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Lindsay Lohan

Probation Dept. Sides with Her!

10/18/2011 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will get some critical support when she goes to court tomorrow ... Probation Department sources tell TMZ the Dept. thinks Lindsay has done most of what she's required to do, and they will NOT recommend that she be thrown in jail.

Our sources say ... the Probation Dept. officials will tell the judge in a written report that Lindsay is in "substantial compliance" with the terms of her probation.  They concede she was kicked out of the Downtown Women's Center for habitually failing to show up, but they note that Lindsay has a year to complete 360 hours of community service, and she's still on track.

And, sources say, the Probation Dept. has been in touch with Lindsay's shrink, who says she has gone "regularly."  The shrink did not address Judge Stephanie Sautner's directive that Lindsay go for therapy once a week -- because she hasn't.  But, we're told, the shrink is still satisfied.

We're told the report will note that Lindsay has completed her shoplifting course.

Judge Sautner made it clear ... if Lindsay violated any court order, she would go to jail.  So now it's up to Herhonner to decide if Lindsay went astray or whether a few missteps don't count.

The hearing is set for Wednesday at 10 AM.

We'll be livestreaming everything.



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And then we wonder why people think they can commit murder and get away with it. In Lindsay's case she seemingly has parents that care little for her well-being -- other than as a financial asset, and now the system is doing what it does. Ultimately though, Lindsay is responsible for being the loser that she is today.

1102 days ago


Why doesn't she just sew her lips to her lawyer's ****?

1102 days ago


She did the bare minimum to get thru this, as usual. Sad thing is, since she gets away this time again, she will push the envelope even more the next time. One day she will go to far.

1102 days ago


She's too stupid, spoiled, and arrogant to learn anything. Throw her in jail and leave her there until she finally figures it out.

1102 days ago


Well there you go. Little beyotch will get off once again and prove that she will never be treated the same. And then she wonders why there is so much hate on her??? Crap like this is why!

1102 days ago


Gee.....wonder who leaked this...

1102 days ago


Here we go again wonder OKC got bombed when all people are not treated equal people get pizzed off and attack the government. If your not famous you will do the time

1102 days ago


Still pulling the over crowding. Funny how Lohan is positive the probation dept. is out to get her. Knew she was going to pull the gotta whole year to complete her CS. She is in her own personal twilight zone. No one is jealous of her by any stretch.

Not going to matter. Lohan is publically despised and knows it. She will enjoy her little concrete carpet, it's the only attention she gets. None of it good. Hollywood still not banging on her door. Gotti movie doesn't seem to be getting made. Her acting career is tanked. Thank god for overseas. Screw jail, pull her passport. See how much work she gets in the states.

She's seems to be getting turned away from all the 'hot spots', fashion week so on. C'mon. Lohan is insignificant.

1102 days ago

The Truth    

This is funny. so now the shrink is the one who says it all ok he's satisfied.

And for all the other people on probation its time you use this case as an example get out of doing your required probation also.

Lindsay still violated 7 points the judge made clear. Oh well, its an election year we can vote the Judge out. The judge is spineless and her words are just BS. She stated any violation of her orders and Lindsay would go to jail now she will just walk in and walk out. Preferential treatment….well duh.

All the years this judge build up a good reputation and now her legacy will be that she is Lindsay’s BI**H!

From tomorrow forward Judge Stephanie Sautner will forever be know as Lindsay Lohan’s BI**H! What a great way to be remembered, as a laughing stock of your peers and the public.

Lindsay is messed up for sure and a pathological liar but hey she has a good attorney and great excuses ….lol.

Judge Stephanie Sautner Lohan BI**H!

The Truth hurts Judge

1102 days ago


Haven't I been saying this bytch isn't going to get Jail time? i freaking knew it.

1102 days ago


Her brand has gone from actress, to paid party girl, to multiple rehab attendee, to thief, w/her most exposure coming from TMZ good for her being in compliance....when is her next movie coming out?

1102 days ago


Just another reason that Lohan is so despised. She may think she gets away with everything because of who she is, but the sword is double-edged. Because of who she is, she will never amount to anything more than tabloid fodder.

1102 days ago


I do hope she gets her life on track but her entire situation is a big joke. Lindsay Lohan steals a car, drives drunk high on coke, tries to run someone off the road, bring coke into a police station, get another DUI and caught with coke again, violates her probation because she couldnt manage to complete 18 alcohol ed classes within 3 years, fails drug tests, sets off her SCRAM everytime she wears one, blows off court mandated hearings, sneaks out of drug rehab to go to a bar comes back and beats the rehab tech, steals a 2 grand necklace and has only seen 12 days in jail. Now Lindsay is booted out of the community service program that THE JUDGE WANTED HER TO DO SO SHE COULD LEARN SOMETHING FROM WORKING WITH HOMELESS WOMEN ON SKID ROW AND ITS A-OK???????? Lindsay now gets to hand out juice and cookies at the Red Cross a much easier task. I guess Lindsay can blow off the morgue too. Maybe she can get to do her hours at Dinsey instead. What a f*kin joke.

1102 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

This is a sit back and wait one. Just how much bs will be slung and what will stick tomorrow.

So, that will be
pacific time = 10
Mountain time = 11
Eastern = 1

That is correct, am I right?

1102 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Oh great! Now what are we supposed to do with all the crack that we bought for our perp-walk internet party?

**Quacks angrily**

1102 days ago
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