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Kelsey Grammer

Camille Thought

She Married Frasier

10/18/2011 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kelsey Grammer says he thinks Camille Grammer only married him "because I was Frasier" ... and claims she regretted the marriage just DAYS after they tied the knot.

Grammer appeared on "Piers Morgan Tonight" yesterday ... and said, "[Frasier] had this great wonderful life ... he was stylish ... and just a little gay ... Kelsey Grammer is a different story."

But Grammer's smile disappeared when Piers asked about the most hurtful thing Camille has said about him ... and the actor replied, "She once said that I didn't want  my daughter ... that pissed me off."

Moments later, Kelsey changed his mind ... saying, "The thing that she said that hurt me the most ... that hurt Kayte [his new wife] and me ... is that thing about the child we lost ... something about it being karma ... it's just disgusting."


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I agree he is a douche...he said went to Betty Ford Rehab for cocaine, but still has an occasional ****tail?? Give me a break, he is an addict, period. He has an addictive personality and his new wife better watch out. If she is naive enough to think, she is the "one"...she better watch out. Every excuse he gave last night was pathetic; nothing is ever the addicts fault is it?

1011 days ago


jeez the more he talks the more i dislike him. i feel so bad for their kids.

1011 days ago


Kelsey is an ass...I will never watch any of his new shows/series/movies. He just needs to go away.

1011 days ago

Heather Levin    

If Kelsey Grammer wasn't promoting a show, he wouldn't be speaking out when he said that he wouldn't make any public statements. He loved her at one point and married her. It is disrepectful to the children and his own decision making to malign Camille now.

1011 days ago


Wiser to remain silent and thought a Fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt

1011 days ago


It is karma!

1011 days ago


Silence is golden!! I can't stand this guy and his ex!!

1011 days ago


"...she says these things in front of the kids..." Ummmm that's called hearsay Kelsey. Unless you were present when the comments were allegedly made. Nice try though on national TV to attempt to make your case look better. Hope you have more solid facts than that for the evaluator. The more Kelsey talks, the worse he looks.

1011 days ago


I actually think he is mentally ill. What a piece of sh*t this windbag is. How dare he speak that way about the mother of his children. And as far as karma is concerned, Kelsey, you have a lot more coming your way, you class a jerk!

I would not be surprised if Camille wanted to marry the character "Frasier" because perhaps he is not a completely insane nut bag like his other personality named "Kelsey". I will never watch anything this piece of garbage participates in. How nice that he can put his family's garbage out on prime time for his children to see and hear. You are a piece of white trash!

1011 days ago


Just going to play fortune teller here. I foresee a trip to court for contempt. Ignoring a gag order on talking crap about the ex is in place. Hope he gets B!tch slapped, and her too.

1011 days ago


Kelsey is lying ******* as we all know he didn't want his daughter. As for karma, it exists and it did come back on him and that whore he married. He better stick to broadway because the common man/woman will not be spending hard-earned money on anything that has this douchebag.

1011 days ago


Watching this last night I felt so bad for Camille. He set her up to fail in RHOBH. Amazing a year later she gets the love and his true colors are revealed.

Just like Jesse James when Kate leaves him he will be spewing the same cruel things about her. Seeing Kate last night she looked like she was suffering from Stockhold Syndrome someone save her!

1011 days ago


This guy is a complete idiot. Clearly very unstable and his new wife is taking him for a ride.

1011 days ago


Kelsey should STFU! Camille was what - his 3rd wife? Men who remarry so soon after divorce never give themselves an opportunity to see what THEY did wrong in the marriage. They just keep repeating their mistakes and that's what Kelsey is doing. My first suggestion to him would be to get out of the closet and let everyone know you are gay. His wives are just beards for his closeted lifestyle. Kelsey hurt Camille with his words, lack of affection and finally, his dismissal of her and their children. Boo f***king hoo, Kelsey, about the miscarriage. It WAS karma.

1011 days ago


It WAS karma you dumb POS douchebag! You are only trying to gain more support now that the world has seen you for the real person you are and you are hated everywhere. There is NOTHING you can say that would ever excuse your behavior and the consequences of your actions. All this BS about giving her the RHONY show as a "parting gift"?? Give me an f'n break! You totally saw that once she was in the show you could slip your ho the sausage mush easier. Well bud, karma goes around and if it was meant for you to have children with your hobag wife, she would have. Thank goodness for the rest of us is all I can say. One of YOU is bad enough.

1011 days ago
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