholic church turns a blind eye/gives a helping hand to the widespread abuse of children perpetrated by its priests and other figures of church authority. So until all of that is straightened out and honestly dealt with, I think Susan Sarandon can say whatever the hell she feels like saying without retribution.

1073 days ago


She is entitled to free speech and (just like Hank Williams, Jr.) must bear the consequences of her exercise of free speech. I don't know what the pope did then and, frankly, I don't care. It is ironic that the pedophilc Catholic Church calls someone else obscene. Personally, I refer to him as Pope Prada. I am sure he is following the in the footsteps of Christ with his excess. Do we think Christ wore designer sandals? As to those referring to Sarandon as an ignorant liberal -- maybe you are the ignorant ones for accepting the spin that he refused to go to the meetings. If membership was compulsory, then so was attendance. As a recovering Catholic, I find this Pope to be an embarassment in many ways

1073 days ago


She is beyond ignorant smh.

1073 days ago
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